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High quality, lightweight, and durable stainless steel. Non toxic. I originally bought these to use as dog bowls. We have had them for years and they still look like new. I have since purchased more (the new style nests beautifully) and also now use these for serving my baby her food at every meal at home and when out. Perfect for serving food to an infant because you know exactly what the temp it is. Easy to cool hot food quickly (like oatmeal) by placing a glass dish with ice and water underneath to get the food to a safe temp before serving. We have stone floors (travertine) throughout our house. Our daughter loves to let us know that she has finished eating by throwing her bowls from the height of her high chair daily and they have never had a dent.Please note that the old style is a brushed stainless inside and out. New style that nests is brushed inside with a high polish stainless on the outside. Both styles are awesome. Worth every penny! Highly recommend.
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Great little bowl. Fits easily in my msr 1.1L stowaway pot. I'll actually end up putting a handkerchief or two underneath for utility and to prevent any unwanted "clanking" as there is a good bit of wiggle room.They're heavy for an ultra light person as they are made of steel, but they seem to find that perfect balance between thin and light but still durable. They have just a slight flex when you apply pressure but I'm definitely not worried about denting them unless I do something exceptionally stupid.Also nice that you could use these as a secondary cooking pan if you needed to since they're steel.Also I find it nice that the stickers/packaging are designed to come off extremely easily with little to no sticky leftovers.I'm really liking msr after getting these simple little bowls.
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I love these bowls, we've been using enamel bowls for years and recently decided to try these and i absolutely love them. They look nice, they feel nice, and they can take a beating, and they're easy to clean. The stainless is fairly thin so they will dent if you drop them but they're camping bowl, they look better a little beat up.Like everyone has said, the decal/sticker stain will not come off, I've used these bowls countless times and have washed them countless times and used goo gone on them and ate greasy food off of them and the sticker stain looks exactly as it did the first time I pealed off the stickers.It's super annoying when they're brand new but after awhile you get over it and accept them for what they are.
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I've actually purchased these bowls twice. I bought a couple of them several years ago to nest inside a favorite camping pot. They worked out great and are still going strong. I recently bought two more to go into a different, smaller bug-out kit. I believe they'll work well there too. For those who seem to be confused about the capacity of these bowls I've actually measured one. It held exactly 32 fluid ounces, filled to the rim. Its diameter is 5 and 3/4" and it is 2 and 1/8" deep. According to my postal scale, it weighs just over 3 ounces. These bowls strike a nice balance between light weight and strength. For health reasons I'm pleased that they contain no titanium,aluminum or plastics.
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This is the perfect size for rice for two or three people to cook in the pressure cooker. For three people I measure 1 1/2 cups of rice using the measuring cup that came with my pressure cooker (which would be equal to 1 1/4 rice in standard American measuring cups) and add 1 1/2 cup using standard US measure of water. I put 1 cup water in the pressure cooker, insert the steamer rack and MSR stainless steel bowl of rice and water, close the lid and use the rice preset. Using the small bowl makes cleanup much easier because it works as a serving bowl at the table and the large pressure cooker bowl just needs a quick swish with soapy water, if any cleaning.


Despite being stainless steel, this bowl is very light at 3.03 ounces on my scale, removing stickers and giving it a good wash to remove any sticky residue. With a 750ml capacity, it's great for solo backpacking trips while having the durability and corrosion resistance of stainless steel, without the price tag of titanium! My DIY aluminum foil lid weighs 0.12 ounces and my alcohol stove (Zelph Fancee Feast) fits easily inside. Sadly it's a bit too small in diameter to fit my windscreen and 4oz fuel bottle but I don't mind not having it all self-contained. Overall, this is a great buy if you don't care for handles and would still like a quality pot.


A bowl that is to deep is very hard to stir up eggs for scrambling, a deep bowl has to be held on its side to stir the eggs for scrambling, where as a bowl that isn't to deep, perfect keeping flat on the table, but when it comes to adding picante sauce, the bowl isn't deep enough, a great toddlers bowl, if one has children, or for an adult, be an ice cream bowl.The 775 ml stowaway lid fits perfectly on this bowl, which helps to keep hot food hot and bugs out. Cooked mashed potatoes today in 775 Ml stowaway bowl, and mashed the potatoes in this bowl. Being a single person, that was enough to fill my apatite.


Very lightweight bowl. Looks nice, but feels like it could show wear (dings) quite easily. The lip is solid, so no fear of rust developing there. I bought this to see how it would work as a wet shaving lather bowl. It works very well for that, but would perhaps be even better if just slightly smaller. (I dislike really small lather bowls and mugs, though.) Good for soaking and cleaning wet shaving equipment, as well. This is a true all-purpose bowl, it would be great for camping or traveling (obviously), would probably work well as a cat or dog food bowl, etc. I can definitely recommend this product.


This seems to live up to my expectations when it comes to MSR products. The bowl is lightweight, but sturdy enough not to be dented easily. While we will use these for camping, I got them for everyday use for the kiddo. Needed something that won't break and is not plastic. I'm just not comfortable with how many chemicals leak into our bodies through plastic, so this is a lifestyle choice. This should go without saying, but these are simple bowls (not double walled). That means they can be put in the dishwasher, but they won't insulate the exterior well from the temperature of the contents.


I took this camping. I wanted to nest it in my cooking pot set and it does fit, but I actually like to put my camping stove inside it to protect the stove. So now I have to find a new place to put my bowl. The bowl is thin and light weight. I wouldn't cook in it, although I'm sure you could in a pinch. If you put something hot in it remember that it's thin so it will heat up fast. Don't burn your hands. Other than that great little bowl. I might drill a small hole near the top so I can add string to it. This way I can pack it outside my pack and not lose it.


I bought two of these bowls. They nest together, inside my 1.1 liter, MSR Alpine Stowaway Pot, beautifully. However, the bowls are really small and made of very thin metal. So, they are difficult to handle, if filled with anything hot or really cold. So, I ordered another set of slightly larger, insulated bowls, for hot soup or ice cream, for example. They nest together also. But, they won’t fit inside my Stowaway Pot. So, the bottom line is, how compact of a kit do I want, or need to carry, and I choose my gear accordingly.


These bowls are the perfect size for a weekend outdoors. They are very sturdy and clean up nicely. I have even used mine to dig with to secure my tent in some windy and sandy conditions. They fit the top of my Open Country 2 quart pot perfectly. This enables me to make a double broiler and I can cook my oatmeal or eggs while tending to other camp chores without fear of ruining breakfast. I like the MSR line better than my old enamel dishes because they don't chip and then subsequently rust.


The boy is actually slightly larger than what I was hoping for. I bought a new titanium cookware set on Amazon for $49. It's a health Pro something. I was hoping this bowl would stack on the other end of this kit. But it's too large so I had to put it on the top end. Not a big deal, especially since the handles on the cookware keep bowl nice and tight. It's light weight, and adds versatility to the cookware set and larger food portions when needed.


These lightweight bowls are great for camping. No need for a plate, as this bowl has a flat enough bottom and high enough sides to serve anything from meat to soup (just not at the same time). We use these when camping with scouts and try to not use paper plates. These are light enough to pack, but sturdy enough that they don't warp. While sadly they are made in China, I trust MSR as a brad to ensure the steel used in this product is safe.


It is sturdy, but the metal is thin. Its not thick metal, like a home cooking pot. I can bend it with my hands (see photo) but bowl returned to original shape. Thinness is good for backpacking, but may not be sturdy enough for someones home use. Just got it, so i cant comment on resistance to acidic foods or rust. Stickers were easy to remove, and the remaining residue was easy to clean off with SOS steel wool pads.
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