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Seems fine so far.. good for the average adult but not a tall person. I am 5 foot 6 and it's fine for me.I've taken off one star because the instructions are appalling. There are two valves, a white one on the bottom (part of the foot pump) and a black one on the side. All you need to do to inflate the mattress is the following. First check that the side valve is properly closed (this is for deflating). Then take the cap and plug out of the white valve. Pump your foot up and down over the white valve until the airbed fills. You have to make sure you are letting air into the valve.. that is, you are not creating a seal between your foot and the valve. Then replace the cap and plug into the white valve.You would never think it's so easy by looking at the terribly written instructions.This airbed is a good option when travelling abroad. It's lighter than having an electrical pump and also you don't have to worry about dual voltage. Aerobed bizarrely don't do a dual-voltage option which seems a bit mad to me.
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Fantastic value inflatable mattress. Fast delivery too. I got this mattress for camping and as a spare bed for guests and it works brilliantly. Keep in mind I have only used it twice and cant say if it's durable enough to withstand the test of time. Deflated and inflated twice, i can see strain marks on areas of the rubber where there were corners after folding. Can be difficult to fold neatly into a backpack due to the built in air pump. You could probable inflate it in 2.5 mins if your not planning on using your legs for the rest of the day. A more accurate time would be 5 mins. I didn't like that the advert didn't give weight and dimensions of deflated product when folded as this is quite useful information when planning a camping trip.Product also includes no cover or storage/protective case. Apart from these small things it has worked well so far and you cannot go too far wrong with that price so 4 stars;)
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Brilliant. Bit fiddly to blow up without a pump ... You possibly need an engineering degree, the instructions are awful and make no sense! But once you know how to do it, it's excellent. It only takes about 5-8 minutes to blow up by hand (no pump). You have to use the little cap as a stopper to push air in (and then let it go when the internal valve springs back to get more air in the pumping chamber), then cover the hole again and push the air chamber down (filling the bed), then REPEAT... So yes, Great value. It's quite tough too... 4 stars due to the dreadful instructions (you're likely to think it's broken if you can't figure it out). 5 stars if they sorted that out ...Note: there may be another way to blow it up by hand,but that's the only way I found!
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Our grand children take it in turns to sleep on it, as they all love it. It makes staying with Grannie and Grandpa extra special, as they're allowed to sleep on the floor! Wished it had come with a electric pump, as it does take for ever to inflate with a foot pump. We now leave it inflated as it retains its air and shape, even having had several young children sleep on it plus an adult sitting on it reading bed time stories.


I'm so grateful for such a wonderful product. I needed this for myself to sleep on for 7 nights and it worked out wonderfully. It was very comfortable and the cost was worth it. I enjoyed sleeping on this mattress. I needed to pump up the bed almost every night to make it very firm but the foot pump made that very easy to use. thank you for a great product. Very happy customer.


A definite value for money product.A significant amount of guests slept on this and it held up just fine, even after being transported several times between appartments.Would definitely recommend if you need a bed for extra guests. Not the most comfortable on the market, but definitely does its job for the money it costs.Overall, VERY satisfied.


This an excellent air bed at a fantastic price! I use this for my niece when she sleeps over, so I can't attest to what it's like for an adult, it's much bigger & my niece who's 9 yrs says it's more comfortable, than the previous air bed she used which was 3 times the price. I would definitely recommend this air bed.


Bought this to use when our grandson comes to stay - after browsing similar products for ages. This one really fits the bill - very easy to inflate and deflate, and folds up small when not in use. It's considerably cheaper than quite a few others, and seems very good value indeed. We're very pleased with it!


I bought this air bed because I was sick of sleeping on roll mats and it was definitely worth ever penny! It is easy to inflate and there is no worry of forgetting to bring a pump as it has a foot pump built it. This is the most comfortable air bed I've ever slept on and I'd definitely recommend it!


This airbed rocks! I am 5'4 and 9st 6lb and found it easily wide and long enough to accommodate me. Very firm and comfortable too. Well made, good quality thick fabric. Really fast and easy to inflate (took about a minute) and deflate (same). No real complaints. Excellent value for money. Buy it!


Great value and extremely comfortable for teenage boy.Needed pumping up after a couple of days but was to be expected.Instructions not so good but once you work it out easy to pump up. Took about 2 minutes. Lets down easily and went back i to box folded first timeWould highly recommend


Goods arrived on time. For the price this is very good!It s good for a young child, I would not use it for me but the kids slept very well on it. It was left in the bedroom so they probably jumped on it as well and it did not blow/had holes in it so quite solid as well


It's great, I've been using it every day for two weeks and haven't had to inflate it again once. For a temporary bed while someone else is using yours, it's perfect. Plus, it took less than 10 minutes to inflate, once we figured it out.


Purchased 3 of these but need to return one of them as the air valve was loose. Delivery of the replacement item was arranged by amazon staright away. Expecting delivery in 2 days time. Otherwise great price, comfortable and good size.


The inbuilt pump works a treat and is so easy to use (trial and error though as the instructions aren't up to much). The plug pops out at the slightest knock though which is quite annoying so bed needs to be positioned to prevent this
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