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For Jetboil Flash Cooking System, 84 customer reviews collected from 3 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 4.5.

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Likes: it boils FAST! Making meals and coffee while backpacking or on family vacations in and around the hotel is so simple and stress free. Don't limit your use of this to just backpacking.Dislikes:. It didn't come with a pot support. I didn't realize that.It didn't come with the fuel. I didn't realize that.The coffee press allows a little of the grinds past.On the third use during a camping trip, the koozie around the vessel caught fire and slowly melted a 2 square inch section by the handle and I almost didn't catch it in time. The koozie was not out of place or anything. When you light it, turn it one time 360 degrees to check for koozie light. Hahaha. None of these dislikes are worth deducting from my rating.This thing rocks.
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this boils water very quickly. It packs very compact and weighs very little. If I had to make a gripe it would be that the flames control valve is finikey. Its not a precise control of the flame. Opening the valve you would expect the flame to get bigger but instead flame goes up and down and you have to fiddel with it to get the flame size where you want it. Its still useable but it would have been 5 stars if the flame control would have been more precise. This may just be a problem with mine. Im not sure. Is it worth what I paid for it? I feel it may be a little overpriced but Im keeping it.


Does what it says on the tin. Nice quality stove that's ideal for boiling up water on the go. This one replaces an older JB ZIP where the burner rusted away.No major worries with this. Looking forward to hitting the hills and carrying this along with me.My only qualm is after sales support. The manufacturer has repeatedly ignored my questions regarding the matching Frying pan and the 1.5l pot. I'm now wishing I'd bought MSR stuff instead as Jetboil obviously don't care about their customers once they have your money.


Quality product. You get what you pay for. French press coffee every day, hot toddies at night, boiling water for our dehydrated meals for 3 adults in 9 days of the wilderness. Full proof start, stable footing (even on a questionable surface). The JET BOIL has a great feature of a colored indicator on the container (easy to see) to show the true boiling point. So happy we had this compact and reliable product.


This thing is amazing and boils water in less than a minute. Just unbelievable.Only con for this is that it’s coffee press isn’t large enough to prevent coffee grounds from seeping out around the edges and this causes coffee grounds to float around in your coffee.Not a deal breaker but needs to be addressed.Other than that this product is extremely worth it.I will be buying my wife one as well.


I am in the military and with having to go into the field, I was looking for something that would help me be able to make coffee especially when I woke up. I am extremely happy with this product, it works great and I have found it very easy to travel with and just stick it in a bag. I like how the coffee gets made within one minute. This is something that I think was worth the purchase!


Its takes quite a significant amount of time due to the pandemic issue but its arrived safely and this jetboil does work like charm! i just disappointed why i dont bought this earlier due to my last camp and its quite a struggle for me due to get a boiled water in the woods last time. But say no more..this jetboil will solve those issue later. Thanks trekkinn!


Finally got to use it, it lives up to its accolades, light, portable and powerful, I am very happy to add it to my gear. I can pack the whole thing with a small can of fuel in itself, put the coffee press in first, can of fuel with cap on, stand fits over it, then burner upside down, the two handle pieces for the press fit beside it and lid snaps on. Amazing!


We took this with us to a multi day bike event. Heats water incredibly fast. I saw some reviews mentioned the insulation burns but you only need to keep it properly positioned. The press is ok. We have seen others use a small sieve to pur the coffee and have added this to our kit.Also, I'm surprised how long the small fuel tank lasts.


Only been on one hike with is so far seems sturdy though. Easy to set up and use. Boils very quickly, as promised.French press component doesn't work great though. In my case was priced lower then the normal Flash, so no harm done, but if you would be paying more for the 'Javakit' then for the regular Flash - get the regular Flash.


Took this elk hunting. Backpacked several miles into the mountains and camped for 4 days. Had to carry all my gear. This is light weight and works great. Small fuel bottle fits inside with other parts. Great for taking on hunts away from camp as well it’s compact and weight make it perfect. Boils water quickly even at 11K feet.


Not a lot to say, it does what it says on the tin and works well. The quality and finish is great. Top tip, make sure you put the coffee press the right way in. If its upside down you'll end up with coffee with granules in it. Not ideal.The press portion should be open area and flanged edges going into the cup.


Jetboil is Jetboil !!! But one circumstance darkened this joyful purchase: the coffee from the set was stolen from me. And since the packaging was whole, it was stolen from the warehouse when the order was completed. In general, it is unpleasant to get such a lesson from Europe that teaches us about culture ...


I used this for a week of camping. It is the Cadillac of ways to boil water. The color changing graphic is awesome. My only complaint is the coffee press left significant grounds in the coffee no matter which method I used. I went fast, slow and it poured grounds in the last cup no matter what.


Great system. Some grind leak-by with the french press but that's really to be expected. Larger grinds would certainly help. But if you like coffee that can fill a pothole like I do than you'll love this. Tip for backpackers- have an idea on how to clean this out on multi-day trip.
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