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I'm training for a sportive at the moment and first took these after having a horrendous headache the day after a long training session. They were recommended by a local sports nutrition store and sure enough within about 30 minutes the headache had gone. Drinking water and having some salty crisps or a salty meal after training isn't enough as you miss out on the potassium salts.These have two benefits - you get the full range of salts you need and they taste great so you tend to hydrate properly by drinking more.I also find they don't sit in your stomach like water can. I prefer the berry flavour but the cherry orange is also nice (reminds me of Sherbet Dips as a kid). They also do a caffeinated version as an added boost.I've found I perform better without cramping muscles during exercise and don't get headaches or fatigue during recovery.My only caution is that these don't contain any sugar so won't fuel you - make sure you have plenty carbohydrates and use gels or other sugars as required.
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I have been training for RideLondon and previous years, i have found the feed stations were empty so this year i wanted to get my nutrition right and be self sufficient. These certainly helped they come in a convenience tube which you can slide in your jersey or kitbag, i slide them into my camelbak, as they are sugar free you don't get the spikes, however you will need to eat carb products alongside them. The main difference for me is i tried the normal fructose high 5, which made feel incredibly nauseous,especially at effort, where as with these i felt absolutely fine. i did however sweat a lot of salt, but that i discovered was because i wasn't taking enough carbs so you will need to supplement this with carb bars/gels etc ignorer for the electrolyte and magnesium once i learnt that. this product was a god send the magnesium also meant i had less aches and pains.i bet this product would be amazing for a hangover not tried that yet:)
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Once they arrived I couldn't wait to try them so I filled a glass and dropped in a tablet, I did a rookie mistake of crushing up the table with a knife and stirring the mixture to get it ready quick and I downed it. I was a little let down with the taste....But the day of my ride I made up my water bottle and dropped in the tablet, I left it while I got my gear ready then came back and gave it a shake and popped it on my bike. I set off and after a while decided to have a sip, the flavour was great!Alot stronger than my first attempt, I think it needed to infuse a while to really bring out the flavour. While I was out I had about 1/4 of my drink left so I topped it up with water at a friend's the flavor was still there even diluted. I also found that my mouth wasn't as dry as when drinking just water and must admit I did feel better hydrated than previous rides on just regular water. I will be picking up these again.
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Water has become so much more drinkable. My daily intake now exceeds 2 litres and general tiredness, muscle-ache and disgruntlement has reduced significantly. Being isotonic the drink doesn't hang around in your stomach leaving that bloated sensation so common with plain water rehydration.Single strength before a run and a litre of double strength immediately after a run has done away with the calf soreness and muscle cramps I've put up with and come to expect after exercise for the last 25 years.I can confidently ascribe these benefits to High Five as all the above benefits arrived together as soon as I started drinking it - I have made no other changes to my regime (other than now exercising more frequently). The absence of sugar means one's teeth are not coated in syrup as happens with many other isotonic drinks.
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The items arrived well packaged and on time. When the postman knocked, I was having my breakfast so you can imagine my surprise. Luckily, it was only toast so it didn't spoil.I used the tablets on my bike and I didn't cramp at all. The bike did get really muddy though and it took ages to clean, not that I'm blaming the tablets of course. I like the round tube, it makes it easy to use and it fits in my yellow rucksack that I bought from Lidl when they were having a sale on a few months ago.I also bought a pump there that is really good. I think its aluminium!Would highly recommend these tablets for any cyclist, whether you're racing or just out for the day down to Padstow with the family for a beer and an ice cream on the harbour wall. Its nice down there, would recommend it!
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I am always sceptical of the claims made for many 'health and sports foods' but these High5 Zero drinks tablets really do appear to work, with the added advantage that they taste good too.Normally I usually just have a water bottle of chilled water when exercising but dislike the bland taste so started looking around for something to make it better. I tried the High5 Zero tablets and have been pleasantly surprised by the results. The citrus and berry flavours taste very good and I use 1 tablet in a large drinks bottle of water.During exercise I drink small amounts over the course of my routines and have found I feel much more hydrated and have more energy (this last but may be a placebo effect as I have done no scientific analysis) than I ever felt when just drinking water.
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I often suffer dehydration (headaches) after a long run and these have been very essential in helping avoid this situation. I am not a fan of the standard enery drinks and I also like to avoid uneccessary sugars. So the only realistic option is a hydration drink. I like the fact that you can just take a tablet with you and mix it to a drink of water if you requre a little extra hydration. You can add 1 or 2 tablets depending on taste and volume. I have tried all flavours and they are all quite nice,I opted for the cherry orange with this order. I think when you buy in bulk the value is pretty good. So these are a must for anyone doing serious exercise, they help keep you hydrated and they tatse good. Keeping well hydrated will benefit anyone doing exercise.
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I regularly take part in cardio type exercises (back to back gym classes, half marathons or cycle sportives) that last around 2 hours or so and I found myself prone to getting quite painful cramps, even though I drank sufficient water during exercise. If I remembered to drink tonic water afterwards that would help but I decided to try these electrolyte tablets as I thought that the salt ions would help address salt loss. I have been putting them in my water for every session for a few weeks now and I not only drink more water during and after sessions,as it tastes nicer, but I have not recently suffered any cramps. They are calorie free as I do not feel that extra calories are required unless the session exceeds 2 hours. Well worth a try.
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Great product perfect for shorter training sessions when you don't need the extra sugar boost from carbahydrate energy drinks. I use them before for quick hydration and during rides of up to 2 hours or when I'm in the gym.The berry ones are my favourite and I find they are very light on the stomach and easy to drink and seem to work well. Took these on a diving holiday to eygpt and they were perfect for staying hydrated in between dives.As a firefighter I also use them at work where hydration isof the upmost importance and keep a tube in my kit bag all the time for after jobs and quick re-hydration.No problem with the seller, cheapest and with quick delivery to the channel islands within 2 days I'm just about to order some more.
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I used this product on Monday of this week before I ran the Dublin marathon & I think it was really helpful from the point of view of keeping my muscles cramp free. The only criticism I have is that you need to use the tabs with a lot of water so its not very practicle on the move. On the morning of the race I mixed 2 tabs in 750mls of water & then divided it between 2 smaller bottles. The first I drank before the race & the second as we set off.I really feel it helped & I was able to keep my electrolytes topped up throughout with powder saches requiring only 300mls of water as I went round the course. I have no hesitation in recommending these tabs as they are certainly easy to mix, do not leave a chalky residue & taste good.
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