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It's protein. What more can I add?Make sure you stir it really well as with all powdered drinks of this nature you can end up with lumps. I get round this by putting the powder in a glass, and then pouring water in just enough to cover the powder and I give that a good stir. I then add the rest of the water (if you're using milk I suspect this is probably the best way to do it too) and give it a good final stir. That seems to eliminate any lumps. Doesn't taste too bad either. Quite a strong chocolate flavour but by no means overpowering, and seems to have a slight natural sweetness. Better than the flavour of some other powders I have used.


Love this stuff, as in I like the taste (especially when put in a blender with milk and a few bananas) and I find it really helps my legs/knees recover much faster from longer runs. If I do an 8-13 mile run and don't take this afterwards it takes me 2-3 days to recover but if I use this then it only takes me 1 day so I can run every other day using this.Oh and this seems to be the best price around I can find for it.


Convenient measures (400 ml servings) and a reasonable taste ( I actually personally prefer mixed fruit flavours) however takes a little while to dissolve and I suggest constant stirring adding a little powder at a time - time consuming. Could be considered a little pricy when compared to unmeasured bulk buying however I only use infrequently after long hikes so am prepared to pay a little extra.


As a swimmer, I have been using this now for years, can only recommend it. Faster recovery and supplements needing to eat after training, which I find hard to do so this works perfectly for me. Mixes well and tastes great. Use cold skimmed milk. I swim a tough 2-3Km a session so this is much needed.


I’ve tried all the flavours and have found this to be quite tasty though the chocolate flavour wins hands down. This flavour also forms a layer of froth at the bottom of the shaker which is hard to drink. You need to add more water to drink it. However it’s cheaper than the chocolate.


I'm doin a marathon in June so the big mileage is ongoing now and after my long run I am totally shattered so I hav tried different protein drinks but this stuff is truly amazing. I mix it with skimmed or semi skimmed milk and my recovery is complete within the half hour. Just try it.


Tastes great and does a brilliant job helping recovery time after a hard training session. Mixes well and does not sit in the stomach. Great product and suits my needs perfectly (although may have a little too much carbohydrate content for those who want max protein intake).


This drink mixes well and doesn’t mess up the stomach when drunk even after long runs. Minor item - it froths a bit too much at the bottom of the shaker which is hard to drink without using extra water. I didn’t find the chocolate flavour to be like that..


Great product, lovely flavour and easy to drink. I’ve been using High 5 for years and this recover drink is an excellent product in the range. I make it with water, pop in fridge and have after a run or ride. Easy to drink with a lovely natural flavour.


This really takes the edge off after a long ride or run, meaning I can cool down and stretch properly without hunger cutting my routine short.Very tasty, especially with warm milk as I said. Mix in a flask that you can shake and it'll be lump-free


Bought these after using a sampler. Only used with water, but i really like the taste. Use after long cycling rides, in water bottle shaken thoroughly, and nice refreshing drink. No muscle soreness, and ready for next ride, so seem to work well.


It is always useful to have some sort of recovery drink following high intensity training. This protein drink mixes very easily which means it will be easier to absorb. I usually mix it with warmed skimmed milk


Not highly soluble in cold water/milk but a bit of warmth soon helps. The lumps taste nice anyway. Otherwise seems to help recovery from running half and full marathons. Plastic measure included.


Very happy with purchase arrived in good time. Tasted fine as a lot of these drinks don't.Served the purpose for what I needed at the time. Would have no problem dealing with you again.


i stared using this product as a top up after long bike rides and have found that has helped in a little way to recover can be mixed with water or milk which is good so yes very pleased
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