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Right, I have had myself and two friends try to assemble this camp bed unsuccessfully. I finally figured it out, not by looking at the instructions, but by looking at the picture on the front of the box. You'll notice that at the far end of the bed the fabric appears to just be being pulled over the end of the poles.This camp bed is really simple, and pretty easy to assemble when you know how! First of all, the head end of the fabric is the one with the little black fabric pulls on the ends. The head end poles are the ones with the bends in them. Insert the other poles first so that you just have the head end poles to go. Now look at the underside of the fabric on the head end.You'll notice that the end of the fabric is sealed, but you should find that in the fabric channel for the pole to run through at the head end is unsealed at the side. You will insert the bent head end poles through the open side of this channel. Now you simply have to stretch the fabric over the end of the pole. It does require a little bit of effort, but I think it's easily achievable! Hopefully this has now helped you assemble your camp bed!As for the product itself, it seems pretty sturdy and is very compact once it's in the bag. Only 4 stars for poor instructions.
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I bought this item a couple of years ago as a dog bed. It is quite tricky to assemble but once done it does the job. I cannot comment on how comfortable it is for us humans but the dogs rush into the bedroom at night and vie for position on it. Unfortunately one little four legged person got a little bit carried away and chewed it. Lol. I needed to purchase a new one and to be quite honest for the price it is superb. Personally for my needs it is perfect. Was going to mark it down a star because the dogs tore it but reconsidered. Dogs will be rascals hence the 5 stars. Marked it down for ease of assembly because I did find it a little difficult. I have three campbeds in my home. All different brands.I chose to replace this one like for like due to the price and stability. I know you can purchase smaller ones for pets but have you seen the price. This one fits perfectly at the bottom of my king size bed and gives my little furbabies a comfortable draught free place to rest their little fluffy heads. Bless them.
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Had similar item bought 20 years ago, but it got lost when moving house. It was real canvas, this is some sort of plastic version like the car seat protectors for dogs which crumble & make a mess after a few months. The old one was slightly wider, this is only just barely wide enough, & I'm not a large person. The old one was also slightly easier to get the end poles into position. I'd willingly swap this for my old one, but having said that, this still beats camping mats (too hard & uncomfortable) or air beds (apt to puncture when an enthusiastic canine tries to sneak under the covers) hands down. Feels springy and comfortable provided you don't try to curl up (the metal side poles aren't soft!!).With the addition of an insulating camping mat "mattress" it's even comfortable in this year's "summer"! I'd recommend it to anyone not in the first flush of youth!
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We bought two of these as we travel around relatives houses at Hogamanay etc and the kids are too big for sofa crashing now. They are hard to put together as other reviews have suggested but "hard" only in the sense of "requiring brute strength", not at all difficult or complicated as others have implied. I CAN manage them but my husband is better (he has the brawn...). Kids really like them and I did spend a trial hour on them and they seemed comfy.Glad I am just sticking them in the boot of the car rather than carrying them about as they are quite heavy.Had a problem with one of them as the parts in the box were not correct but contacted Amazon and had a replacement at no cost with 36 hours so quite happy.After several uses,the kids have declared these to be very comfy so am pleased with purchase!
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Very comfy camp bed - much better than blow up beds as it doesn't lose air over night! It was slightly tight to get the long edge pieces in, but once there result was a firm and comfy bed. Bought for kids mates sleepovers but can barely get my own kids out of them! For only £14 a great deal. A tip - as we are not taking these out of the house, I just take the legs off and roll the bed up and it fits under a bed and only takes a couple of mins to build up again.


Not the easiest to put the green canvas onto the frame but hubby can do it with aid if a spoon to force it over the end of the side poles. So after putting it up once he now has it down to an art of just a few minutes( only with spoon!) was great to have on a camping trip. Our tent size was too smally for it but we used it outside to lounge on, sit on, set out our things for the day etc etc.


Very comfy bed and easy to assemble its also fairly light to carry on my motorcycle I leave the poles in the bed at all times just disconnect the joints fold it over and roll it up it takes 3 minuets to pack away or put up this way. Was awkward to put up at first but soon got the knack after a few tries.


I bought this bed as a spare bed for when visitors come to stay. I have used it once and it is very comfortable. It was a bit of a struggle to get the legs on but I managed it ok once I got the knack. I am very pleased with it and it has got a nice little bag to carry it if I decide to go camping.


Ideal for kids camping. Have slept in myself comfy and sturdy. Easy to assemble, good arm strength needed when putting legs in.Narrow so as an adult when moving I kept hitting the metal bars during night,ouch.Does the job. Nephew loves sleeping on it. Use for as a spare bed when he sleeps over


Bought this after sleeping on sofa for a few nights with new alaskan malamute puppy. Comfortable and does everything it says on the box. Easy to erect and collapses and stores in a nice small bag when not in use. Impressed with quality and provides a great sleeping surface.


Love these cots! Perfect for lightweight camping, kayak camping (strapped to deck) also good for using in a teardrop camper. Great for camping in colder weather, keeps you off the ground and a space saver in a small tent as you can stash your gear underneath.


We going nearly every weekend for camping and use the beds very often. Easy to transport and to assemble, very sturdy material.But not recommended for tall people, because it is to short.


Surprisingly sturdy once assembled, a good emergency or spare bed when you have many guests sleeping over. I used a duvet folded over as a mattress to make it more comfortable.


i got the beds to go camping put them togather in house found them a bit hard to get inti slots but that was because they were new found them a good job to sleep on thank you


Brilliant camping bed. So easy to put together. After putting it together I thought I would give it a try. Woke up 3 hours later. Would definitely recommend.
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