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Pretty happy with the Xtreme 2. Things that were important to me when choosing a bluetooth speaker:- speakerphone which I can use for conference calls from home- audio quality -- I like a balance frequency response, I like bass as much as anyone but also listen to a lot of metal so mids and crisp highs are also important- battery life for campingI'm still evaluating the speakerphone but it seems to be of a good quality speaker/mic and good connectivity to my phone. Audio quality is decent, I'd say the mids are a bit recessed but that seems to be a common trait for bluetooth speakers. It's not surprising, many genres sound best with this frequency response including pop. Anyway,it still sounds good for any genre so I'm satisfied. Can't comment on battery life yet, I'll update if I find anything unexpected there. Of course build quality is always important and this thing seems solid, premium and well built. The sound is highly directional which is not really ideal, many other speakers claim to be 360 sound (not sure how true that is) but this one only really sounds crisp if you're in front of it. In most cases that's fine but could be annoying if you're moving around a lot. On the other hand, it might sound better than those other ones when you are in front of it, not sure, if I buy another different speaker I'll update with an audio quality comparison.
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I bought my Extreme 2 on 5/13/2019 and after having it for about 2 month now, I can recommend this product. It’s good enough to be taken to the beach and jam in the water (water proof phone needed) great for the pool. Great battery life, I played mine for about 10 hours at 85% to 100% volume and the battery at the end was still about 35%. I do wish it was I little louder because in open spaces is needed, but in comparison to another speaker I own the Sonos One the Extreme 2 it’s just as load. I also wish I could be charge with a USB C changer to make charging easier on the go (maybe the upcoming model). I Bought another Extreme 2 for my mother and when pair to mine using the JBL connect app is a game changer,you can easily have a beach or pool party. I definitely recommend Spending the extra dollars for the Extreme 2. My brother has a JBL Flip 4 (great for the size) and a JBL Charge 4 (good)
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I originally was looking forward to the new xtreme2 speaker, but then I found out it’s only 20 watts on battery?!!??WHAT IS JBL THINKING?? And now since I supposedly upgraded to firmware 1.9. (Don’t do it) 1.6 is better.. on 1.9 the bass is weaker on battery, the compression algorithms are worse(speaker looses bass at higher levels, treble is also slightly cut down) but the WORSE is the speaker now compresses audio on AC!!!Are the engineers at JBL losing it?I wish I can go back to Vers 1.6! That actually was better, they still need to enhance the the sound, increase the power to at least 30 watts on battery,we can sure handle losing some battery life for better performance...I might sell this thing if JBL doesn’t make this speaker louder and more powerful than the Xtreme 1 which has boomy bass and harsh treble at higher volumes.
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I love music. I surround myself in it. When I bought my Side x Side, everyone else spends $1000+ for stereos to run Bluetooth. I bought a Fire Extinguisher mount, mounted this to the underside of my roof above my rearview mirror. Works great! Strap it in the mount and I can ride all day listening to tunes and sounds amazing. Plenty loud over Can Am X3 engine noise. I can take it out anytime to charge it or to use it elsewhere. Amazing little speaker. CONS:I am disappointed that it doesn't charge also through 12v. That would have been helpful to keep it plugged in while riding. I wish there were grated covers on the ends or some type of cover. I don't need to see the mini sub flex.I'd rather have it protected.
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I bought the JBL Xtreme 2 from JBL as refurbished item. I was a little skeptical but it had a warranty, so I figured “what do I have to lose”. The wife thought I was crazy spending that much on Bluetooth speaker until she heard it for the first time. It has exceptional sound. I was worried that it wouldn’t be loud enough around the pool but there is nothing to worry about. We find ourselves turning it down because it’s too loud, and that’s at just over 50% volume. I can’t comment on the battery life or how well it holds up over time because we’ve only had it for about 10 days. With that said, I am very impressed and so happy that I chose this speaker. Well done JBL!Quality speaker and fantastic sound!!
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I've had my Extreme 2 for about 1 year now and still very satisfied! Sound is crisp, clear and with ample bass. This speaker is very durable too. I've banged it around and it was accidentally left in the rain but still sounds as good as the day purchased. Battery is legit! Took it out on the lake for about 10 hours of full blast and it still had charge at the end of the day. If there is 1 negative it's that the speaker can sometimes not be loud enough in large areas. But problem solved, i just recently bought another one! Now there's plenty of volume and it's so easy to connect them both! This is by far the best speaker I've experienced within the same price point!


I've owned a JBL Xtreme 2 for almost a year and I have loved this speaker ever since. Pretty much everything about the speaker is great. The sound quality is amazing and has the ability to output a shocking amount of bass. The build quality, waterproofing, and the strap with the bottle opener are excellent. The battery life is somewhere between 15 and 20 hours and I've gone weeks off 1 charge. Outdoors the sound quality is great and remains fairly loud within 30 feet of it. During quarantine, I have used the speaker often as a TV speaker for my LG TV through bluetooth which works very well. After a year of use it works perfectly, I definitely recommend this product.


I got this speaker for Christmas and I also have a JBL Flip 4 and Pulse 3, but I have trouble trying to connect them without them cutting out and they are all Jbl Connect Plus speakers, I want to connect them all together because they are all I have during these uncertain times. I wish I could get this fixed but I don’t know how, is there a way that you all can help me out with this? Anyway the speaker sounds great by itself when I take it on the go with me, I would love to test out the new Jbl Boombox 2, the problem is that I don’t have the money because I’m only 15. I would love to review it for you guys, so if you want to hook me up then that would be awesome.


I bought this recently and i'm very happy that i did, great sound quality, great bass too, looks really great, big plus is that it very portable, also its very good that its waterproof, very handy for pool parties and the beach, also it once started rianing while i was using it so the the fact that it was waterproof helped a lot there too.Also its very very durable, this was very good because i droped it lots of times but it still plays perfectly.The battery is awesome lasts for a looong time without having to recharge it.Definitely a big upgrade the regular Xtreme. Overall a very good speaker would DEIFINITELY recomend to anyone.


I owned the Flip 3 until the battery gave out (3yrs). I decided to wait on replacing it until this speaker came out. I ordered and received the Extreme 2 very promptly. While it wasn't fully charged it had enough juice to used immediately. The sound did not disappoint, Rich full bass, crisp high notes and good volume. I took it camping and had to turn down the volume out of respect for the fellow campers in the camp ground. Did not test the water proofing nor do I ever really want to. Hopefully they put a decent battery in it so it will last and not fail to charge like so many other speakers do, but only time will tell on that.


Well I just got my Xtreme 2, it’s been such a great experience so far, the only thing is that at high volume I could hear some sort of static sound, which is weird because I barely got it. I had some problems with my Charge 3, as soon as the bass hits, very loud static sound would be released, I made some research and I found out that one of the cables of the left speaker was loose. That cable was the cause of the static sound. I don’t want that to happen to my brand new Xtreme 2. But so far, this speaker has been the best, I am very satisfied with my purchase!


I was gifted the xtreme 2 for Christmas and before then I was using the clip 2. JBL in general has great speakers overall. My experience so far with the xtreme 2 is great but like most speakers that are waterproof the sound is going to be limited. If your looking for a good, loud, and portable speaker with good bass buy the xtreme. The price is very worth it but my only gripe is the clips for the lanyard scratch and makes what looks like bronze or brass dust everywhere in the crevice of the clips. Other than that this speaker has been the best for the price.


Build quality cannot be faulted. Feels and looks like a premium speaker and so it should for the price. Sound quality is very smooth and balanced with no distortion. What I think could be improved is the max volume, it seems like it doesn’t get as loud as the xtreme 1 which I also have. Also there is slight bass reduction at max volume which I don’t like but it’s very minimal. I pair this to my Jbl Boombox and it works perfectly! they sound absolutely amazing together. I would recommend this product to people who like sound quality over loudness.


i bought this a few wks ago for a portable sound source for the patio, garage, beach...and in that regard, its great. however, i feel i probably could have gone with a smaller less expensive model as the sound does not surpass weight/size of this one. Again, it serves its purpose and if you need a water proof speaker, i totally recommend but i feel that that feature detracts from the sound quality (high and mids suffer). Also, this isnt something you want to put in a suitcase or swing on your shoulder.


Sound quality is amazing, it is very clear and has good bass. The built quality follows JBS high standards and the volume is higher than I will ever need inside any room. I bought the refurbished version so the value/money was really good. My only comment is that this speaker is not very portable, or not as much as the Charge and the Flip. If you plan on walking around with it I would recommend getting the Charge instead, which has a bit less power but less than half of the size and weight.

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