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I’ve been a big fan of Marmots winter gear over the years so I was looking forward to trying out this Nanowave sleeping bag and it didn’t disappoint. Its very lightweight (1.12kg) and comes packed into a compact bag. The description on Marmot’s website says it can go down to -4 degrees centigrade, but it has -1.9 on the bag. The materials used are excellent quality and they look and feel very premium, I really like how compact it is,I can now fit a few more extra items in my backpack compared with my old bigger one.As I haven’t got any camping plans for the remainder of the year, we set the tent up in the garden and camped outside for the night, it was 9 degrees C during the night, and I slept perfectly. I only had my pyjamas on, and I was more than warm enough inside. You can zip it up around you to make it more snug and fluffy lining of it helped to make it even more comfortable. My only issue is that I’m taller than 6ft, so I had to curl up slightly to fit into the bag properly, it clearly says that the bag is for people up to 6ft so its no fault of the bag. After I’d finished with it the bag rolled up nice and compact and went back into the bag just fine, slightly bigger than before but not by much.Overall, I’ve been very happy using this sleeping bag, it does what it says and keeps you warm even in colder temperatures. I’ve got several camping trips planned for next year so this will no doubt be coming with me on my travels. It is in the upper bracket for pricing, but the quality is very good, and it just feels like a premium product all around so should be worth your money in my opinion. If your looking for a compact but warm sleeping bag then this should tick all your boxes, I’m very happy to recommend this item!
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Love this sleeping bag, nice and snug and keeps me really warm. There's no issues with the material, it's made really well and isn't going to come apart which is the main part. I love the colour, proper camping colour which is nice. It's also really lightweight which is nice and packs away into a secure circle, easy to carry.The only issue I have with it is the price tag (£89.98 December 2019) I really don't think it's worth that and you could easily sell it for £50-£70 in my opinion.However it is a nice product and if you want to treat a camper this Christmas, it's the item to get.
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I'll be perfectly honest, I'm not a camper, so I have no idea if this brand is generally considered to be a good one or not. The price does tend to suggest that it is well regarded tough.We only needed it for when nieces and nephews were staying over. It performs really well on that score.It is nice and lightweight and keeps you warm. It also folds up to a small size, which is excellent for both storage in the house and if you are to be carrying it around.Highly recommend this.


This Nanowave Mummy sleeping bag is a perfect aid for campers. It is well padded and comfortable. The mummy design keeps you warm in even less than ideal conditions but equally it isn't too warm in sunnier climes.I like the design, like the colour and love the product!


This is a great sleeping bag. It's super light and super soft. It packs up really small, yet is really very warm indeed. Having used it on a cold camping trip, it would really suit any UK weather except maybe over winter. Really nothing not to like here. Love it!
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