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Pretty much everyone I know has this set. They may have others now too but this was in their kit from the beginning and they still have (most of) it. And they didn't hesitate to recommend it when I needed a starter kit. It's not going to climb Everest but it never claims to. It's got the right combo of price and value. 4 stars only because my new set is noticeably thinner than a friend's older set. If you're going to change the construction, you should change the name to reflect something's different.But besides that minor slap-on-the-marketing-department's-wrist, a good buy.
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The only reason it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is the single lid. This has been bought for my daughters back packing set up. The pans are very large for back packing but the internal space shall be utilised for her food, or perhaps her cooker (she uses a Coleman 533).Some people insist on tiny cook pots - and eat accordingly. My daughter prefers to eat well even if that means carry another kg (per day)of food and having decent sized pans that can provide two big mugs of hot water.I now need to buy her a pot cosy.
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Anything you get from MSR is top of the line. We do a lot of backpacking and I wouldn't carry anything else on my back. I have the Alpine Tea Kettle that matches this set and it is awesome too. They are not non-stick, so don't be thinking your going to whip up some over-easys for breakfast. If you have to have over-easy eggs, you shouldn't be camping, anyway. I stay away from non-stick surfaces. Too creepy what may be in that stuff. If I want non-stick, I go old school with cast iron!


An excellent thickness of steel for a good balance of heat transfer, heat distribution, and weight. Paired with a wind pro II stove they cooked sauce without scorching but still warm up quick. -1 star for the smooth pot base; they'll slide right off the burner surface.Notes: lid is NOT suitable for frying use, it's too thin and pops when it's heated ( always check the manufacturer website!) and lid would be better if it was vented and useable as a strainer (personal preference).


These pots work well. They're durable and work well for boiling water or whatever. The pot holder works as does the lid. I've used them a lot for a year now and except for some tar and whatnot build up they're still shiny enough inside. Obviously bare food will stick inside but for a decent set of durable light pots I think this is hard to beat. A wire loop for hanging over a fire might help but I rigged one up that works fine.


This is a nice set! I eat a lot, and this pot is big enough to feed me (impressive for a backpacking pot). The lid/ plate is nice and the pot holder is of good quality.The stuff sack is nice to hold it all together, I put a camp towel inside to keep the pot holder from banging around in the pack. I would have prefered the stuff sack to double as a water tote or something else usefull, but it works and the mesh keeps it light.


I've used dozens of cooking sets for camping, none of them got close to the quality of this MSR pot set. I used to use one of those while camping with the boy scouts, It was bought more than 10 years ago and still works perfectly.What I like most from this kit is the ability to fit the MSR Whisperlite or Internationale burner inside the smallest pan. The cover acts like a frying pan.


Great set. I have the frying pan, 4 plates and pots all bundled together. In side the pots I have (4) Titanium Sporks, small dawn inside the pots dish soap, brillo pad, Esbit Pocket Camping stove with 10 UST Wet Fire Tinder, Can opener and large John Wayne can opener all nestled in the pot. All fit in the bag provided, although tight.


Like everything new, this MSR pot set is a little flimsier than the older version I purchased it to replace, but that is probably a good thing for a backpacking pot set! The lid doesn't sit quite level on the pots, but maybe a few trips into the backcountry will beat it into shape. The spromdomicles are super light too, excellent.


The MSR Alpine 2 pan set comes with lid, handle in a casing. With a little care while cooking, the pans do not burn and the loose handle provides a firm hold without damaging the pans. The MSR frying pan (with thickened bottom) fits exactly under this cookware set and together they fit in the casing. Fine and compact set.
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