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I wish this was available when I was doing sport seriously. I have tried a number of isotonic type drinks recently and have found most of them to be too sweet and have a very artificial taste. This hydrate and perform powder mix from Isostar has a pleasant taste and works well. I would prefer if it came in a much bigger container as I generally use two mixes per cycle ride, hence use up a pack in 5 rides. I have not tried the Orange flavour but the Lemon is great! Contains all the necessary ingredients to keep you properly hydrated before, during and after exercise.


I must have first come across Isostar about 30 years ago when I was training full time for ski racing. Really good isotonic hydration and now that I'm back in training I'm using it again. Fab taste and to all those people who say 'Save your money, drinking plain water is just as good for you', I say Bah, Humbug. If you want life to be dull then fine. I drink tons of water too but sometimes - especially after an hour's hard graft in the gym - my taste buds deserve some entertainment. And that's my word on the matter. Love this stuff. 5 stars from me.


Great product. I have bought ISOSTAR ti support my running for nearly 40 years now. It used to come in bigger tubs and was cheaper.Having tried Lucozade Orange I have suffered feeling sick. I have gone back to ISOSTAR. Everyone is different, I have now ordered the 6 pack as it works out a lot cheaper at £7/tub.I am a long distance runner and need re-hydration and minerals replacing. I also mix in a sachet of Dioralyte Relief Blackcurrant. I trick I learnt from an SAS man. I now run better and don't fade as much as I used to on long distances.


I used this product 30 years ago when I was running and like it very much. Now I use it when I'm gardening and getting dyhydrated, because as a heart patient it's important to avoid dehydrartion. I am just as satisfied with it as I was before and Amazon's delivery of it was very fast.Thankyou. I will be ordering it again.


Tastes good, suppose it does the job, .with this sort of thing its difficult to say about the performance as i do not know what the difference would have been if i had not taken it.But it must be better than just water.


Super fast prime delivery (thanks Amazon) tastes great (Orange flavour) and more importantly helps me finish my workouts in the heat wave - my headaches I've had after training the last few days have gone.


Have tried other brands but find that this drink mixes easily and tastes great.use when cycling and helps to keep energy levels during exercise. Recommend drink.


did not know whether this was still being manufactured but it helped with my hydration trouble whilst working abroad and so I was delighted to find it available


Is absolutely fantastic hydration during physical activity.I’m using for many years.Strongly recomend.


Excellent replenishment of natural minerals lost during exercise's or training


Haven't used it for a while it still does what it says and tastes great


Very good using it as my tablets give me dry mouth to rehydrate me


I love the taste and feel it revives me during and after exercise


Tried it on a couple of endurance walks and did the job for me


My favourite isotonic powder / fluid. Key to a good recovery.
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