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As the Jetboil is tall I have nearly kicked it over several times and is very unstable on uneven ground.I wrongly bought a cheap stand that would not fit into the Jetboil so I kept having to go hunting for it in my rucksack. After a few months of getting annoyed I decided to treat myself and bought this one.Fits with the pot stand, small fuel can and burner into the Jetboil cup, so you have your stove and pot all together.Don't see the logic of saving a few £ when you have a good quality stove,you may as well have a good quality Stabilizer as well. With the added bonus that they fit inside perfectly (unlike the cheaper makes)
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Excellence and necessary piece of equipment for your jetboil. Recently went on 30 mile backpacking trip with my buddies, used jetboil multiple times daily and was really nice to have the stability for my stove. As a note this product came with my jetboil when I purchased it but some how misplaced it. Glad to have the ability to buy a replacement at a reasonable cost.


These are must-have accessories for any campstove. After dumping an entire pot of water into the sand in Canyonlands NP, a place entirely devoid of drinking water in many backcountry areas, I found this. It works like a charm on any fuel canister, on any stove. It weighs less than a toothbrush, and it's something that will stay in my cook kit forever.


Used once since I purchased it.Perfect size not only to pack away inside the jetboil but to give some stability when boiling water orcooking food.It's foldable and lightweight. The orange colour made it easier to locate it when packing up.This certainly goes a long way to reducing boiling water spills. Recommended


Fits great with most fuel cannisters for the jetboil and the firemaple, which is the off brand jetboil. I was glad I made this purchase as it offered stability in wind which is crucial with open flames around campsites. It was easy to take on and off and folds up pretty small making it easy to pack and carry.


Fantastic item ,but there's a knack of putting it on which is easy once you've mastered it,but I see there's a lot of buyers struggled with it and decided to bend parts with pliers. I nearly did the same. But it's a great item and converts my jet boil to a mini cooker ?


Great item! The design makes it easy to carry in pots besides the JetBoil. It's a great accessory for a backup stove. My only regret is that I didn't see it at my local Sportsman's Warehouse sooner — for $2.00 less! Still, I'm very happy with it.


Haven't used it yet. It will add stability to the assembly as it will be top heavy with a pan on top. Though made of plastic, it seems to be strong enough to support the cooking system. Nice and light too. I am pleased with this purchase.


This is great for when you backpacking and need your fuel to be stable since i use a Pocket Rocket for boiling water while on the trail, lots of times I'm on granite and can't dig a little hole for my fuel to keep it from toppling over.


Does it’s intended job. Keeps the jet boil upright and depending on your model of boil, fits and stores inside which is nice for traveling. I use it for coffee when I’m out bass fishing, keeps the jet boil planted while on the water.
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