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This is the best ever. And do you know why? Not ONLY can I use it to pack my lunch, it's also fantastic as tupperware in the fridge. The weird sizes/capacities of the smaller two are great-- the smallest especially is good for butter remnants. I've never had them impart any weird "plastic-y" tastes to my food, unlike some of the other food storage options I've tried, so these win for double duty.More importantly,this is the only container I have yet to find that is able to keep ice cream in my small mini fridge-s freezer without either just making it melt or giving it instant freezer burn. This thing works MIRACLES. I can finally keep ice cream in without having to eat the whole thing in one sitting. Which has it's downsides as well, since now I don't have an excuse to do that anymore, but no one ever said I can't and thanks to this lunch kit I now CAN keep ice cream in the freezer, so thanks, Light My Fire, I owe you one.
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This is a well-made, stylish and functional set for a picnic or camping. I also have the slightly more expensive Meal Kit which has 2 additional pieces (a slicing board and a collapsible silicone cup). Depending on your preference, both sets work well. The 2 samller containers have tight lids so you can pack small items (such as trail mix) inside. For some reason the largest container & lid cannot be tightly sealed so you can only keep it shut with the rubber harness. As such,I only recommend putting dry items into the largest container to prevent any leakage. All of the pieces nest nicely into the large box for space-efficient packing. My kids love using these sets for their Cub Scout mess kits. The Light My Fire kits are far better-looking than the typical mess kits.
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Love the color! I got the magenta and my husband got the lime. We used them for camping and the different sizes and shapes were great. They easily pack together and you can even put the lid on the biggest bowl while everything else is in in for easy transportation. My rubber holder broke, but I didn't need it so I don't think that docking stars is necessary. These are not too big so you can pack them for camping or backpacking, but give you enough space to hold all of the food you could need.The spork is really nice so you don't need more than one utensil ever.
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I like this. I work in an office environment but I really enjoy camping when I can get out and this is perfect for double duty. The rubber band is advisable but not strictly necessary; I haven't had any issues with the container leaking or anything. It will scar some on the inside if you microwave it and the temperature gets too high. Overall heavily built and will hold up to daily use and is lightweight and perfect for camping. The spork is pretty neat too.


I was a little worried after reading some reviews but these are great for camping out with. The spoon/knife/fork, not very good for cutting though, a little pointless having that (blunt) plastic knife edge on the fork part if you can not cut your sausage on the plate but apart from that we had enough plate/bowl for a meal. Very impressed. Clean up was easy and had fun putting it all back together, the knife-spork will only go one way back in. Recommended


I was very impressed with the build quality of the product. It is very light weight, easy to clean, and very useful when in the outdoors. It comes with a bowl, plate, spork, small container for miscellaneous items, a oval container and a band to hold it all together.Im not sure why there is a rubber band around it because without it it doesnt really open, unless your throwing the thing off a cliff.Improvements would be a more define measuring line


I bought these 5 years ago for my hubby to use for microwaving "just add water" meals at work. Since then we've used them for visiting toddler dishes, leftover storage, and still as lunch taking vessels. All pieces are still in working order. I like that the 3 dishes can be nested in the cabinet without their lids. The sizes work well for veggie sticks in the long one, dip in the small, and both inside the big one to prevent spills.


We went on a cub scout camp and I took my 3 year old daughter along. Of course, she had to have the pink set! I love how useful this set was. It was very easy to set everything up for her and nothing was flimsy or seemed prone to breaking. This set was kid tough and took multiple meals with any issues. We got so many comments about our mesh kits and it was nice not having the same kit everyone else in the group had!


This is the fourth set I've purchased. This one has different shaped inner boxes than the normal sets do since it is marketted towards a lunch crowd rather than the hiking crowd. It won't be the lightest mess kit, but combined with the hanging rig purchased separately, it makes a good one for the non ultralight crowd. I store my fire kit, spices and such within the empty containers when backpacking.


Nice set to take on car camping trips, good quality, durable and packs into a small area. I've used the smaller containers by themselves for trekking adventures when I have item to protect in my pack. I still use a rubber band to ensue the lids stay on but only because I am afraid of the consequences. The lids do seem to fit tight and I never had one open accidentally.
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