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I'll going to simply put that it keeps the liquid you put in it cooler. I don't know why but it just does. Maybe that's why the army uses Canteen's for their daily use in the field. I used it while on my juice fast because, I would using a cup a lot and I didn't would one that would stain easily and was hard to wash. This was a win/win for me and it looks nice too. Last but not least DON'T leave it out of your sight at work or school or people will steal it. I'm not bitter but if they would of just asked... Just glad I bought a spare and never took it out the house.


Bought one for backpacking and my expectations were exceeded. Strong and light, this pint cup is great for having a beer out in nature. Just rinse it out after you're done and it'll be good-to-go for the next drink. Didn't retain residue easily and it's much stronger than I expected, given it's weight. While I was disappointed that it wasn't manufactured in the USA, it's still a very decent hiking/camping cup that I don't need to worry about crushing, dropping or throwing away when I'm done having fun.


This is my toothbrush cup and comparing it to previous plastic toothbrush cups, this one is the best! It doesn't get dirty or smelly as fast as plastic toothbrush cup would. I can also easily clean it up and use it for other purposes than a toothbrush cup. So it's a win-win for me to switch to this 16 ounce stainless steel pint cup! :)


My husband is thoroughly enjoying drinking his winter ale out of this pint, though a pint of ale doesn't actually all fit in it. Makes me wonder whose measurements are off; is Klean Kanteen's pint smaller than a pint, or is Samuel Smith's pint larger than a pint?


I love klean kanteen products! I was looking for cups that were not plastic, yet durable for my children. These cups (although a little pricey) are perfect. They wash well and hold up with daily falls off our kitchen table.


I love Klean Kanteen products. They are good to keep hot beverages hot and cold beverages cold. Most are double walled stainless and do not sweat however, this cup does sweat. So I am guessing it is a single wall instead.


Awesome. The ice cream shop put my ice cream in the steel pint so I could reduse waste. Don't be scared to ask. You're the customer. They want your money. They will put it in your hand as long as you're paying.


Brilliant quality - I reckon you could knock a door in with one of these! Really nice to drink out of, especially cider and mojito (not together!). Brought for friends as presents, and they all like them


Good object, it does exactly what it "says" on the tin. And the nose fits in, too - unlike in the Klean Kanteen bottle. Too bad 473 isn't a prime, though. Anyway, hope it will stand the test of time.


Bought 3 of these to put in my camp kitchen. They are the best cups I've ever bought. Friend of mine gave me one for a festival he attended and I was hooked. Ordered mine that night.


I use it to warm up milk on a 'bain-marie' by placing the cup with milk inside a plastic jug with hot water. I give it four stars because think it is a bit expensive.


My only complaint is that the cup came with a sticker at the bottom that is impossible to remove cleaning. Months later, and the bottom is still sticky.


These are pretty cool. We had them laser etched and they are a great souvenir idea. Paired with a normal can coozie, they keep drinks crazy cold.


It's a stainless steel tumbler it's good quality but remember it's a US pint not UK so you're only getting about 80% of a proper imperial pint.


So glad I got this 16 oz stainless steel cup for my man for Christmas. He loves it & now he can stop drinking out of my metal measuring cups :)
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