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I bought this as a comfort extra to existing outdoor kit. It is good quality hard plastic, maybe a little heavier than expected, considering total load carrying weight. I already have a sea-to-summitt xbowl, which base acts as a small chopping board. The MSR board is a wider longer surface area for cutting, giving you more.


Excellent and prompt service .Brilliant little gem of a cutting board .It's folded as big as my hand , will use it as a wind break for my wood/alcohol stove and afterwards use it as a cutting board or table .Excellent for backpacking , not heavy but weighted enough to use as a wind break .Very recommended .


It's a great little board, lightweight and strong. I put it in the dishwasher often and it hasn't warped. It is on the small side though, sometimes the food sticks off the edge when I'm cutting (hence 4/5 stars.) If you were doing some ultra light backpacking I'm sure the small size would be a plus.


Bought this cutting board for backpacking trip up in Yosemite for 4 days. It was perfect as we didn't have to use any uneven rocks or anything when preparing food. This fits really anywhere in your backpack. It's durable and looks nice. MSR makes great outdoor products!


Caution: It's heavy and thick for light back-pack use. Otherwise - sturdy, durable, looks great and is THE perfect size cutting board/ plate/ portable flat surface for just about anything. Fits well in a 6-can cooler.


I liked the packability of this cutting board. It cleans easily and doesn't mark up too bad, though it will require replacement someday, no doubt.A good piece of kit for my camping kitchen.


Works fairly well, though it is hard to get to lay flat, the seam causes it to fold either way it is set down. Otherwise it is rather light and worked well as a backpacking cutting board


Pretty cool little kitchen tool. Thicker than I expected, which was a good surprise. Folds to a good portable size, and can be used while folded if you don't need the full size.


This is perfect for backpacking. It is sturdy and slim. It fits perfectly in a backpack without taking up too much room. It came quickly too. Pretty cool cutting board.


Perfect size - for use when unfolded, for packing when folded. Very durable & easy to clean. Excellent addition to my camp kitchen.


OK.but it doesn't lay flat until you Iput something on it or start working on it.The GSI is my preferred folding cutting board.


I always love MSR products. When this is onsale I decide to buy it to give a try for our camping trip. It was wonderful!!!


Small, compact, robust, easy to clean. Folds in to 5.25" x 7.5". Is always a part of my camping/backpacking kitchen.


Used for camping and worked well. It is a little small but I guess when camping one should be a minimalist.


Good travel cutting board; not sure how long it will last (supported by thin strip of plastic).
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