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Bought this for a trip to stay with friends for a few nights. My 2.5yr old who has previously only slept in a cot used this and he slept fine. The bed stayed inflated for the 5 nights we stayed without need for a top-up. The only downsides is that it is quite big but that is just due to the design of inflatable bumper sides and is probably unavoidable. other than that as with all air mattresses they can be noisy when the moving around and might be colder than a foam mattress in cold weather.


I got this for my grandson for when he stays over. I didn't realise it was so big. So much room to move around too. My grandson is only 4years old, I would say this will last (as long as it doesn't burst ) till he is about 6 or 7 yrs old. Its good The outer feel is like a microfiber, so that's soft, And it has a separate mattress, good for camping too. Even for sleepovers , you could just take the mattress on its own. It took about 10 to 15 minutes to pump up, but it was worth it. a Great buy


Bought for my 16 month old granddaughter for when she comes to stay. Was a bit doubtful she may be too young but having read other reviews went ahead with the purchase and it is great. Slightly bigger than expected (you can never tell even when given the measurements) but fitted in the space I had. I can see it will be useful for quite a few years to come. Pump was fine but had to bend over so not very ‘back’ friendly so used a different one. Can really recommend this for a child’s guest bed.


Bought this bed for friends staying with a 4 year old & needed a temporary bed to put in their bedroom. This was perfect, not too small and brilliant design & strength. The air pump only took me 10 minutes to do the bed and mattress. very strong and lightweight and stowaway bag to use after deflating. I bought a cot bed mattress cover and Next do some great toddler bedding ( duvet, pillow and bedding set) that fits perfectly. feedback was good...really comfortable. Highly recommended!!


We purchased this air bed for our six year old to take camping with us. It came with a foot pump, however we found it much easier to borrow our friends’ car battery powered electrical pump; far quicker and straightforward than huffing and puffing with a manual pump for hours!Our son slept well in it and it stayed inflated for the duration of use. The kids also loved sitting in it and pretending it was a boat - definitely great to keep them entertained whilst the grown ups pack up!


Bought on holiday as 2 yr old kept rolling off standard airbed. Took first one back as inner mattress kept deflating. Swapped it in store with receipt. No quibbles. Second one has been fantastic. Bit slow to pump. Takes some wellie with the pump provided but perseverance prevails. Daughter slept like a dream in it and enjoyed climbing into her "little boat" each night on holiday. Like the drawstring bag provided too. Would recommend to other parents of children age 2-5.


Was dubious about this as airbeds arnt that great and most don't stay up but this worked perfectly. Tested at home first and stayed up completely. Used it at camping last weekend for 4 nights for my 2 year old and she loved it. Didn't roll out, only had to inflate twice throughout the weekend but due to temperature change outside thats understandable. I actually slept in it for a night aswell and very comfy. Lovely pale green colour. Best airbed purchase yet


I bought this for my Granddaughter for sleeping over. She had gone from her cot to a “big girl” bed at home and wasn’t sure she would want to sleep at Nonnars in her travel cot. I wanted something I could put away. I looked at a few blow up beds that looked nice on the eye, frozen one ect but this one looked like a quality bed and reviews were good. We were really pleased with it, it has high padded sides and a comfy plush mattress. She was as snug as a bug!


Blows up in less than 5 minutes with pump provided, very easy, and our 1 1/2 year old son sleeps well on it and doesn't roll off due to sides being higher than mattress. Quality is pretty good, however the base could do with an extra outlet valve on opposite end as deflating can be a challenge due to base only having 1 valve for air expiration and its design, air gets stuck when rolling up. Takes 3 times as long to deflate as it does to inflate!


So bought this for my 1 year old girl for camping, very comfortable! All reviews and literature says it’s ok for a 1 year old but when I bought it it said 3-6 years on the box! A little disappointed! The actual product has printed the logo not suitable for 0-1 year which I suppose means it’s ok to use but that is contradicting the box which says 3-6years! May still use for a 1 year old but I think it’s great for older kids!


We were worried about our 2 year old rolling off a normal inflatable mattress so we got this and we’re very pleased. Quick and easy to inflate and it stayed up and firm for 4 days. One added advantage is our daughter slept with her head against the top inside edge and I think it helped keep her warmer. The inner mattress is actually separate from the edge so you could use it as the child grows up as just a plain mattress.


Bought this for my 2 and half year old daughter for a family camping trip after a cheaper one from amazon kept losing its inflation. Its certainly large enough to last her a while.Pumped up quickly using the supplied hand pump and held its inflation all weekend. It comes in two sections; mattress and sides and has a storage bag for when not in use.When you first use the pump make sure its screwed together tightly.


I brought this bed for my grandson as he has grown out of his travel cot and recently moved into a bed at home. I read the reviews before purchasing, I have to say the reviews are correct. This is a great bed, my grandson slept comfortably all night and absolutely loves the bed. I didn’t use the pump supplied for inflation preferring to use an electric pump. The bed inflated well and stayed up for over a week.


We got this bed in hopes of using it on our holiday. It turned out to be fab. My son is not 2 yet, but too long now for the travel cot and this was a great option. He loved it and had great sleeps in it. It fit in our suitcase and left it w my parents for next time. Very fast to set it up...even if you don't have the pump (cause your husband forgets it) by mouth didn't take so much time.Would recommend it.


Our daughter loves this bed, after we moved her in to a "big person" bed she didn't want to go in her travel cot any more. Although she hasn't fallen out of her bed, so far, it's reassuring to have the sides on this travel bed. It takes up a LOT of floor space, but she finds it very comfortable and sleeps just as well as at home. It can also double as a ball pit (not a pool as there are drain holes).
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