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I like best the 4000 top rpm of this variable speed drill. It drills surprisingly fast in making pilot holes. I am using it for woodworking, but found it very fast the one time I drilled pilot holes in sheet metal. It also made very fast 3/8" holes in 4 by 4 inch wood stock. The tool looks and sounds well made. Things I don't like include the largish size, a grip that is not ergonomic for my particular hands, and a very high price once one buys the drill, battery, and battery charger. Although this is shown above as a Metabo BS 18 LTX 6, in fact I ordered and received a BE 18 LTX 6. I have no idea of the difference, if there is any. Printed spec sheets seem identical for each.Many buyers will not already own Metabo chargers and batteries. If this tool were offered as a complete kit at a lower total price, it would be a much more attractive purchase. Despite that, I am pleased to have the tool and expect to have it for years to come.
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I think Amazon would sell more of these if they got the model number right - when I searched for BE 18 LTX 6 to buy one, Amazon wasn't listed among the sellers.This is a great 1/4" drill (although the chuck is 3/8). At 4000 rpm, it's really just for fastener duty - pilot holes, rivet holes, screw holes in duct work, etc. I also use it for pilot holes in cabinet construction. At 3-1/2 lbs. I wish it was a little lighter, and/or a t-handle, but it's still the lightest high speed cordless drill (with the compact battery) available, as far as I know.It's made in Germany, and the quality seems top notch.

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