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I have seen other people using these folding chairs out and about over the summer at various places I have been too. One of the first places I noticed them was sports day at my children's school. I saw some other parents looking very comfy and relaxed sitting on similar chairs to these ones complete with their own cup holders for their water. While I was sat on a blue plastic chair feeling very uncomfortable because it didn't go far back enough in the seat and the back off the chair wasn't high enough for me. The same thing happened at another event I went to the same people came with their chairs and put them on the grass and got comfy whilst I was once again sitting on a blue plastic chair designed for 11 year old's.I might be the same height as the 11 year old's but I'm certainly not the same build as them. I had previously seen chairs like these ones in the local supermarket market but i just walk past them every time. It wasn't until I was at a friends house when she had her camping chairs out that I realised actually how comfortable they are. So I thought great I'm gonna get 2 the next time I'm out and that's exactly what i done. I bought 2 at the local supermarket. I brought them home already to try them out because it was a nice day but before I got the chance my youngest 2 claimed them. They thought I had bought them chairs to sit on and I didn't have the heart to tell them otherwise so I came onto amazon to pick some more chairs. I seen this chair and thought it looks very similar if not a bit pricier but I bought 2 anyway and I'm glad I did.I found once the chairs had been delivered that they are slightly better than the ones I purchased from the supermarket. The backs of the chairs are quite high which means when I'm sitting on it I slouch less. The chairs have lots of room in them when sitting down so you don't feel squashed. The arms are slightly adjustable so you can make them a bit higher for resting your arms if need be. The have a cup holder in the arm of the chair. It is made of net but will hold a flask or bottle quite easily . The chairs fold up like an umbrella and go into a bag which is provided, The bag has a handle on it which makes the chair easy to carry around. The chair is very light weight but also very sturdy. It is easy to take out of the bag and put up when you want to use it. I was able to do it using 1 hand which is great especially if your having to hold other stuff at the same time.I got both chairs delivered using prime delivery so they were due to arrive the next day. Unfortunately the local courier only delivered one of them. I think he didn't notice that their were two of these chairs our for delivery to the same address as they were packed in separate bags. The other chair was delivered the next day by the same courier. The chairs were packed in blue packaging which kept the chairs dry.I'm glad my children claimed my first 2 chairs because these chairs look and feel better made and stronger than the other ones. I will be using my new chairs hopefully for many years to come providing we get sun in the summer. No more plastic chairs at sports day for me anymore.
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I received an email the day after the dispatch notification, stating that it had been damaged in transit, and I received the option of either a full refund, or a replacement. As I wanted this product I asked for a replacement - even though I originally had opted for free delivery, because of the issue, they sent it priority. I received another dispatch notice the next working day, the product arrived 2 working days later.Things happen in transit, that are out of the suppliers hands, but what matters is how it gets dealt with - this was done very efficiently and professionally.The box that it comes in is quite large, for the product itself comes in a long thin canvas holder/bag. No assembly is required,simply pull it out of the bag and it folds apart nicely. Very comfy, I weigh 88 kg and have no issues.It may get damaged later on, but value-for-money it's brilliant!
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Bought 2 of these for Glastonbury festival. They both survived the whole weekend.I'm a big guy and pretty heavy handed, so it didn't take long for me to pull the fabric away from the bolts securing it to the frame. This was a bit of a nuisance as I had to keep putting it back on every time I unfolded it, but it was still functional. My girlfriend had no such problems. I don't think this would be a problem for a more patient/careful person than myself, but I thought it was worth mentioning.It survived me standing up and sitting down repeatedly over the course of however many bands we saw. It's not the most comfortable chair in the world, but it's perfectly adequate for a weekend camping.I certainly wouldn't want to go to a festival without a chair, and I'd probably buy another one of these again.
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Not nearly as camp as I expected it to be. Took it to see a musical and it didn't seem at all interested, no big gestures or singing along to the show tunes.Tried to share some Glenmorangie with it too, but it wasn't having a bar of it, so not convinced about the highlander bit either.But it is a chair, it does fold and it is black so overall the product is as described in all the important aspects.UPDATE: It has survived 2 glastonbury festivals, whilst many others around it fell. And it loooooved Dolly.UPDATE2: Now survived 3 glastonbury festivals and several picnics. I understand why it has highlander in the title now, clearly it is immortal. "There can be only one!"


With a forecast of sunny and dry weather and with most of our furniture held up in a house move, we looked for a cheap and versatile folding chair we could use for sitting out in the garden. The Highlander folding camping chair fitted the bill. I was worried that at the price, they would be flimsy, but I need not have worried as the product is quite substantial and has proven very useful.My only criticism would be that (as I ordered 2) they were delivered in separate boxes with far too much packing. I think both would have fitted into the one box.Nevertheless, I have no hesitation in recommending this product as a value-for-money outside occasional chair.


These were a great price. I bought them for a specific trip not really expecting them to last well as they were quite cheap but the quality is fantastic, material really thick and they have been used every day for weeks. They are more comfortable than our 'proper' garden chairs!The cup holder is a nice addition for BBQs etc. The colour is great too and has stayed vibrant. They fold and unfold really easily and actually fit back into the storage bags with no trouble, which is not always the case with such things! The are lightweight and easy to carry.They wipe clean easily which is great with children (and adults after a merry bbq.)


2 of these arrived yesterday having been ordered the day before on standard delivery and I have to say, for the money, I'm impressed. They were well packaged and come with their own carry bag with handle. The chairs themselves unfold and collapse very easily and importantly slot back into their carry bags with very little effort. On testing, they are comfortable to sit in, though I haven't done so for a long period yet, they also feel sturdy and able to withstand prolonged use. My only criticism would be that the mesh used on the drinks holder seems a little flimsy but again, it hasn't really been tested properly yet. Recommended.


I recently oredered this product for the upcoming Reading Festival which is in a few days now and so far my overall impressions are good. All together I was charged £7.26 for this chair including delivery and ordered it on a Sunday and it was delivered to me the following Wednesday so delivery was good. The chair itself was bigger and heavier then expected but that's not a problem for me. It comes in a large carrying case which atm looks durable. The chair itself is stable and looks like it will hold. Some of the stitching is a bit bad but then it was only £7. I will update this review after the festival.


I had recently bought a small outdoor table and two chairs for my back garden. But my sister in law is staying with us at the moment so we were a chair short when having a drink, or smoke, outside in the evening. Anticipating this shortfall I went on amazon prime and ordered this camp chair for next day delivery.It's easy to set up, seems fairly durable and has an attractive design. It's perfect and comfortable for both my wife and her sister though a bit snug on the back for me; I'm just over six feet tall, I'd say if you're around my height don't buy but if you're a few inches shorter you'll be fine.


Many reviews of these types of camping chairs say they break very easily, so I was a little worried about ordering these. However, so far (after two weeks of intermittent use) there are no signs of wear and tear at all, and seem pretty good quality. The shape of the canvas seat isn't particularly supportive for the spine, but it's fine for a few hours use. They fold up easily and the included carry-bag is an excellent addition that makes them truly portable (they're not heavy) and not all these types of chairs come with them. Definitely recommended, based on our experience so far!


We bought a pair of these chairs to take to a one-day festival to avoid having to sit on the ground all day. When folded, they are light and small enough to sling over your shoulder and carry on public transport without bashing other passengers. Once at the festival and unfolded they proved to be very comfortable for the whole day. The drinks holder in the arm is a great detail and held the wine glasses from our picnic hamper easily and securely. At the end of the night (despite the wine), they were simple to fold up, put back in the bag and carry home. I'm happy to recommend.


This is either 3/4 starsWas bought as a gift for the bf before he went to a festival.These chairs can't usually withstand bad treatment.. but this chair ripped within a short time.(The fabric around the frame i believe)It's still useable (we've had a different one with the same area duct taped going on a good few years)and i am not sure if the damage was a weakness in the chair .. or boys being rough .. so i didn't want to rate it too low.Bought for £9.59 it was a low price, and i will have to see how it fares next year.


Ordered during lockdown and still received in less than 24 hours. Very happy with that. I bought two chairs to take out to different property/construction/film location sites so we'd have chairs handy in the car if we fancy lunch outside in the summer. The cloud is good as they shouldn't show any marks. They are lightweight (2.2kg) in a handy carry bag with a shoulder strap. very simple to put up, takes 1 second! very simple to fold up and put back in bag (2 seconds! The quality appears decent too. Recommended.


Sturdy and well made. I haven't owned these long so cannot comment on durability. Back would be better if it was higher. Legs are wide enough apart for it to be stable.Only complaint was with the delivery. I ordered two of these chairs on the same order, one came one day and another three days later. As I was away for the second delivery it was sent back I was given a refund. I had to order again and as the order was under £20 I had to buy an extra item so that I didn't have to pay postage.


I bought 3 and took them camping. Just as comfy as I expected. Did a fair bit of sitting down too :-)They fit nicely back into their bags (often the bags are just too tight), quite light to carry, just what I was hoping for.And my 4/6 year old have one too, didn't waste money on a "kids" one......and they can reach our table. So fine for quite young kids.Note I am only 5ft2, these are adult chairs but if you are a taller person check another review for suitability for taller people.
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