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I was a little skeptical buying this, as I thought they had 'photoshopped' normal people on a very small sofa, but then I figured 'what the hell, its for a festival so I can deal with that'Upon arrival, I unboxed it, it was very well packaged, and proceeded to unfold it and inflate it.To my utmost surprise it inflated to 6ft 2in long, 3ft 2in deep and 3ft high ! I'm a 6'1 guy and find this sofa really really comfy, in fact so much, it has temporarily replaced out actual leather sofa which I find a little too small !You really can't go wrong buying this,incredible value for money and will easily sit 3 people with room to move, I'd say it would sit 4, but you'd have to be close friends ;o)
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Bought as a temporary sofa 3 weeks ago. Inflates in 3 sections. Used an electric pump from an inflatable single mattress and it inflated quickly and easily.I have literally just topped it up 5 minutes ago, which given some reviews I was expecting to be doing this after just a few days.Only negative is that the base seems to slope forward when you sit on it. Still does the job though and I would still buy it. Not yet used as a double bed, but my daughter is now busy planning a sleepover!


There are two caps to open to inflate and vent the sofa. the large one is a screw fitting and we used a blaster to blow it up very quickly but you have to be quick to get the thread back in line and fasten the cap back on. Found the smaller round cap was had a one way valve fitted so you can blow and top up the pressure.We got it for our daughter who moved into a new house to give her something to sit on while waiting the many weeks for a corner sofa to arrive. Seem to be doing the job fine.


We have a large bell tent so being able to fold this into a sofa was awesome - giving us seating and an extra level in the tent that made it feel like a living room. We'll also use it at home when family come to stay.With an electric pump (which we bought from Argos at the same time) it inflates and deflates quickly and easily. It's very comfortable - like most airbeds it needed a little top up after the second night outside because of the temperature changing but no leaks and very comfy.


The sofa blew up in 5 minutes using the dual action pump,the bed sections took a minute each. It lost a bit of pressure the first few days, but is fine since. I have one of the bed sections industry and folded under to add height to the sofa otherwise it's a bit low. The sofa is deep and surprisingly comfortable and can easily sit two adults. Cup holders are useful&work well. It is beneficial that can be used as a bed by guests and folded away when not in use, so is good for small rooms etc.


Inflatable sofa + airbed in one... excellent idea. Product is good, comfortable, inflation remains for a very long time. Used for both sofa and bed and both very comfortable, enough space to sit three people and sleep three people (one being a small person). One issue, the design could be improved, as when you sit on it if you continue to sit forward, it starts to slide down and the back needs lifting and the seating part needs pushing back to get it back upright rather than slanting.


Ordered this inflatable sofa whilst waiting for our actual sofa to arrive. The time taken to inflate was very impressive using an electric pump. There are 3 seperate good quality valves for inflation. Once inflated we tested it out and there was a hissing noise coming from one of the valves. We tightened the valve and re-inflated it and so far so good. It is surprisingly comfortable. Great value for money and a perfect solution. It will also come in useful when friends and family stay over.


Like others, I got this while we were waiting for a sofa delivery. It took a little while to inflate but that may be down to our pump. Once up it needed a little bit of a top up daily over the week with everyone getting off and on it but was comfy, the fold out bed was great for stretching out once the kids were in bed and looked good enough that a friend thought it was my new sofa! The cup holders are a little small but a handy feature. I'd recommend this for guests and short term use.


Bought to use as easy seating for bbq's, must make sure when placing no sharp objects underneath and likewise nothing sharp in pockets, not sure how safe for dogs to jump onto, definately need pump inflator / deflator otherwise won't fit back into original box . nice design and comfy to sit in would also add don't have smokers sit on it just in case, came with a small repair patch, doesn't say if you can get bigger replacement patches.. children loved that it also foulded out as a bed..


Have thoroughly enjoyed this sofa so far. It was easy to unpack and inflated quickly. It's also been good to use as a lounger outside when the weather is nice. The only downside is that when you roll it out to use as a sofa bed, the part that is lying face down on the floor is the same part you sit on when its folded back up into a sofa. So if you are using the product outside and want to avoid getting dirt on it you may want to put a blanket down first. Otherwise, really good product!
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