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There are not enough good things to say about this pot set. They nest inside of each other perfectly. I have taken them camping several times and cooked right over the fire. I have had no problem with anything sticking to them and they clean up so nicely. If you are into ultra light backpacking, I would not recommend these. They are a little on the weighty side, but knowing how well they work, I would sacrifice just to carry these guys. I love my pots and would definitely recommend getting some for your next camping trip!!


I purchased two of these sets to use with a Boy Scout Troop. I have had several MSR pots for more than twenty years, but when I purchased them in the early nineties, I thought that they looked "thin". They stood the test of time and look just as good now as they did then. The new sets appear to be very well made, and I am looking forward to years of use with them as well.


This pot set is exactly what we were looking for. We're on the road together with the camper. Great quality, each pot has the right lid, the handle gives a secure grip, easy to clean and the highlight, the pan MSR Alpine Fry Pan still fits in the set! Minimalistic Paltzbedarf and also weight! Any time!


I have been looking for some good quality lightweight pans for the camper trailer for a long time. These fit the bill perfectly. They are light but cook brilliantly. Easy to clean and stack together taking up little space. The frypan also fits easily into the largest saucepan. They are just perfect.


Excellent purchase and something that will last. They clean up well but try and remember to pack a scoth brite pad. I've had to clean these with fine sand when available but they last. They pack and fit very well. An extra handle would have been nice.


Would be better if there was something to hold these pots in place better. I ended up having to use ziplock bags to prevent them from making too much noise while I hike. Otherwise, these are great pots for backpacking.


Well made, good assortment of sizes. I also bought the MSR tea kettle, in hopes it would fit in with the set, but the smallest pot, and the kettle are the same size, so the kettle gets carried separately. No biggie


Great set. Can't go wrong with stainless. I bought the Alpine Dish Brush/Scraper which turned out to be a good call. The pot gripper that comes with the set is relatively low grade though.


It's a nice lightweight set of cookware for camping. As you would expect though, the metal is thin and you have to watch closely, but on the positive side, it does cool down faster.


This is a great set. The curved bottoms on these make them good mixing bowls and make them easy to clean. I prefer stainless steel over aluminum, so these fit the bill nicely.


These are great in our travel trailer. But if anything gets burnt to the bottom it’s difficult to get clean. But that’s to be expected since they aren’t non stick pans.


Well made. All of these alpine sets have loops for storage straps but none come with them. The bag does a passable job but I like to replace my bag with an Arno strap.


Set of very nice quality bowls delivered with a beautiful cover and cherry on the cake, underestimated in weight: weighed at 1089g the whole.


We use in RV for .limited space. My first use was cooking rice. Didn't burn. Turned out great. Easy to clean.


These are awesome! All the sizes you need; the tops can work as skillets and/or plates; so compactable!
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