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I bought this to take with me to watch the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. I had a general admission ticket, so I could move around the track and sit on the embankments. The reasons I bought this was that it was lightweight and would be resistant to water. I also suffer with back pain, so support was a big factor. It has handles to carry it but I used a carabiner to attach it to my rucksack.The pros : It's very lightweight - I didn't notice it on my rucksack until I got a gust of wind, and it hit the back of my head! *It's good against the British weather - My bum stayed dry! *Adjustable straps - These can take a little while to find the sweet spot, but as it uses your weight to keep you supported,you soon notice the difference with your posture when you get it right. Also to note, the stitching on mine looked good, so I can't see this falling apart in a hurry,The cons : Well there's only one downside really, and that I wouldn't use it for camping with. The foam is good for a day trip of getting up, moving about, sitting for a couple of hours or so and up you go again. But I can't see this being a replacement for a decent folding chair. If you take a cushion as well, that may help.
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I love the little chair and many of my friends got one, too (all happy customers :-)).It's a great way to sit comfortably during a picnic, on the beach or even just on a seat with no back support.The item is very well made (the overall material + the seams, very nice blue colour) and value for money. It is very light and can be carried like a hand bag or might fit into a big beach/picnic bag. The little side bag is very useful and the straps between seat and back rest keep in place or can easily be readjusted whilst being seated if needed.There isn't really an advise on the max weight or body size/height restrictions and I went by reading other people's comments + had the opportunity to actually try one of my friend's chairs before I purchased the item.I (female)am 1,76m tall and weigh around 75kg and I feel very safe in it, but I'm not too sure how much more weight the chair could handle well for a longer amount of time.While I did not have reason to contact the supplier (item arrived in perfect condition and quickly), I was happy to be contacted by them directly as they were keen to make sure that everything was ok and I was happy with the purchase.
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Great for the price, it (almost) survived Glastonbury Festival in 2016 which was one of the muddiest on record. Without this to sit on my festival would have been a rather unhappy one. It took A LOT of rough usage, was walked on and sat on in the porch of our tent providing much needed warmth. The seat was easy to use and very lightweight. The straps were easy to tighten and lay flat. The material kept out the mud and water to a very successful extent and never seeped through to the seat of the pad, it was wipe-able too. Unfortunately the material rods of mine did break through the top on our 5th day of rough-handling so it almost made it, product is useless once the material on top of the pad has worn through.I guess if you didn't over-tighten it as much as I did it may last longer, should really have used muscles more to sit up than rely on it as everything has its limits. For £13 or so this was a fantastic buy and having looked at alternatives (which all seem twice the weight) I probably will buy again for this years festival, perhaps putting a few extra stitches in the top to guard the rods!!
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Bought two of these as my wife and I were due to attend an open air performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream near Salisbury Cathedral and the ticket info said that we needed picnic blankets or 'low' seating. Great success! Very comfortable, easy to adjust and lightweight to carry. The mesh pocket mean that we could also carry other stuff without needing a separate bag. Having these seats also meant that we were allowed to sit in front of those who had brought conventional picnic chairs without getting in their way. Very comfortable even sitting on quite hard, uneven ground - although we will probably treat ourselves to padded cushions to pop inside these seats to provide that bit more comfort.Unlike other reviewers, we had no problem adjusting the straps to achieve a comfortable seating position and found the seats to be very sturdy and supportive - even with my bad back!
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I love going to festivals & outdoor concerts, but the biggest problem for me is the lack of back support when sitting on the grass for long stretches. This seat back is light but strong, and offers just enough support to take the strain off my back. It's also waterproof, in case the grass is a bit damp.I've discovered that if I fold it in half again along the backrest & seat, it fits into my backpack, so I only have to carry one item around! Of course, it's not as comfortable as a folding chair, but it does have the advantage of being allowed in areas where a folding chair wouldn't be (I'm guessing this is to avoid obstructing other people's view).The backrest is adjusted via a couple of straps,and these hold well & didn't slip during use. It also has a convenient netting pocket in the backrest for storage of reading material etc. A great product at a good price!
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Great for when you have to go somewhere where there's only a bench or you have to sit on the ground. Good back support if you have back problems like me, but you have to make sure your bottom is all the way back as far as it can go against the seat, having adjusted the straps to the right level for you. Useful as a cushion too if where you have to sit is uncomfortable wood or plastic! Lighter and much less bulky than the black Trekmates camping seat (I have both), so it's really easy to carry around especially with the handles, and it takes up less space if you're squeezed up against lots of other people on the same bench, but obviously not as smart as black. Thinner padding than the Trekmates but it feels softer.This would be my favourite if only it had been available in smart, less obtrusive, black.
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This seat is so lightweight that you won't know it's there when carrying. Without any attachments or ties, I slide it between my back and my rucksack and it fits in there snugly and safely.I was truthfully a bit apprehensive about buying this as i couldn't imagine it working that well but i was really pleasantly surprised at how well this actually works. You can try to adjust it and then sit on it but I find it easier to gently sit down on it. Get in a semi comfortable position, and then adjust the straps until they are quite taught. Like me you'll be really surprised how well this supports your back. Anytime you're out walking or hiking and there's no seat in sight, you've got a handy dandy little guy on your back.Be sensible and treat this with care and gentleness and I'm sure it'll last for ages.
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Bought these for going to a festival and they worked well. I had to 'learn' the best way of sitting in them for me, but once I had worked it out they were comfortable. OK not as comfortable as a decent camping chair but still good. They are very light. Used a clip I had to clip them on to my backpack and barely knew they were there. They saved the back ache you get when sitting on the ground for a long time. You do have to remember they are lightweight items and treat them carefully; don't just collapse into them or over-stress them. I needed to occasionally tighten the straps when sitting in them. When I was on a bit of a slope I found tightening the downhill strap helped.They lasted the three days well and I expect them to continue working for sometime yet, and I am reasonably heavy.
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I bought this sit mat as I am having to work at home at the moment and my chair is quite hard so I sometimes perch on the edge of my bed with my desk in front of me. However this was hurting my back as there was no support. This sit mat has been quite valuable as it seems quite sturdy and supports my back for the time that I am working in my room. It's not suitable in my view, for sitting for long periods of time as it does start to feel uncomfortable after a while. The straps also slacken from time to time, so you have to tighten them.I gave this 5 stars overall as it is so useful and I can see myself having a lots of use of this sit mat, for picnics, walking and festivals in the future.In the meantime, it's saving my back, so worth every penny!
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The seat did what I initially bought it for. Support for my back when having to sit on the ground at festivals/beach/picnics etc. Quite sturdily made and being very lightweight, was easy to carry.With the bit of padding in the seat and material used it also kept the dampness from the ground at bay. All in all was very pleased with the product. Will have a permanent place in my car boot ready for immediate use as and when. I would definitely recommend getting one of these for comfort if one has a dodgy back, as it made such a difference.The only drawback is that I don't think it would be satisfactory for anyone larger than a size 16 as the area to sit on is really only the size of a cushion.


I bought this not expecting too much considering how inexpensive it is. However I am pleasantly surprised. I am currently on Hampstead Heath and this chair is a game changer. The comfort and support is amazing when you have to sit on the ground in the park for extended periods. Two friends of mine have already a chair for themselves. I’m going to order another one for my partner. Cannot recommend this product enough. I keep tightening and loosening the straps to change posture slightly from time to time. This is definitely worth while getting considering we are probably going to be spending most of the summer in the parks around London rather than the pubs.


I got it because last year I spent the whole worship week sitting uncomfortably on the floor. We spend great part of the morning and 3 hours in the evening sitting and listening to talks. Most youth brought pillows but I thought this chair would give more support. It was indeed a great buy and I only managed to use it 2 times because my friend with real back problems found this so comfortable that she would never let me use it. Another friend who is quite overweight said she was skeptical because she claimed it would break under heavy weight, but it was really resistant despite us being heavily overweight.. Definitely recommend for long seating times!


Used them for the first time at a folk festival and it was amusing to see loads of other people who'd obviously had the same idea and purchased the exact same blue seat... which made us alert to picking up the right ones when we left the venue! Very lightweight and portable, but we found them pretty sturdy and durable too. Sure, after an hour or so the lack of padding in the seat meant it felt like sitting on the ground, but the back support was great.A real plus was that as well as the standard folding in half, I could also kind of roll mine up so it would fit in my rucksack.We were really pleased with them and will definitely be using them again.


I bought two of these to take to the Proms in the Park this year, as I thought there was no way I could sit for around 7 hours without some back support. These were great! Very lightweight, yet offered really good support. My only very small complaint was that the carry straps were not suitable for carrying over the shoulder, which would have been so much better, then you would have hands free for other items.Hence why I dropped one star from the rating. I did think of folding them in half to fit inside my rucksack but was worried this might damage them so didn't bother. Otherwise, definitely worth buying for festivals, concerts, camping, beach, etc.


I purchased two of these seats after seeing a similar one from a sports shop that my son had bought some time back. My parents both commented on it and borrowed it to take to football match they were impressed. I found this one here at better prices and was not disappointed, gave to parents (in their 60's) who are season ticket holders for football to make their seats more comfy. They are warm and cushioned so very happy customers. Quick delivery. I can't comment on them as a 'stand alone seat' as not used for this purpose although tried out and seem pretty sturdy . I am sure they would be of great help at festivals/picnics etc.
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