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I struggle with mornings. I have so much trouble getting up and moving around before its time to start getting ready for work. It's because of this that I often eat garbage for breakfast or nothing at all. I am always looking for a way to get a good breakfast and have tried just about every contraption out there from microwave omelette trays to breakfast sandwich makers.I originally bought this to make large batches of pancakes and freeze them so that I would have a quick microwaveable option for breakfast. I stumbled across a review that suggested using an egg and making waffles. I can tell you that adding an egg and making waffles has saved my breakfasts.I start brewing my coffee,plug in my cheap presto waffle maker and grab a blender bottle. Cracking an egg and adding a little water I shake vigorously while I go to the pantry to grab my mix. After adding two scoops I check the consistency of my mix to see if I need more water. If everything is good I pop open the waffle maker and pour it in.After closing the griddle I start rinsing my bottle giving the waffle maker a few moments to start cooking. After flipping my waffle I finish washing my bottle and grab my coffee, by this time my waffle is ready to flip again.During the home stretch I grab a plate, a fork, and some sugar free syrup and get set up. My waffle is normally done by this time and ready to eat.I can honestly say that start to finish it takes about 6 minutes to make a toasty, crunchy, fluffy waffle that is loads better than what I was eating.Just want to say thank you to the reviewer that suggested an egg for waffles. You saved my mornings!!
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So I'm a weightlifter/powerlifter and I love pancakes. Normally I add some whey protein to my pancake mix along with a couple of eggs to increase the protein-to-carb ratio. Or even Protein+Fat:Carb (P:C:F) ratio.That's essentially what this product does. P:C:F is 12:30:2.5 (compared to the much more expensive P28 brand's 14:21:4) which, for pancakes, is pretty protein-loaded and great to follow a deadlift or squat session. Even still, I add a dash more whey, and milk instead of water (this recipe calls for water), and a couple eggs (not in recipe either). This makes it maybe less fluffy and tasty, but I eat a LOT and try to mitigate carbs however I can.Following the package recipe results in a tasty pancake (maybe less sensational than the normal fluffy carby mix,but worth it for health reasons and by no means boring). It's very good.For the price, in my opinion, I sometimes just buy regular pancake mix (grocery store brand) and add my favorite whey powder (20-25% of total mix). But if you want to keep things simple, this is a good product. You'll just pay about double the price for your pancakes, which isn't awful. Over time, I have found myself preferring this mix.
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I started working out hard core about 2 months ago, and still been at it and it is surprising how fast your list of food options shorten.I have always loved pancakes but I had to cut them from my list of foods to eat, eliminating them as a breakfast option. I mean, who doesn't love stacking on flapjacks with butter and syrup?Anyhow I was looking at a lot of protein products and found an online coupon for Protein Plus products and saw this bad boy and went on to read the list of ingredients etc, I thought it was going to taste like some of the less favorable protein bars that are found at most stores.Anyhow, I figured that I didn't have much to lose, I ordered it and then it came in the mail.I read the back again and opened the package,the powder had a sweet smell to it, and it say that there is no need to use butter to cook it, which is what I usually use to cook my pancakes,skeptical, I decided I would follow the instructions on the box.I cooked these bad boys and I was amazed, they cook pretty fast, like regular pancakes and they taste great, a wonderful alternative for athletes, don't take my word for it, give them a try!
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I LOVE these pancakes. They are my favorite breakfast! They are more like real pancakes than they protein powder and water variety with similar nutrient info, so worth every penny in my book! They changed the formula though when they changed the can... because the old ones were slightly sweet and never gave me an issue. This new formula takes some adjusting to work with. Use less water if you get a silver/white can (the old can was yellow) the batter is supposed to be really thick NOT thin like regular pancake mix when you use the amounts given it comes out like regular pancake mix but then your pancakes will be flat and weird. The old formula when measured properly gave you a really thick batter and the pancakes were fat and fluffy.The new formula also has no taste where the older one had a light vanilla sweetness to it? So I don't like the changes but it's still the best healthy breakfast around! I have also turned this into waffles quite well! Just in case anyone was wondering! One serving makes one waffle in my waffle maker or three 4 inch pancakes.Add ins like fruit and nuts work well too!
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I have to stay these are amazing! I am VERY skeptical. I have never found a protein powder I like. Ever. I have tried probably 15 different types in a few years. I always come down to just eating more meat and yogurt- but it's not enough when you're trying to increase protein and loose some bad carbs.These are my favorite things in the world right now. I made 2 scoops with 1/3 cup whole milk (only adds 50calories) & little of vanilla extract, and sliced banana on top w. Just a line of syrup. The batter is thick, but when it cooks the pancakes get real fluffy and light. 2 scoops will make 3-4 very small pancakes. Think silver dollar pancakes from a restaurant. Mine made 3 fair size.Do not make more because they are tiny. Remember these are PROTEIN. I'm so full right now it's amazing!Now I don't eat regular pancakes daily or even weekly. Just because I don't usually make them even though I love them. But they would supplement well in "Sunday breakfast" if you're trying to make a change. These are totally guilt free! They aren't dry.Just try them!!! You won't regret it.
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These are amazing!! I love carbs as much as the next person, but have found that I feel more sluggish and lethargic when I eat bread/pancakes/cereal ect., so finding these pancakes were a life saver! As an avid long distance runner it is important that I get a high protein intake, and because I am vegetarian I get my sources from tofu, protein shakes and protein bars. These are amazing pancakes and as long as you mix the powder well there is no gritty taste. I usually do 1 scoop (100 calories) with four egg whites (around 75 calories), 2 packets of Splenda and probably around 3-4 tbsp of water (I don't measure, so that's just a guess) and I'm able to make 6 pancakes :D.I have added a mashed banana before and they make the pancakes even sweeter and give them a fun texture. I would strongly recommend these to anyone looking for an alternative to carb heavy meals, and are looking for pancakes with less than 200 calories. I have actually converted my roommates to preferring these since they are lighter and fluffier to store brand mixes. 10/10 :D
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OMG! It is D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! I couldn't wait until this arrive...I wanted to try it soooo bad - lol. It is REALLY tasty - YUMMO! I just tried it w/ frozen blueberries. I didn't even need syrup...however, I tried it just so I could tell you what it was like. To me, it was almost as if the syrup ruined the tastiness/flavor...or maybe it's b/c it wasn't that super thick...bad for you kinda syrup -lol. Either way...you don't need syrup for these...they are THAT good! I'm planning to make some more tonight and nuke them for breakfast tomorrow. This time...I'm going to try it w/ bananas and some pecans :) If you're looking for a change to your breakfast routine...try this.It is definitely a must have for me from now on. Thank you MET-Rx!!! I will keep you posted on whether or not reheating is a good thing...or if you need to eat them right after you cook 'em -lol.
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For all the reviews that said it tastes really nasty, I disagree. I actually think it's decent. If you are getting this to have it taste just like buttermilk pancakes, go buy actual buttermilk pancakes. Healthy food isn't supposed to taste just like the real thing. It's HEALTHY! I LOVE pancakes, so I knew this was a good replacement for me. It doesn't taste bad by any means, but it tastes healthy. I never understand when people get something healthy, and then they are mad it doesn't taste divine. With being on a diet, you aren't supposed to have things flavored of high sugar and fat. That's what makes you crave it in the first place. I eat mine with a sugar free/fat free syrup and a dash of Splenda/cinnamon on top.I really enjoy it. I usually eat it pre work out because it's filling and it pushes me through my entire workout. I enjoy eating them.
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The only tweak I make is adding a teaspoon or so of cinnamon and a few chopped pecans or occasionally cranberries. Prefer thickness cooking time, if I use 4 ounces water with 2 scoops.But it is fine as per directions! Tastes as good as my previous supplier of high protein pancakes and less expensive. Well into my 2nd can and the third is sitting on the shelf waiting.Who knows how many cans I have bought now. Still love it.But I love it even more when I add one scoop of Bob's Red Mill Unsweeted Coconut Shredded, 1/4 scoop of Bob's Red Mill Flax Seed and then drop pecans on as soon as the cakes are dropped on the griddle. I like my batter wet and pourable,so the cakes are fairly thin.Once I added the coconut these went fairly high on my wife's breakfast list.
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I find with your regular pancakes whether wholegrain or processed grain that it does not last me past 10am and then I want something to munch. I wanted to get protein pancakes because I remember when I used to have them they kept me filled up for hours. So I got this product, not too many choices out there. I thought since it is MetRx, I would get something that tastes like your protein bar (urghhh!). Quite different, this is great tasting! I did not need to eat it with any Maple syrup. I used a waffle maker grill machine, it came out great. I ate 2 waffles for breakfast and I was satisfied and it keeps me full till afternoon, no cravings for snacks. Excellent product, although it can be expensive,2 waffles was 4 scoops.
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OKAY let me tell you about this pancake mix. The first time I made them I was seriously unimpressed. But the trick to making these is to get creative! Do you have a sweet tooth? Make these guys with your favorite sweetener, cinnamon, vanilla extract, PB2, banana, almond butter.This is my favorite way to prepare them; I mix 2 scoops of the pancake mix, a tsp of cinnamon, tsp of vanilla extract, one packet of Splenda, one tbsp of chocolate PB2, and at least a cup of water to make a very thin consistency. I pour it into a large crepe pan and lightly cook both sides so it's soft and fluffly. Then I spread one tbsp of Nutella on one side and fold it in half! Voila!a Nutella crepe with >350 calories and 16 grams of protein!
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I love pancakes. Especially my grandpas magical buttermilk pancakes tgat he made for me every other Saturday andelivery Sunday when I visited. Because of that, there is a specific texture I expect from pancakes - and while I love this mix... I can't reach that texture with just this.But I found a way. One scoop of this, 2 eggs, and one scoop of any Kodiak Protein pancake powder (I have 3 boxes - I like PB the best). I splash Fairlife whole milk in and mix. I don't really measure the milk- but I don't measure when I cook anything. I've made enough pancakes in my life to know what it should look like (and recipes should just be guidelines). This creates the perfect pancake everytime.And filling!(So much protein!)
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I received a sample serving of this product and it was great so decided to order it to supplement my breakfast meal of protein powder. The taste is really good and much better than what I expected. The price on Amazon beat all other sites that sell this item and with my Amazon Prime Membership I received FREE two day shipping.I have been making these up in advance and putting them in plastic baggies and throwing them in the freezer. I can carry them to work and pop into the microwave for 30 seconds for a fast meal anytime taht is tasty and easy to make.Great product, I bought three (3) tubs on Amazon and will definitely be back to buy more.


But to my big surprise I actually like it - as in, looking forward to eating these! I have tried way too many supplements at this point to believe any of them will be as good as they say, so I got positively surprised with these pancakes. I opened the jar and I thought to myself "I hope they taste better than they smell", cause this powder STINKS. I have a hard time not breaking the pancakes when I turn them over on the pan, but I am working on it (not a deal breaker). Trust me when I say that I am a food snob - the taste better be right for me to waste calories on it! I truly enjoy these with a tablespoon of organic raspberry preserves - YUM!


They're pretty good, although different. I can agree that you could probably get away without syrup, they have a sweet flavor. I will say-the serving size as measured makes a couple of silver dollar pancakes though-not 2 or 3 regular as I think it claims. Still if indeed they do have the nutritional superiority claimed, you will be ahead by eating a normal size amount of these as compared to an equal amount of regular pancakes correct?...so I give them a thumb's up-except-I have not completely deciphered the ingredients list for true benefit yet. If they have excessive unnatural or overly processed stuff, it is still not an advantage.
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