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OK, this spice shaker is grossly overpriced at nearly $11. However, for my purposes, I was willing to buy.The shaker is small enough to not take up a lot of space in my camping / backpacking supplies, but it actually holds nearly 3-teaspoons in each side. The shaker is 2-5/8" tall. The seals are good. The plastic is not the kind that will shatter or crack if dropped.MSR also make a single-ended version that will hold just one spice. I have that one as well (for all-purpose seasoning)and this one I use for salt and pepper.While some reviews might complain about the small size, for my purposes, 3-teaspoons of any spice is a LOT to use over the course of even 4 or 5 days camping for two or three people. But some people use more spices than I do. :-)As a small, durable, nearly waterproof spice container - I am satisfied.
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Well, still in the testing mode. Purchased three of these, carrying them in every conceivable way possible. Pockets, jackets, packs, inside the back pack cooks sets, etc. So far, these have out performed anything we have tested. Product does not leak contents, lids do not break, the container when dropped still functions 100%. Very small and compact, about 2.5" long and .65" wide. They could be bigger, we have talked to several people that state being bigger would be the one and only complaint. So,hopefully MSR, takes this information and makes bigger ones. Mountaineering would use this size, but every other person would like twice this size in width. Other than that, they are working out as expected. A+
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I have come to prefer Sea Salt over regular table salt. I wanted to carry my own in my lunch to work and needed something that wasn't going to spill salt everywhere, I also wanted something with a decent opening. This did the trick. I do find it a little hard to open and and it can be difficult to refill which apparently for me is annoying enough for me to take off a star. This is me being picky. If you want something that is super secure, has room for both salt and pepper then this is for you.I think this would make a great addition to people's camp kitchen.
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Not much bigger than a chapstick tube (either diameter or height) but was easy to fill and super easy to slip into my lunch bag so I could add salt and pepper to my egg right before I ate it. As another reviewer noted, the shaker lid is a little hard to unclip and not pull out the whole lid but it’s easy to hold down the one side and pull up on the little tab. Plus, that small difficulty helps ease my mind that it will not accidentally open in transport and season my entire lunch bag.Overall a great buy and so nice to be able to freshly season my food now.
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These are very small, hard plastic vials 2 3/4 inches long by 1inch wide.Quite handsome. They securely hold about a teaspoon of salt and pepper maybe a little more. I like sea salt so I carry salt in both ends tucked in a small purse pocket at all times.Takes up almost no room. I order my restaurant meals with no added salt then apply my own. It absolutely does not spill or leak. Have carried one around for months.They would be great for camping and could be used for other seasoning.I have even given them as a little gift tied in the bow.
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Really convenient. You can have salt and pepper - or spices of your desire - in your pocket. It is about the size of a long chapstick. The flip open top is a little tough to open, but this may change as it gets worn in. The holes that allow flow of salt and pepper look small, but It is more than enough. I can see the flip top eventually breaking off after repeated opening and closings. But at this price point, can’t be beat. The reservoirs hold adequate salt and pepper.


Yes, it is small, but holds ample amount of salt, in one compartment, sufficient for two people for a three week trip, after which about only half was used (I am sure that doctor's would say that if you need more, you're using too much salt anyway). Tested it recently in Indonesia in extra high humidity. The salt stayed dry. Totally dry. After quite a few bad reviews I was pleasantly surprised. So, in my opinion, highly recommended for travellers...


For backpacking or keeping condiments in your car or bookbag, this product is amazing. Any dispenser with small holes where its wet and humid eventually becomes clogged. This opening in this one stays open and works when you need it. I had a similar shaker before that was a round cylinder. I sat in on a rock on a cliff and it promptly rolled off the cliff. So the wedge design prevents this from rolling away or between car seats. Love it!


I use this in my daughter's lunch box. She eats her veggies if she can put a little salt and pepper on the. It doesn't leak, and is easy to fill, and to open and close, though it took me a second to figure out how to get it open for filling.ETA: After 2 months of daily use, a small chip has broken off the lid’s lip, making it a little harder to open, but for this price I’m just going to order a back up in case the lid breaks entirely!


I was looking for a small salt shaker to carry with me. I use a special type of salt and needed a way to carry it with me when I am out. It holds a good amount of salt and the container is very sturdy. When I first got it, I found it difficult to open the shaker without opening the entire container (like when you pour the salt in). But once I figured it out, it's easy! I will probably purchase another one to keep in my car!
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