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I'd never even heard of this cookie company until i was cruising through amazon and spotted them. i must have been hungry and craving something sweet at the time. Anyway, I saw these Chocolate Mint cookies , studied the information provided and all the reviews and decided to give it a try. Now.. first off, apparently other flavors have two cookies per package... these are just one---one large cookie that contains 16 gms of protein, 10 gms of fiber and 28 gms of sugar. Sure wish that was the other way around with 28 protein and 16 sugar.--, Anyway, they probably wouldn't taste as good. They say one cookie is 2 servings. I opened the package last night and ate a little under 1/2. It satisfied me.I've had a little piece on & off throughout the day today and probably have just about 1/4 left. Maybe I'll have that after dinner tonight. They are a soft cookie with excellent flavor. They are very good. I even thought about buying another box while they have them because mint seems to disappear in most lines after the holidays. I decided still having 15 pkgs of cookies is plenty for now for someone who is suppose to be watching/limiting sugar intake. Don't forget these are vegan, non-gmo verified, and are dairy, soy & egg free. They're kosher--always a good selling point-- and contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. As far as sweets and cookies are concerned, these are pretty healthy compared to most that really don't have anything going for them other than feeding our sugar addiction. If, like me, you must from time to time, and like chocolate mint, these just might be the ones for you., I know I'll be reordering.
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Delicious and NutritiousI purchase Lenny & Larry Complete cookies on a regular basis. I always have some on hand at work & at home. I'm not super strict about my diet, but as an athlete your diet is important and it's hard to find food with plenty of protein that travels easily. Fruits and nuts are easy to carry around but when I started tracking my food I found I wasn't getting enough protein. These cookies help fill that gap and they are delicious. My favorite flavors are Double Chocolate Chip, Snickerdoodle, and Pumpkin Spice. My fiance's favorite is the Peanut Butter. I've only ever had an issue with the cookies one time when I found a small amount of mold on 1 cookie.I think the foil must not have been fully sealed bc all the other cookies in the box were fine, so I wasn't going to sweat 1 cookie. These cookies cut out a lot of unhealthy ingredients people are trying to avoid without sacrificing taste. I buy them on Amazon by the box bc (for most flavors) it's cheaper than buying them from GNC, etc. Definitely worth a try. I would suggest checking local stores tho. Some of the flavors on Amazon are abnormally expensive and might be cheaper elsewhere.
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Let me start out by saying that I'm a frequent user of Instagram. One day, I was swiping through Instagram and I saw this awesome looking ice cream sandwich posted on a health-related profile. I was like, "What the heck? How did they go from a picture of abs to an ice cream sandwich?" I did a quick investigation and essentially found out that you can fit cookies into your overall diet, granted, they're Lenny & Larry's cookies. Paired with Halo Top ice cream... Oh. My. Gosh. I've been having the best cheat days ever as a result of stumbling across these snacks. It's so much better than you think it would be. Seriously. The only pointer I have is to realize that a serving size is 1/2 of a cookie (which is around 200 calories).What I do is take a cookie, split it in half, make it an ice cream sandwich using Halo Top in the middle, and cut it in half. It's filling, nutritional, and doesn't use up all of your calories for the day that way. Definitely try it! These two products go together like peanut butter and jelly!
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We love these Complete Cookies. They are a great breakfast or snack on the go. As a busy family, each member has his/her favorite flavor that I keep stocked so they can grab one and run when they don't have time for a meal. The favorite flavors in my house are the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Birthday Cake.That said, we receive some boxes from Amazon that are super fresh and delicious. Others seem to be a bit stale. It doesn't 100% correlate to the date on the boxes, either, so we don't know if some are stored in better conditions than others but its always a bit of a gamble when we receive them (usually on Subscribe and Save) to see how good the box is.Otherwise, we know these aren't perfect nutritionally,but they are a lot better than a lot of other grab-and-go alternatives due to the high protein/low sugar. And they taste good, so I'm not having to fight with the family to take away the higher-carb alternatives.
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The cookies are so good! That is if you get a fresh batch. I have ordered these several times. One order, the cookies were somewhat hard and a little stale. The next order, the cookies were all soft and moist and tasted much fresher. As a vegan, I appreciate being able to find a relatively healthy protein snack that also tastes yummy. However, beware the nutritional information on the cookie is only for half a cookie. I admit I rarely ever eat only half of these cookies. My kids love them too, and with 16g of protein per cookie, it's a pretty good quick snack for them, or for me! It can be hard to find vegan baked goods that actually taste good. I have tried this flavor as well as a few others.The peanut butter is my favorite so far. I have not seen these available in any brick and morter stores, so I will continue to order them from Amazon for now. I highly recommend these to vegans and non-vegans alike!
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I have been buying these cookies for years from my local health food store. I had to stop because they now carry a completely different L&L cookie, which has far less protein in it. These cookies are packed with vegan protein and are a great option for those of us who can't do dairy. I like all the flavors, but PB, lemon poppyseed, and pumpkin are my favorites. Yes, this cookie is huge and meant to be 2 servings, but it's not a problem at all. I just immediately break the cookie into 2 pieces when I open the package and put in separate ziploc bags. Then I just grab a bag with the half cookie when I run errands and need a quick pick-me-up. Half of one of these cookies is very filling!Other reviews talked about the cookies being underbaked. Yes, they are very soft cookies and may seem underbaked, but for me it makes me feel like I'm eating a very indulgent and decadent cookie (I prefer soft cookies).
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If you are a vegan you will love these cookies. If you aren’t vegan don’t expect these cookies to taste like your Oreos or Chips Ahoy or anything else. So for those folks giving this item a poor review because they have never eaten anything vegan, well, ok.I count my macros day in day out and one macro that can spike greatly if I’m not careful is carbs. I am very strict with what I eat and rarely, if ever snack. This items allows me to snack now and then, but only when I have room in my carb macros section.Moreover, it can be tough getting all of my protein in daily being a vegan. So to get 8 grams of protein in one cookie says a lot. Speaking of. One cookies is two servings.I’m not sure who could unwrap this item and only eat half. It’s that good!Give it a shot. I love this cookie though I may only eat one cookie once, maybe twice a day. But a treat here it there? Yah, that’s the ticket.
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Delicious “quick meal” cookie for a certified cookie monster. First encountered these at a PUBLIX and they are starting to show up in places like Whole Foods and other Good Food grocery stores, but they sell out quickly. I love cookies as my favorite sweet, but will not buy an entire box of anything: I’m too undisciplined. But these, though a bit pricey, offer a lot of goodness, are packaged individually, and come with less guilt. Check their website for their backstory. They are not TOO sweet, no artificial sweetness taste, and just seem authentically healthier and more satisfying. I’m not a big chocolate fan so the Snickerdoodle and the Peanut Butter are my favorites,but I’d suggest trying one each of the flavors that interest you (purchased from PUBLIX or wherever)and then use Amazon. As I said, they can sell out quickly in stores, so I’m glad to be able to go to Amazon for a whole box.
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I am not a sweet eater but both my husband & daughter are and they eat all of the Lenny & Larry cookies in place of snacks for extra protein. Both of them seem to love them & they go through about 2 to 4 boxes a month. I personally have not found a protein bar that I like the taste of. These cookies on the other hand just taste like normal packaged soft cookies to me. They are non Dairy Vegan cookies which is a bonus as well.Each cookie is two servings but they are large cookies and are about 5" across.I rated them a 4 on here because the first time we were introduced to them we purchased from a spa that ordered them directly from the Lenny & Larry website.These were much fresher than the ones purchased on Amazon (and other external website that sells them even cheaper).Yes this is the same review from other Cookies but I have only rated cookies we have purchased & tried.
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I think I'm addicted to these things. The first time I had one was about a year ago. I stopped in a vitamin store to pick up some supplements and they had these things sitting on the counter. I was starving because I hadn't eaten lunch that day so I decided to pick one up to hold me over. My wife has been a vegan for about 4 years, I'm not but I've had several vegan and vegetarian foods so I know what's good and not good. You honestly can't tell these are vegan at all. I literally order a box each month and I eat them as a snack during the day or as dessert after dinner. They have so many different flavors and I've tried about 10 of them so far. your basic chocolate chip, peanut butter,and lemon poppy seed are my favorites so far. I would highly recommend these to everyone as one of the best cookies around.
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In terms of contents they're certainly not the best but for the taste, the pure delectability, the insatiable urge to ravage something that has a defined, filling and gratifying taste then these are most certainly adequate.In terms of price they're rather expensive, in terms of flavour they more than suffice, the texture in combination with the gleeful, pleasing sensation they generate pleases all the senses.It's unquestionable that I'd recommend them; but be warned as filling as they are their taste negates the hope of assisting one in consuming less calories.Price 3/5 - £1.99 per CookieTaste - 5/5 (This goes hand in hand with the texture with makes and finalises the finesse of the product)Nutrition- 4/5 (Primarily due to the dietary finer that gives the sensation of being full).
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BEAUTIFUL and BIG soft oatmeal cookies but be aware - one whole cookie packs 360 calories but has 10g fiber and 19g protein. Flavor is excellent and cookie is chewy but leaning towards dry rather than moist. A good cookie for dunking in milk or coffee but difficult to swallow without liquid. NOTE: In our household, two of us have experienced EXTREME - (pardon the vulgarities) FLATULENCE after eating these; flatulence of epic, ozone-layer depleting flatulence.The Apple Pie version is even tastier and MUCH softer than the oatmeal - again, however, unless you're going on a date to a frat party, a motocross event or with someone who finds bodily functions hilarious - BEWARE of the FLATULENCE.That being said - yes,we love them - we're trying to figure out how to deal with the wind issues.
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I bought one of these upon recommendation of someone I work with. It's pretty good and works as a meal replacement in a pinch. I don't really care about the whole vegan aspect of it but I guess that is a selling point to some. My personal favorite is the double chocolate cookie but the snickerdoodle is pretty good as well. Pairs well with a cup of coffee. I have not experienced a moldy cookie like so many here have posted but maybe I just haven't had enough of a sample size. However, there is one problem I have with these cookies and it is that they make me gassy. Quite gassy. Probably doesn't happen to everyone but I don't know what is causing that. So, I don't order it quite as often as I have been.I don't have that problem with the MetRX Collosal 100 series meal replacement bars.
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I've seen a lot of complaints about how many calories these cookies contain. While perhaps a reasonable contention, I think it's important to recognize that these cookies are intended to serve as a meal replacement. People eating these should probably be pairing their consumption with regular exercise so as not to have to worry about the calorie intake.I've also seen a number of people saying the cookies have come hard or moldy, and displaying proof. While also a fair concern, I think those cases are likely few and far between, and also that they are still delicious even when they're not soft.The cookies are delicious. They're actually kind of good for you.Indeed they wouldn't be able to sell for this price even they weren't worth it, and they are.
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I was very excited to have an alternative to my usual morning dose of protein. Instead of a handful of almonds or a low sugar protein bar, a cookie sounded like sheer heaven. I should have known that if it sounded too good to be true, it probably wasn't. The cookie is dense and very filling. My problem is with the 400 calories per cookie. I break the cookie into quarters and make it last 4 days. That seems to solve the calorie overload but, by doing that I feel I've compromised the amount of protein I was looking for. If calories were no issue, I would enjoy it immensely with my morning coffee. As it stands I will go back to my boring routine and not be enticed by the allure of a 'healthy'cookie. Sorry Lenny and Larry.
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