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Feel exactly the same as what my Power blades did, in fact they are 99.9% the same. Apparently other than the aloe vera strip not having one of the added oils, and a slightly different coating to the blades(have to take their word for it) there is zero other difference between these Gillette Fusion and the Gilette Fusion Power blades except a £4 price charge.Here is a copied and pasted response i found on a shaving forum of a guy who wrote to Gillette asking exactly what was the difference.'The differences between the Power and Manual Fusion Cartridges are subtle but there are differences. The Power Fusion Cartridges have aloe, vitamin E and natural oils in the lubrastrip while the Manual Cartridges have just aloe and vitamin E.There is also a slightly different coating on the blade of the Power Cartridges. That coating was designed to work with the vibration of the razor. I hope this answers your questions.'
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Everyone knows that razor blades are over-priced - but we've also all tried the cheaper ones and realise that nothing ever quite compares to the big name brands! Well this is probably the cheapest way to get the branded blades, especially if you order them on Subscribe & Save. The frustration-free packaging is a genius idea, none of that plastic that doesn't rip easily and even when you hack it with scissors still stubbornly refuses to release its contents to you. These are delivered in a simple cardboard package which opens easily and the blades sit securely in a recessed cut-out and are easy to remove. There's no doubting the quality of the blades themselves - you know the tag line!The best a man can get! But what makes these ones stand out is the price and the buying experience which is, by far, the best way to purchase these blades.
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Gillette Fusion Razors are my favourite to use. I find I can get a good few weeks of shaving from each set of blades and my shaves feel far smoother and cleaner as compared to those I've had with other products. It's a shame that they keep getting more expensive with time, but seeing as they're the best that I've used, I will continue to use them.The back of the blades also has a single blade which is meant to be good for more precision, although I've never found a need to use it.They easily clip into the razor and adjust angle automatically for your face.If you're looking for a great shave, this is the product for you.


Keep on trying different manufacturer razor solutions, and (unfortunately) I can't find anything better than the Fusion range of blades.These original Fusion blades miss the new lubrication options of the ProGlide range, but then you pay much less as a result. I'd say it's a fair compromise unless your skin is extremely sensitive.By most measures they are over-priced and poor value, but they do get the job done. Best advice? Order on Subscribe & Save, and ideally, do so when Amazon has one of their regular voucher offers in place.


I am not sure any modern shaving blade justifies the current price you need to pay? Certainly, it offers a close shave, and thus far without any unpleasant nicks to the skin, but over the years the trend has been for shaver blades to steadily rise in price to the crazy modern price. They are certainly cheaper on Amazon than elsewhere, but even here the price is inflated compared with what you used to pay ten years ago and are they any more smoother, or sharper? They claim to be but I remain unconvinced.


Crazy packaging. Came in a Gillette branded gift box that was far too big. The box is designed to get you to join some sort of Gillette club...I actually just wanted some new razor blades. Come on guys we are trying to save the planet! I always think Gillette overdo the packaging...it surprises me coz I bet the packaging designer is much younger than me and will have to bear the blunt of the pollution for the rest of their lives! I think I will look for a more environmentally sensitive product.


I always use fusion blades. I shave my face and head (and other bits occasionally!) with them. . .These are okay. They look absolutely no different from store bought. I've looked at them with a jewellers eyepiece and there's no faults - irregularities or variations from the usual blades.I've used them a few times now and the shaves were good. Smooth with no dragging or cuts. Blades cleaned up okay and lasted for several shaves.Definitely buy again!


Good blades but for some reason Amazon or Gillette seem to see a need to put them in so called "frustration free packaging" that greatly increases the size of the overall package to several times that of any you would buy in a shop. Very wasteful and it meant that the package didn't for through my letterbox.Whoever finds regular razor blade packaging *that* frustrating or difficult probably shouldn't be trusted with a razor blade at all.


Having used these blades for a few years now I decided to see if I could purchase them online cheaper than what I normally pay at a major supermarket. As there appear to be fake copies about I thought I would try these knowing that I would immediately know if they were fake or not as I know exactly what they should feel like and how close they should shave. Well they are the genuine article and I will never pay supermarket prices again.


I have used Gillette Fusion blades for a long time and this was the best price available. There was nothing to fault with the delivery or the quality of the blades. The only thing to point out is that the delivered product does not look anything like the photo. It looks like someone manually packed the cartridges along with a branded Gillette paper strip.


So sharp that you could easily slice your face off! But then the little strip of lotion and potion aid you in not doing so leaving you with a nice clean shave. Each blade has given me around 7 shaves before they start to noticeably dull, so not too bad overall. Blades also stay fairly clog free which use to be a gripe with other multi blade razors.


Gillette. I went to some other razors for 2 years to see if anyone could compare. My face is so happy my experiments are over. These stay sharp and clear hair even when often shaving a partial beard. I shave every third day and sometimes after a week. These take the abuse without abusing my face. So smooth and no cuts even when I'm not careful.


Clean hygienic blades, they cut beard hair effectively just don't press too hard or the multiple blades will give you possibly the worst razor burn possible.I have used them for several months now and am really happy, they do cause some razor burn on my particularly sensitive skin, but they are great value from amazon subscription service


I ordered from amazon. It was delivered in nice packing..I am on my first blade at the moment which seems fine in terms of shaving experience and after the shave. The blades are smooth and consitent with each other giving smoother shave.I am only on my first blade. I will update the comments if anything changes in the subseqyent blades.


the ones I received were in the cardboard box. They do not seem any different to any other fusion blade I have purchased from retail stores. Each blade lasts me more than a month (I purchased in October, it's now December and i'm on the second blade).Good for the price although it pays to keep a lookout for deals on these.
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