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As a lunch time supervisor in a Primary School I know the kids love these and we don't have enough of them to keep everyone happy - there's always a queue for them as well as the Space Hoppers.Some of the children can jump on these and skip at the same time! Me - I can't even balance on them but the children are really quick to learn how to play on them. Okay sometimes they fall off them but they soon get back on - never had any major accidents with them.It's a good way of the children getting exercise whilst having fun. I think we need to buy some more.For the person who isn't impressed with them I'd just like to say that maybe you need to blow up the ball part of it a bit more.The only time they come out of the middle is when the children jump on them upside down - make sure you have it the right way up - clue is that feet are shown on the correct side. We then have to let them down a little to put the ball back into the centre and blow it up again - not a major task.
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I LOVE THIS TOY!I had one I used all the time when I was 7 and had been searching for one for my children to have. They think its great fun to use and watching me bouncing on it like a big kid. my 6 yr old gets quite frustrated that I can do it and she can't-yet!this makes her all the more determined to keep having a go on it.we have been using it indoors as find it handy to hold onto a chair while getting balanced. i cannot recommend this toy enough, it comes already inflated. not sure what the weight limit is but i'm 9.5 stone and its not popped. we love it and on a rainy day we use it in the front room (yes we make look hilarious hopping around the house on it) its a great way to get fit once you can do it!!just make sure you wear something on your feet as you'll get sore from squeezing the ball between your feet otherwise!!BUY ONE!!
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My daughter has mastered this completely and her record is 162 bounces in one go! She's 8.5 and apparently they also have them at school in the playground so she's obviously had a bit of practise. She loves it and uses it inside on wooden floor and outside on tarmac. However my son, age just 7, finds it extremely difficult and can't do a single bounce yet - much to his annoyance!! Daughter does ballet and is strong with good sense of balance which also helps. They are both about 126 cm tall - not much in it size wise. Beware this is not adult size though - I've tried it and if you're too heavy the plastic rim goes right down to the floor when you bounce. I would guess up to about age 11/12 should be ok,if child is not too heavy. We received an orange one so they come in different colours.
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I was searching for this toy in local toy stores and it was unavailable - i am delighted that i found this at a reasonable price. My 9 yr old son has been looking this toy for ages. He loves the outdoors and i can't wait to see his face on Christmas morning when he opens this added little extra surprise. I imagaine this will be one of his favourites since he just loves to keep active and to bounce. I had one of these in the 1980's and had hours of fun on the lolo ball - it was one of my favourite toys. It takes a little bit of getting used to but provides hours of fun for kids. Would be good for balance and keepoing fit - can even be used indoors.Although we have not yet used the lolo ball it looks durable and came well packaged with quick delivery. I might even have a go on it myself!
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I bought this after trying for ages to get hold of one of these, had one as a child and thought I'd relive the moment and it seemed like a fun way to get some exercise too. Anyway it arrived quickly and I couldn't wait to have a go on it, several bounces later and the ball popped out of the disc, after wresling with it for approx an hr I still couldn't get it back in the disc, eventually tho with the help of some man power we fixed it! I think it's a great toy, but sadly probably more suited to kids. I'm 5ft 7" and weight 60kg think it would suit someone lighter if you don't want the ball to keep popping out of the disc. My daughter plays on it now and has said she thinks it's great.


This kind of exercise toy has almost been forgotten with the increase in electronics. I find that my children have to be almost persuaded to be physical,this is one the reasons that I purchased this ball, it is fantastic for working all those basic core skills, like balance, body control and awareness. It is really an important skill being able to balance effectively as this works the pathways which deliver messages from your brain to muscles helping to prevent the painful inversion type injuries. I really think this item works you both physically and mentally and as I've mentioned is beneficial in many ways. The item is of a good quality and is still going strong after two years.


I had a lolo ball when I was a child and loved it so I was very excited to see I could get one for my children. Intially brought for my son who loves any kind of exercise but soon my less energetic daughter was bouncing around the house on it so I had to get her one too! They will spend ages on them, indoors and out, making games out of them and seeing who can stay on the longest and every single friend of theirs who come round wants to learn how to do it. Even the adults have a go occasionally and yes it can take our weight! they are well made, good fun and I would recommend them as a gift for any child.


I bought this as a gift for my sister, age nine, and she loves it - bouncing all around, up and down the curb, and having competitions with her friends as to who can bounce the most!My nephew, age four, has difficulty getting the balance quite right but is improving! It took a while for me to be able to balance and jump more than a couple of times! It is great for improving balance and agility.This toy was really good because it isn't something that everyone has got. It is also safer than a pogo stick, which can be quite dangerous if a child falls off in the air!I think ill be buying more of these!


A hit with the kids as bought 2 of these. My son 10 and daughter 7. Once they got the hang of it they loved it but I will say this. My son is 5 stone and after 20 minutes the ball started to push its way through the outer ring which required manipulation to force it back before it was game over. If its suitable for up to 12 year olds many would be over 5 stone. I weill probably try inflating it to see if it helps. Would not recommend adults using it for the reasons stated above. All said and done I gave the product 4 stars as its great fun and fairly cheap.


This takes me back to my childhood when everyone in my school was swept by the lo-lo ball craze.It is surprisingly easy to master and is a great way to get your children outside and active. My daughter is only four so it is a little tricky for her but I think once she gets older she will be a pro! I would say it is best suited for ages 5-10.I also use it a a fab keep fit alternative. It is so much fun but you really feel like you have had a workout after twenty minutes!Awesome value and will last forever. I would definately recommend this product.


I stumbled across this by accident when looking for something else and couldn't resist getting one for my kids! I loved mine when I was a kid and now my kids love theirs too! Great for knackering out kids with too much energy as well ! Was also pleased that this one came pumped up and ready to use as I got another one from a different seller that came flat (although this wasn't specified on purchase) I then had to buy a special attachment for my pump just so I could blow it up, very annoying!! So, buy this one!! You won't be disappointed!


I think the product is good value for money, once the ring is in place and the ball is pumped up properly it does all stay in place and supports my kids (8 & 6) easily. In fact my oaf of a brother in law got on it and it even took his weight but the plastic ring was bending.The kids have found it quite hard to use and have to hold on to something with one hand or they quickly fall off. More practice required I think. Mine didn't leak or deflate since day one which has been 6 months now with occasional use after the initial period..


Had remembered this ball from when I was young, enjoyed hours of play with it so was delighted to see it back for sale. Bought this ball for my children aged 5 and 8. They are really enjoying it although it has taken a while for them to balance properly but now they can they are bouncing all over the house!! The ball seems very durable and I am very happy with it so much so i may buy another one to stop them arguing over it and I can still manage to bounce on it too. Fantastic toy that keeps them moving and helps with their balance.


My 9 year old son thinks this is one of the best Christmas presents he recieved this year. It is easy to master for his age, a little more difficult for my 6 year old. It is great excercise for children and can even be used indoors if you have space - so ideal for a rainy day when they need wearing out!This gets the thumbs up from me aswell as it is another option to keep them from switching the TV on.Great value for money. +++++++.


To all the reviewers who found the ball in the centre popped out constantly, did you consider simply inflating it a little?Ours popped out when she first used it but it was very very soft, so like you would with a football we simply inflated it a little and the popping out issue nolonger happens... Simples ;)It's quite hard for my 8yo to use, there's a definate knack to it which she hasn't quite got yet but she loves it...

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