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love, Love, LOVE humangear products. Have the gotoobs in the 3oz size, which are also awesome, but as I rarely travel enough to actually go through 3 ounces of product without having to clean them out before the product goes janky and ended up wasting some, I downsized, which will also save me room in my tsa approved, quart sized travel bag. These are so handy and easy to use- the silicone bottle makes it super easy to get out all of the product, and the wide mouth makes for easy filling and cleaning. You won't regret purchasing Gotoobs... also check out Gotubs while you're at it!


I bought these for a beach trip to put shampoo and sunscreen in to avoid bringing the whole big bottle. The mouths are really wide and super easy to fill, and the silicon squishes so you can get every last drop out. They lock, too, so you know they won’t open during travel!I’m really surprised at how large these are, given that they’re the smallest size. I wash my hair a few times a week and it took me almost a month to empty the one I put shampoo in.


These travelled really well. The locking caps on this new generation are a huge bonus. I still love my older ones, but it really is nice to not have to worry about the cap get bumped, causing a mess. There are cheaper products out there that are similar to these, but the quality of these is top notch. They'll last forever. Also, I love these new colors! Highly recommended!


This is the 2nd set of Gotubes I've purchased. They are so handy for travel! I use these to transport hair product and facial cleanser. I love that the lid stays on nice and secure but yet is easy to open and close. I'm never worried about the tube opening unexpectedly spilling contents in my bag.


Love these containers ... they are small, but mighty. I like that they can stand on either end and that they have the closing handle that you can also use as a bit to attach to something like a backpack. They are soft so they are easy on the hands. They have a wide neck so they are easy to fill.


A perfect addition to your standard travel item list! These clever bottles are easy to fill and clean with a wide opening. The clever locking mechanism makes leaks unlikely. This size is ideal for carry-on luggage or packed away in your checked baggage. Highly reccommended!! enjoy =)


Perfect for shampoo, conditioner, body wash, mustard, salad dressing. Not good for liquid foundation which dried and hardened within a week. Took a while to get the tube clean after that. No problems with leaks, but the mustard tube had to be soaked to remove the smell.


These work great! Secure closure, so they won't leak. Perfect size for camping. Each on has a loop on the lid that slides out to hang them. Good quality. I'm giving this 4 stars because I just feel like they are overpriced for what they are.


I"m a traveler, and need to fallow TSA 311 liquid rules. Traveling with my spouse who needs to carry her own shampoo, conditioners and other liquids, in carryon items, this is a must item. Easy to refill with a large opening.


Love the locking lids. I use these daily for my gym shampoo, conditioner and soap. I keep the bottles in a little sack and the locks haven’t come unintentionally undone yet. I just wish they also sold in larger (8oz) sizes


These held my shampoo/conditioner and body wash. This new style is much better, with the new locking lid, it didn't leak out in my bag on my recent flight. Will definitely purchase more and even the larger size.


I have a set of the larger travel bottles, but these are great for shorter trips (3-4 days) when I want to take my bags on the overhead bin! My larger set has lasted for years, so great quality products!


This second generation travel container from humangear offers nifty aspects like locking, hanging loops. However more dumpy than the first ones, seem thicker walled and not as ergonomic.


I recently took those bottles for a travel and could not be happier with how they performed. I even washed one to change the content and it was quite easy to get rid of all the residue.


Great for travel! Easy to fill, clean to use and no leakage during flight. Perfect size for use on holiday and for carry on. Easy to squeeze and control the amount you need.
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