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I have given this item 4 stars although we have yet to use it "in anger" having only erected it indoors. We bought it to use in the awning of our caravan whilst pitched long term on camp sites. The unit appears quite well made, although the joints and supports are very light weight. As we will only erect and dissmantle infrequently we are hoping they will last a while. We have noted other comments about the work surfaces and will cover them before use, thanks for the heads up. The unit erects easily but be warned there are no instructions so make a careful (mental) note of how it will go back in it's case. A friend has a similar unit and has made some wedges to over come the problem of uneven ground,adjustable legs would be better but with the price paid it is understandable why they aren't. The lack of windshield is no problem as we will be using an electric hotplate. For the price we think the unit is good value for money, well designed and was delivered on time. The only thing preventing a 5 star report is the lack of instructions. If it falls apart after a couple of months use I'll be back to amend this report!
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In short, this is a good buy, especially for the price, however their are some (very small) niggles.I bought this to use for general cooking, eating and utilities while camping. I am not a camper but some of the kayak fishing events I attends requite me to camp, usually when the weather is bad, what else would you expect from june! I didn't think I needed any sort of table until I didn't have one, so I got this.Good points:-Once you know how it goes up, its easy.-It can withstand the rain, sat out in it for 12 hours, looks slightly warped from the top but thats only cosmetic.Bad points-Did not come with insurrections which was frustrating-does not feel 100% solid and the plug things keep fallingoutHope this helps
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I bought this to go camping this summer so the 'field kitchen' hasn't been camp tested for two weeks, just in the garden. But it arrived speedily and complete. It is easy to put up - the only bit that's fiddly is the fabric cupboard which is on key-ring type hooks/rings) but it is pretty sturdy and plenty big enough for our needs. It is a good deal heavier than our other cupboard though, which was a surprise.I read the reviews about the cheap surface so I have just covered mine with sticky back plastic. I now have a 'bespoke' Kampa Kitchen! I thought about taking off a star but it is amazingly good value and thanks to other Amazon reviewers I knew about the surfaces issue in advance.


Ignore the muppet who gave it one star because it doesn't have windshield like the picture. The windshield is part of the cooker. It also doesn't come with the tomatoes, bottle of olive oil and tin of beans in the picture. The top and the shelves are a bit flimsy. You can overcome the problem of it not being level by not putting it on sloping ground. In summary - what do you expect? Use it sensibly and expect a reasonable product. It's just fine for a few days camping but not if you want to butcher half a pig at the top of the Matterhorn. I would have given it 5 stars but it doesn't come with a champagne fountain or a jaccuzi, and the worktops are not made of marble. I recommend it.


We've added to our camping storage each year, it's not until you start camping for longer periods do you realise how much you miss your work tops and cupboards. We've got this and some smaller collapsible cupboards from last year. This was a great addition. If you've got electrical hook-up, gives you a great place for electic kettle/microwave. Or for non electrical, a nice place to put and prepare your food. Bit fiddly to put up the first time, but it gets easier, plus it packs down tiny for the size of it. Has 2 week camping trip with no issues, don't see why it won't last at least another 3 or 4!


I am a keen camper, but with a bad back. This product is perfect! No more bending down to use the camp stove! It also has enough room to be used as a prep surface. I kept all the utensils and food in the cupboard & on the shelves. And it kept our table free for eating. My husb always moans I don't pack light, but even he was impressed with this. It folds away nicely into its carry case and isn't heavy to carry. The only downside I can see is that the shelf in the cupboard is flimsy and may have to be replaced with a piece of hardboard eventually.


I ordered this following the good reviews for it on this site. One in particular made me laugh alot as some of the negative feedback was highly critical.This is well made, you get a lovely little camp kitchen, you can but the optional windshield. I used my George Foreman (reviewed also today) on the top of this, microwave next to it (we have a hook up) and cooked up a storm.I am sometimes not sure what people want for their money, this ticked our boxes.


I bought this based on value for money and have yet to see it beaten on price. Overall, it has all of the features I wanted - a worktop, separate area for the stove, shelving and canvas storage area that can be zipped closed to keep flies and bugs out. Build quality is satisfactory and typical of what to expect; I wouldn't recommend it to a scout troop or similar, but for family use it should be fine. Prompt delivery.


We had a steel taller camp kitchen, but was unsteady on uneven ground. We purchased this kampa kitchen and used it for 2 weeks camping. It was well worth the investment. We wish we had purchaed one of these years ago. It is sturdy, steady and really useful. The zip up larder, keeps out the bugs and flies. ( ie somewhere to keep bread etc). It folds up small in to a cotton bag. Would recommend this to anyone.


I went Glamping to our church camp and bought this. Wow. Great product. Set up intuitively and very fast. Really needed it too. We had rabbits in the camp and saw a wolf but the zip up storage area was fine. I was concerned it would be a nightmare to put in the bag but I did it in 3 minutes. REally recommend it. Oh, don't try to move it after it is set up as it starts collapsing.


we brought this for it's convience and the price was right. we tried it out straight way and it was just like the picture ( the bin was smaller than shown ). the only thing we have to grumble about is that we didn't get the free wind shield as it says you can when orderd,because we got this from amazon and not the company, so it's cost us another £8 to get one.


This is great. Sturdy construction and folds up really well to fit into the carry bag. I bought the windshield with this and it fits snugly into the holes provided on the top of the largest surface. It feels really well made and sturdy and also looks good. It is heavier than I expected but it's not really an issue. Great product!


This camping kitchen is an excellent piece of kit. We used it for the first time for a long weekend camping recently and found that it was easy to put together, kept our food dry and bug-free, was the right height and gave a good space for our 2 burner gas stove plus a space to prepare food. I would recommend this product.


The field kitchen is sturdy and great value for money compared to any similar products I have seen. It opens out in just a few simple motions and folds down just as easily. Ideal for camping as it stores food away from any creepy crawlies! It comes with a handy carrying case and I would recommend this product to anyone.


Love love love my new camping kitchen and such a bargain. I'd seen this in my local camping shop, just to check for sturdiness, size and look. I couldn't be happier with it! Erected and dismantled easily and comes with a bag. Would recommend to anyone looking for a new camping kitchen
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