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I don't know about you, but I camp with my girls, and when they say they are "getting a little bit hungry," that's code for "You had better put something warm in my belly in twenty nanoseconds or there's going to be hell to pay."Knowing that the slightest hunger pangs constitute a five-alarm emergency, I could not be more pleased with my Jetboil MiniMo. I had an older style unit made by a different brand before buying this unit. It was one of those where you use a match to light a little cube. That unit was itself a big improvement over what we had decades ago, but if the weather stinks those kind of units are hard to light, depending on weather and altitude they take forever to boil if they will boil the quantity you want at all,the little cubes sometimes make a little mess wherever they burn, and the residue turns sticky if it rains. Long story short, with my old unit, I spent half my time trying to prepare the meal, and the other half watching my back to make sure I didn't get shived.I cannot describe to you how much better the Jetboil MiniMo is compared to my old unit. Push a button and it ignites (even in high winds), control the flow at your leisure, and whatever you do, don't blink - the darn thing boils water so fast you won't believe it. It's really, really awesome, and the girls are always happy.A couple of quick notes - Although the title says "Mini," if you mostly or entirely live off typical freeze dried food packs you may find this unit to be a little bigger than you need. And a note for the product development team - it would be nice if there were more than two indents to indicate volumes on the cooking container. Ideally, you could estimate to the quarter cup or so and equivalent liters. In a perfect world, you would be able to measure in the dark. That's really my only critical feedback.
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I purchased the stove last week, and have prepared a couple of camp meals on it thus far. This review is my 1st impressions of the stove.The Good:I love the fact that you can control the heat from simmer to a violent rolling boil. It boils water very quickly (2 min, 20 seconds for 2 cups of cool water out of the tap.) I used the simmer feature to cook some Ramen noodles It worked fairly well...not perfect, but good enough. Being able to control the temperature/boil of a compact stove is new for me as the last stove I purchased was almost 30 years ago. The wide mouth cup/pot was perfect for stirring during preparation and eating from when the meal was ready to eat.I saw other reviews where the Pezio lighter did not function....the Pezio ignition/lighter works perfectly on my stove.The Bad:I know it will drive me crazy, but hopefully I can get used to the fact that the gas control lever operates counter-intuitively. You have to turn it to the left to open the gas jets, and to the right to shut it off. (Exactly the opposite of what we would normally expect.) Why would Jetboil do something like that??? (I have no idea.) I made the mistake of purchasing the larger can of fuel since it was only $1.00 more than the smaller can. I didn't consider that the larger fuel can would have to be packed separately as the fuel and the guts of the stove do not both fit in the cup. I will only purchase the small canisters from here on out so that I can fit it all together when packing it up.Overall, my 1st impressions are positive. My hope is that it will continue to serve me well over at least a decade (hopefully more).
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I want to start off by saying that I really love this product. It's called Jetboil for a reason and it boils water FAST even in cool weather. It does seem durable and I enjoy that it mostly is self contained and packs up nicely. I have two issues it: Cleaning and lighting. Because there is no easy on/easy off for the cover, it is not something you can throw into a pot of sudsy water and wash off. I know that you can take the cover on and off, but it's not without some effort. I wish that was easier. As for the lighting, the built in lighter function is nice but not always the most effective. I would ultimately prefer a match to give my fingers some distance from the flame.I love the wide mouth on this pot though and it makes it really easy to scoop everything out. I can tell that both the orange cover and the gray bottom bowl/cover will have a limited life. They are made of a relatively flimsy plastic and will need some babying. Overall, I feel like the main pot and burner will last me years to come!
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Definitely a good buy. I did a test boil at around 1000’ without foil surrounding the burner (I’d suggest doing so to allow less heat to escape) and it boiled a full container in approximately 2 minutes and 20 seconds. The product overall seems very well made. The handle on the “cup like” part of the Jetboil is collapsible, and still sturdy when you fold it out. I was originally worried about the sleeve on the outside (mine was sunset themed) getting wet and staying wet, but that was not a problem. It dried really quickly. It sparked immediately and lit the flame easily. I bought a 220g fuel container. The 100g container is supposed to fit inside the cup with the regulator, but I have yet to try that.There is some dual functionality with the lid and cover for the bottom that allow the cover to become a bowl with a lid, and inside that lid you can house the fuel container stand.
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Plenty of reviews for this stove already, but I'll add another 5-star rating. I've camped and backpacked for years w/o ever having a gas stove. Decided I was done with boiling water over the fire. Bought this stove because it has several nice features that some of the simpler ones don't have, such as simmer control, handles on the pot, strainer lid and the ability to pack all of the components into the pot for packing or storage. It's not the smallest or lightest item to pack in your bag, but it is definitely a great tool. Sets up very quickly, boils water very quickly, cleans easily, and it appears to be pretty fuel efficient too. I cooked 5 meals over the weekend and there was plenty of fuel left in the 100g can.Decided pretty quickly that I should have bought one of these years ago. Definitely a worthwhile purchase for even the occasional camper.
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Love this backpack stove. Used it while camping throughout iceland and never once had any issues. Used it for everything from boiling water, to cooking pasta or sautéing veggies.It filters out the wind quite well with the guard around the flame and allows for the water to heat in just over 2 minutes depending on how much you're trying to heat at once.It completely packs up in to one small unit aside from the gas canister. Some people said they could fit their in the pot along with everything else but unless you bought a small fuel canister, i don't see how that works.The strainer lid on top is also great for cooking pasta. Its also great for controlling the flow of water when you're pouring it into something else.The simmer function on the flame throttle is also nice if you're wanting to sauté some veggies with your meal.Highly recommend!
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This thing is a rocket. Any time we're out and people unfamiliar with the Jet Boil system see it, they don't believe it's possible to boil water as fast as it does. You can go from pretty cold water to boiling in around 2 minutes. In around 10 minutes you can have two breakfasts rehydrating and two piping hot coffees, which I think is less time than it would take in a microwave even. It packs down pretty well with the gas can in the pot if you're not dragging around the attachment for putting normal pots on it. It is loud compared to a silent alcohol stove but you're only running it a quarter of the time and you don't have to deal with carrying the alcohol around and dosing it out into the stove.In the morning I'm more concerned with getting/staying warm than I am with the woosh sound coming from the stove and this hasn't let me down.
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You like hot water??? I got your hot water right here!Do you like your water hot? This thing will boil the crap outta some water in a right quick hurry! You need a quick coffee in the morning after boozing it up on a camping trip, like right freakin' now? BLAM! You got your coffee right there, Boozey! You need some Ramen noodles or you're literally going to starve to death? BLAM! Noodles!Is it a cup? Is it a bowl? Who freakin' cares, you can use it as both! Coffee? Rum and Coke? Fruit loops? Yeah, it can handle it all. It comes with a pot holder, which I wish I had realised before I bought one; but whatever, now I got two! Hell yeah...I guess. If you're reading this you're thinking about getting one.Just stop reading now and buy it. Why waste all that extra time shopping when you could be boiling $%#@?
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My original Jetboil was starting to show its age after 10+ years (although it’s still functional). The MiniMo is a welcome upgrade/addition now that I’m taking my kids backpacking and I need to cook for more than just myself. The shorter pot is easier to use with a spoon and feels more stable compared to the original. I like the new kid design and material. It heats water blazing fast on full power, but having control of the burner means that I can cook on the trail instead of just boil water. My only disappointment is that I can’t store the fuel canister and burner together in the same pot like I can with the taller designs. It’s a trade off that I can live with, though,because I think the other features are more important.
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Works just like it should - really easy and fast.Something to watch for however: Our last camp was above 9,000' and the igniter seems to struggle to work at higher altitudes. Bring a lighter or matches as a backup!I brought a 230g fuel canister so we could cook way more than we'd ever need. That canister won't store inside the system, so unless you really need that much, use the smaller canisters designed to fit inside the boiler. Not a big deal, but it just took up a little more room when packed.Other than that - this a a great system that packs small, works great and gets the job done.


Works like a champ! I didn't time it, but I think it boiled .5L of water in <45 seconds (it was faster than I anticipated), and ~1L in about 2 minutes when testing it out.Be careful if you boil with the lid on (to speed up the process) as you're likely to burn yourself from the steam. Also, I prefer to not lock the pot to the burner if I plan to remove the pot while hot for pouring; it simply fits too snugly to unlock without a chance for the burner to start unscrewing from the fuel canister.Definitely recommend, especially when you can get it on sale.


Packs easily, and easy to use. The wider, more shallow cup is a big improvement. The cup's attachment to the burner can be a bit fiddly and sometimes sticks, but it loosens up and is not a major issue.Most importantly, it brings 1L cool tap water to a rolling boil in about 2-1/2 minutes. There are faster boilers out there, but c'mon. Presumably i'm doing something relaxing and not in situation where seconds count. If someone's breaking down my door and i need boiling water right away to throw in their face then maybe, otherwise this is plenty fast.


I purchased this for an upcoming 4 day trip on the Appalachian Trail. I was swayed by other positive reviews of this model and liked some of the features. I was debating between the Jetboil minimo and the MSR windburner. Both got positive reviews. I opted for the Jetboil because of the lower profile cup- it is wider and not a tall as the MSR. Both have the ability to adjust the flame which allows you to regulate the temp. Will update after my trip with its performance.


Just got it in the mail today. So far I am pleased with the cosmetics. It is very light weight compared to my other stoveof a different company. Everything seems to be there and I LOVE the look of this model. I cannot wait to start using this on my trips. I dont think I am every going back . I will update my review when I use the product and rate it on the use. Also, as I am in the jet head community now. Can I have some stickers :)


I was kinda skeptical of this product and its claims, but i seen enough YouTube videos of it in action to make me feel like this thing is a justified awesome camping stove. The first thing i did with this was heated up some beefaroni for a lateday meal when i went camping, and to my surprise it was ready to eat within 3 minutes cooking it on a low flame. I highly recommend this product.
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