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A good, handy, little stool and good value for the money - but.... just be careful to make sure, each time you re-open it, that the top of each of the 'legs' are all still correctly inserted into the 'padded seat pockets' BEFORE you sit on it! I didn't and unfortunately, whilst the stool was in the 'closed' position one of the legs had moved/come out of the padded pocket - I'm not a 'heavy' person but my weight was enough to force the leg threw the unprotected material causing a tear/hole - and causing me, unceremoniously, to topple onto the ground - not a good look (a painful lesson learnt!!!)


I read quite a few reviews about this and other stools and for the price I would give it a go. the item arrived before the due date and I used it on my trip to brands hatch, watching the bike racing. the stool is comfortable and light enough to put in my rucksack. I had no problems with the stool supporting me (72 kg). it will be again on my next trip !


This lightweight yet robust stool is the only one in its category that has a long enough Velcro strip to hold the stool closed for carrying. All the others have strips so short it is hard to close them. I take it on demonstrations, to art galleries and anywhere where sitting at the front will get me a better view.


Yes I do love it, yesterday was the first time I've had the opportunity to use it. My wife dragged me to the shops, after I had foundthe items I required my usefulness had ceased so instead of having to stand around for an hour and half I was able to sit on my stool, great.


What a handy stool this is just right for keeping in the car, or taking to the local park to watch a local team play football.Comes with a handy carry case, and is nice and light so no probs carrying around.


A bit fiddly to put up, but I am the sort of person who finds most dexterous tasks a challenge! I mastered it after about 2-3 minutes.It is lightweight and doesn't take up too much room.


I am very pleased with this product. Very good value and sturdy. I have found it useful on walks with my dogs for a quiet sit down! Thank you


Easy to set up, handing carrying strap, stable and wide enough to sit on. Just what I wanted for packed commuter trains.


The item it is very good and lite and easy to carry while traveling and gowing out.


It is quick to unfold and fold and it very comfy to sit on


Sturdy light folds easy to fit in backpack


Good sturdy seat, fantastic


As advertised. Recommended.


Small portable and strong


It's for small people.
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