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I just completed a 12km trail run / muddy assault course and packed 4 of these with me (all that could fit in my pockets).Having consumed a couple before the race I didnt notice any kind of buzz and was therefore a bit of a sceptic. If anything they will give me some liquid prior to the water stops.The instructions recommend 3 an hour. I gave it half an hour into the run before consuming first one. I was feeling tired as was running at maximum. On consuming the first one it was good to get some fluid but initially I didnt get any feeling of energy. 5 minutes later it really did pick me up. From then onwards ever 20 minutes I consumed one and could feel my energy levels boost and tieredness drop with consumption.It's just a shame they dont last longer.1 every 20 minutes on a long run means you just cant carry enough of them. They are very fluid, more like when you make jelly at home, when it is in its most liquid state just as you melt the jelly in, thats the type of texture. very easy to consume.If they could make them more powerful, even if in a thicker texture that could make them last longer that would be better.However otherwise I really can't complain. These pulled me through and I felt a lot better than I did the previous race when I didnt have them.You do need to be at 100% to feel the benefit. If you think you'll use just to give yourself a general boost (hangover, tiredness etc) then this isnt going to work for you.The other thing would be to round the corners off the sachets. When you stuff them in your arm or back pocket the corners are pretty sharp. I'd like to see that dealt with.Finally.. Would be cool if they could make these in material that you could just throw away on the trail knowing it will quickly decompose. I ended up having to fold these up and stuff them back in my pockets, again jabbing myself with the sharp corners.Thats all folks.
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Bought these for my 3rd marathon as previously used sis but the gels on the course were going to be hi-5. I always found sis gels to be thick and gloopy, not to mention messy! These hi-5 gels are much thinner, like a drink and as a result as much easier to get down you, especially in the latter part of a race when you are tired and have a dry mouth. I'd definitely recommend them, I bought the summer fruits and thought they tasted quite nice too, not as artificial tasting as sis gels.


I've only ever tasted the Berry flavour Iso Gel and it tastes good. I do feel that it does the job, in that it gives you a boost. High5 recommend to use 3 per hour, but when I'm cycling (road) I will normally use 1 pouch every 20-25km or so (45 mins) and I find that's enough for me. A swig of water to clear the mouth and you're done. Not had any of the stomach problems from using these as some others have said. Would definitely buy these again.


Good points :Easy to 'eat' on the run, as has water added.Much more palatable than concentrated gels. Nice taste.Larger size means less to carry round.Drawback - hard to rip top off - had to ask someone else to do it every time!Big annoyance - only 5 months to use gels up from date received. Should have had a year left on use- by date.Bought for my first marathon, so many gels will not get used in time.


Have previously used High 5 gels for endurance sports but the isogel definitely is a huge improvement. The Isogel does not require water which is a huge bonus since water stops do not always coincide with the time a runner might plan to consume a gel. The are a little larger in volume but with an extra few grams of carbohydrate its worth it! great value and excellent service.


I tried using standard gels for distance running but I didn't like the thick gloopy texture. I got an Isogel as part of a sample pack and was much happier with it. Unlike the other gels I have tried, this is like drinking a shot of juice. No jelly texture. I bought a few individual ones which got expensive so then I bought a whole box in bulk. I'm now ordering my second box!


Having tried various different kinds of gels these are definitely my favourite. Great taste and really palatable texture compared to others which can be quite gloopy. I like the isogels as they are totally liquid which I prefer. Packed full of energy I can certainly tell a difference in my performance after using them.


Fantastic product,gel helped me get through my half marathon.The sachets are more like a drink and not too thick or sickly like many of the gels.I would recommend this product,only downside sometimes difficult to tear open especially when you are running


As a marathon runner these have never let me down. Light on the stomach and not sickly sweet like most gels. Recommend them a million times over!!


I have found this item easy to get along with, it does what it's advertised to do. The item arrived on time and is good value for money.


Best gels I've tried. Not pasty or sickly and actually refreshing. Used whilst marathon training.


Great item and Seller very helpful with a damaged gel (sent me extra). Will buy again.


items as described good use by date a year in advance and fast delivery


Very useful on your long runs and will not weigh you down too much.


Very good value for money. Difficult to tear open!
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