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We tried this sound bar to improve the sound from the TV (which is rubbish) and hopefully integrate with the sound from my main hi-fi. As I am using the optical out from the TV to my hifi, I have ended up connecting my TV to the soundbar using bluetooth. The bluetooth sound is great and integrates really well at home, ( I also tried taking a feed from the headphone socket on the TV and this was not very good). Only thing missing is sound modes, but at the price of this unit I am not complaining!


Volume on my tv wasn't loud enough so I bought a SoundBar to boost the volume. Wrong- it substitutes the volume from tv speakers to the SB speakers- you can't have both. So if the SB isn't as powerful as the tv speakers, you won't notice a difference in volume. However, the sound is now at front of your tv and is definitely clearer. It is a bit of hassle setting the soundbar up, I had to go into my tv settings to switch off my tv speakers. SB is very good as a w/less speaker for my ipod etc.


I am quite impressed by this hitachi sound bar. It was relatively inexpensive, very easy to set up and operate and improves the sound quality dramatically compared to the TV speakers. It doesn't have a separate bass speaker so you don't get much of the low down rumble. But the six speakers in the sound bar do a good job of improving the clarity and loudness of the sound plus it has Bluetooth for mobile devices. A good quality basic and afforadable upgrade. I fully recommend this product.


Our TV speakers were giving trouble, so purchased this sound bar to play the TV sound. Used a digital optic cable to connect to TV, and it works perfectly. Has its own remote to switch on and control volume and mode (can use to play music from blue tooth devices). Came with an audio cable to plug into the microphone plug. Looked at other sound bars, but they were so expensive it would have been better to simply buy a new TV. Very satisfied with purchase, better sound, excellent value for money.


I went on looks n price n this came out on top for me.The bar sits pretty snug under my TV n doesn't look intrusive... It was easy to set up, various options to do this with n without Bluetooth..It can be controlled by the panel on top middle of the bar or via small remote..It does boost the sound quality from TV n is noticeable when not turned on. There is a slight hum, but nothing to be distracted by as once you press play n the movie starts, it isn't noticed. Independent great speaker too


I looked up Which? to find "best buy" soundbars, and they all cost a lot more than the price I wanted to pay. However, having bought this cheaper model, I'm very happy with it. It was easy to set up - I've connected it to my TV with the cable provided, and I've used bluetooth to connect it to my PC, tablet and mobile phone. The sound is pretty good - certainly much better than the old speakers I'd been using. In fact the only minor complaint is that it's slightly too long for my TV stand.


I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this soundbar. The sound is crisp and clear, and it packs some punch without a lot of distortion if you increase the volume. Bass is acceptable, but not great. The product itself is very sturdy and you can tell it's well built. All required accessories are included apart from optical cable, of course. I would definitely buy it again if I needed another soundbar! In the picture, the soundbar is in front of a 32 inch TV for better size perception.


Great sound upgrade for flatscreen TVs for not a lot of money. Transformed the weak audio output from my LG 4k TV, dialogue is now much crisper and not drowned out by soundtracks. Using it in combination with the TV speakers and no issue with sync when watching Netflix, Amazon etc. Slight echo issue with DTV but a fiddle with TV sound sync settings fixes. Bluetooth hooks up with my phone and laptop easily for music streaming.No optical cable included so remember to add one to the order.


I wanted to buy a soundbar for an older friend of mine who finds the television loudspeakers somewhat indistinct. He commented that at times he misses some programme dialogue. I read a few reviews about this soundbar and most were positive but one said the sound wasn't good. I decided to order this soundbar online and collected it from my chosen Argos branch. Setting it up at my friend's house was a doddle and the soundbar is very solid & substantial. Sound quality superb!


This product has great value for money. Has powerful functions and great sound quality.Enhances the listening experience of your TV or gadget.Has the ability to boost the sound of your device and has unique bass sound system.This product is not a common or top class brand of electronics like Sony, LG, Philips e.t.c, but serve as alternative equivalents to similar products.I recommend this product to anyone who loves Soundbars and intend to purchase one.You will never regret it.


I found myself being hard of hearing via my tv speakers and so reluctantly I decided to part with some cash and purchase a sound bar. The price of this Hitachi did not inspire me with confidence at first glance.However, on setting it up ( set up within 1 minute) I was suitably impressed with it's tone and quality. This plus the excellent service from the crew member at the Cannock Sainsbury branch. Served within 5 minutes of placing my order. I would most certainly recommend this product.


Bought this in the hope it would improve the sound on our Hitachi TV. Sometimes, we need to put the volume up to 60+ and its not clear still. Really impressed with this sound bar, it fits inbetween the TV legs, and came with a plug to fit into the TV's headphone bit, and another plug into the electric. Didn't need to read instructions, it came on and worked. The sound is amazing especially for films and music it is so good. We leave the TV on 20 now and just use the sound bar! So pleased.


Was quite pleasantly surprised just how easy to install and get up and running this actually was.The instructions weren't needed as it was all very apparent from opening.It really does also give some great sound, minimal if any 'speaker' noise and is just as good when playing music from a phone via the Bluetooth element too. I really can't believe how clear it all sounds.I'be already recommended this to friends and family. Even my grandad bought one and installed it himself!


Very pleased bought the hitachi tv approx nine months ago and got soundbar half price on offer at the time month or so in the soundbar would turn itself off intermittently so rang repairs no one knew anything about soundbars so took back to store for exchange and tried second one same thing again couple of months and started doing the same so took back to store was offered this one pay an extra £5 so did and am now very happy with this one no problems slightly smaller and slimmer but fine


i don't know whether it's a common problem but read one review where the sound bar switched it self off which didn't put me off but had mine for a few days and it kept switching it self off. Returned and it was replaced and I have had no other problem with it. We bought a new tv and the sound quality wasn't very good however this improved by adding the sound bar, the quality is excellent more so when your watching a movie with the surround sound turned on. The Bluetooth is a goof feature.

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