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This is my third time to buy this product since my husband is a marathon runner he needs something good to give him energy. He wanted something that had been scientifically tested and was ideal for athletes to improve their performance. He also wanted something that was easy to use and contained the right amount of nutrients and natural ingredients/colours and most importantly tasted good and refreshing. The 'High5' energy sachets give him all of these. This box comes with 20 sachets of delicious gel which fit snugly into his running gear so easy to carry round. They have an idiot proof opening at the top of the sachet which aids easy use as you can imagine when you are running you want everything to be super easy and fast so not to put you off your stride.They come in different flavours such as banana/orange/lime/mixed something for everyone's palette. The box they come in is ideal to fit in any cupboard or drawer - don't take up a lot of room which is great if you have limited to space like me. I would definitely recommend this to any athlete whether it is running/cycling and so. In fact they were recommended to us by our local running club.
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I am a type 1 diabetic that loves to do fairly average exercise. I have previously suffered with issues related to ‘hypoglycaemia’ (hypos) whilst exercising and was advised by my doctors to try these sorts of products.I use this product whilst I do exercise for more than an hour as a booster to bring my blood sugar (BS) levels up quickly. I usually take this about half way through my exercise as this was usually the most prevalent time for my hypo episodes.So far, they have worked perfectly - the sachets have the perfect amount of carb content to keep me at a safe BS level and they also taste great, which is a huge bonus. They also do not give me that lethargic feeling I’ve got from other products/foods I’ve tried, which is absolutely perfect!Pros:- Taste- Ease it use- Carb content per sachetCons- None so far.
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The High5 brand is my personal preference when it comes to gels. I Find the viscosity to be thinner than that of the SIS equivalent (which almost feel like you're 'necking a sachet of calpol) and the flavors to be sweeter and more pronounced. I Prefer these for those two reasons, not to mention the price is a bit cheaper than other brands (especially direct from their website when they have sales or end of line discounts)However gels are expensive on the whole, and it works out about 70pence per sachet (box of 20 purchased at £13.99). I Typically only have one when cycling, but its recommended to have one every 20 minutes, and if you are on a longer ride you can burn through a big chunk of the box.Overall id recommend,but maybe shop around, buy in bulk or wait for a discount.
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We are used to using SIS gels but as we will be getting High 5 gels in a marathon we are doing we thought we ought to try these out. Delighted with our order, it came well before the estimated date and contained 4 gels in each of 5 different flavours. No caffeine ones, but we wouldn't have minded anyway. We actually prefer these to the previous brand we had been using. Although these are smaller they contain the same amount of carbohydrates so easier to consume on the go and easier to carry. Dead easy to get into with a tear off strip at the top. We've tried all the flavours now and like them all. Wasn't sure I'd like the banana one but it was fine. Definitely does the job,gave us a boost and no worries with upset tummies or anything like that. Will definitely be ordering more!
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Without doubt I would not have completed my first marathon at 50 in around 4 hours had it not been for the fuelling strategy I adopted with these gels at its core.As long as you have trained well and follow the recommendations of taking 2, 15 mins pre race and then 2-3 every hour washed down with 200 ml plus of water, you will finish the race without crashing into any walls.I'm not going to big them up for flavour or palatibilty because quite frankly none of the gels on the market taste great on the run. However of all those I have tried these offer the least gag factor. They are also smaller in size than many others so easier to swallow and wash down.


I really like these gels and they are more competitively priced (at time of purchase) than the SIS gels. The orange High5 gels also taste better than the orange SIS in my opinion. There is a variety of flavours, all of which are more than acceptable - even the banana flavour which I thought sounded a bit dodgy, but turned out to be very nice. They definitely provide a quick boost of energy (in my experience I have noticed a difference in my performance within minutes). They can be taken on the fly, one handed (also using your teeth to rip open the sachet) so no need to stop your ride to reload (assuming you're using them for cycling).


NOT SUITABLE FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH COELIAC DISEASE.I found out the hard way, where I got strange beating in my lower body, throughout the month I was taking them for. I assumed that because it had no allergy advice on it, there was nothing to worry about.What I can say, however, is that taking this allowed me to have plenty of energy for physical activity. I don't know how much of that was natural from foods considering my body was rejecting it, but although I wasn't a chinese acrobat, I in any case had what I needed in order to keep going whenever the going got tough.Sadly, I can no longer continue using it for the above reason.


Bought as a supplement for a upcoming trip up some Welsh mountains. Noticeable boost when used afterwards, felt they tasted fine, used around 2-3 during 8 hours of walking and also ate some light savoury pastries. Only grip would be the sticky residue where you tear off and drink (don't really drink but couldn't think of a better word), you'd get sticky stuff in bag, pocket or where you dispose of, ended up using a sealy bag and all was good. I am a type 2 diabetic and was fine as I was burning the calories up, didn't notice any strange behaviour with my blood sugar either.Wish the box had mixed flavours too!!


The mixed box is great - not only are there 3 flavours ...but one of 3 types is the PLUS product which has caffeine.Orange Apple and Rasberry 'plus'The all taste OK and easy to get them down .... The box is a good price for 20 and lasts a whileTaking the PLUS on a weekend morning sorts out my lethargy and my cycling is definitely more energeticThe only thing this wont be good for is if you're low carb dieting and trying to lose weight because it is basically just carbs so it could spoil your low carb approach. However if you're carb recycling or really going the distance on the exercise then its all good !


Delicious.Great value.Caffeine kick to knock your socks off.I recommend buying a box of none caffeine ones too in order to dilute the concentration of caffeine ingested during a long event wherein too much caffeine could be ingested over the course of the event leading to heart palpitations, over-excitement and loose bowels although I suspect this is largely down to how many delicious, great value caffeine gels you eat/drink (personally I think you drink these but you wouldn't use a glass, but you can't use cutlery either) and how sensitive you are to caffeine.


Well, they're okay - but they are a little thick to consume on the go. I'm considering buying a box of the ISO gel equivalents as they are a little thinner / less viscous, but twice the volume - which means that you can theoretically consume them as a drink while you're running. I've had a stitch with these ones a couple of times - but in fairness, I don't know if that's because of the other liquid I've been drinking or these - could be either.On the whole, I would say that they are good value for money compared to buying them individually on the high street.


Very good price compared with High Street. They're an acquired taste but do the job. Contrary to other reviews, you don't need to take them with water (except maybe to clear the taste!).BUT beware that this mixed box contains some with caffeine (three in my box) and you might not want to take caffeine. I don't. It IS mentioned in the ingredients lower down the web page but should be mentioned in the man description. If you're a regular user of gels you'll know the wide ranges available and probably know that many do and many don't contain caffeine.


Tried these sachets a few years ago to motivate me further with morning workouts in the bleak winter months... they are basically full of sugars so really do give you that energy boost you need whilst the caffeine ones prolong this effect further. I've read these are very good for marathon runners which would make sense, I now use them at halftime for football games for an extra boost and work very well.Flavour of sweet sugar may not be to everyones tastes but I don't mind it and the variety of flavours in this box in particular is a nice touch.


These are great for taking before, during and after sport as they taste good, have some calories in and also a bit of caffeine to improve performance the fraction extra. They could definitely have a few more calories in them as you would need to take a lot to try and stay calorie positive on a long run/cycle and they are insanely sticky if you spill the sachet so watch out when opening them. Not going to remove a star as every energy gel that Ive tried has fallen fowl of these problems and this one at least tastes good!!


These gels are great! In the past I used the High5 powder but used Lucozade gels, but bought the High5 gels this time because I could no longer get the Ludozade gels. Thank goodness - these are far easier to consume, they are almost liquid, not the gloopy gunk that can be hard to confume on the go & the taste is good too. Additionally I could actually feel the diffference - possibly because I was doing a multi-day high-mountain trek on a limited diet (we had to carry everything), so would highly recommend trying these.
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