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Probably one of the best little portable lights available. 200 lumens (or less if you use one of the two lower power settings) is enough for most purposes and the light is so small and portable (plus waterproof). Takes 4 AA batteries - I suggest rechargeables if you want this for an emergency or rarely used light. Price seems quite variable and sometimes quite expensive. I think I paid around £15 and at this price it is definitely worth having.


Gonna use this on the camper van. We have had cheaper lights that are more delicate, unreliable, flimsy, and with no control on light output. This little number seems to address all of those concerns.It's not arty or decorative but we really don't care about that when we are camping. Does it work when needed? This light seems to say "yes."If that changes I'll come back and ,make it known.


Only had the chance to use it once so far, and does everything as described by the seller. May buy another one for the next camping season.


Tiny lamp about a quarter of the size I was expecting but wow so so bright on full power


Compact and very bright. very good lamp


ok for an emergency. good price.
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