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This is like a miracle worker for me. I have tried so many things to help me on my long runs and all have ended in disaster ( usually with me being or feeling terribly sick with no energy and just wanting to sleep....took all the pleasure out of running when I needed an afternoon in bed feeling rough to recover and still not 100% the next day.) I have low blood pressure so need to keep electrolyte intake high or I end up dizzy and faint. But I am also one of these people who cannot eat before a run as it just upsets my stomach. So fill myself up with carbs as late the night before as possible, a mug of tea and 250 ml of this before a race and then at least 750ml of this with me made up in my sports bottle or my camelback.This has made running a pleasure and really couldn't run with out it. Can't recommend it enough- tastes fab, mixes well and keep me going- perfect!
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I prefer this to the orange and citrus flavours.I normally use a 50:50 mix of orange juice and water for my energy drink but this powder stuff is handy to have on standby.My main issue with this product is I dont think it mixes particularly well. It’s needs a vigorous shake in a bottle to get it going and then needs time to stand. I’ve found a touch of warm water helps, and then once it’s mostly mixed you can top up with cold. You end up with a lukewarm drink but it tastes absolutely fine.


This is a good energy drink from High5. It mixes well, has no funny side effects and helps me keep going on longer bike rides. Good stuff!I've marked it down a star as I'm not massively sold on the tropical flavour. This is unusual as normally High5s flavours are really good. I normally go for the summer fruits flavour but at the time of purchase this 2.2kg tub of tropical was only slightly more money than 1kg tub of summer fruits so decided to give it a go ;)


This powder mix drink tastes really nice with none of the gluey mouth aftertaste left by some other drinks. That said, if any spills down the side of the bottle it will leave the bottle sticky and then your hands. Guess I just have to be more careful! Not really sure how much extra energy it gives me as I never do the same cycle ride without the drink so can't really compare. But, as above, it tastes nice and I haven't run out of energy yet while using it!


Great stuff! Helps to keep my energy levels up during a ride or in the gym.The 2:1 Glucose/fructose blend apparently increased the carb uptake rate when you're exerting yourself, and should (if sipped regularly during the duration of your exertion) help keep your fuel tank topped up nicely.Lovely subtle, natural flavour that doesn't taint your water bottle (like some other brands). The cost per saving is really low too.


I've been off using energy drinks for several years now, only used these once as they used my stomach! Though this reminded me why previously I used a plain carbohydrate energy drink and added my own cordial to flavour, I appreciate that people's digestive systems are different and perhaps over time mine will tolerate this drink, can't fault the additional energy it provides enabling longer bike rides etc.


Good value for money vs the SiS lemon and lime powder. The flavour is a good balance of sweetness, and the best way I can describe it is as being reminiscent of lemonade ice lollies. Only thing I think could be improved is the packaging size, the powder only comes up to the halfway mark, which is slightly annoying as I have limited cupboard space and it's too big to fit.


I really feel that adding this to my bottles is much better than using plain water when road cycling. I feel that I have more energy and can ride for longer. I'm not 100% sold on the tropical flavour though - it's a little second-choice to orange or something, but I use this whenever I can, even if doing some particularly agressive gardening.


It works for me. takes some getting used to for first timers (don`t go out on a 200miler for the first time on this) as it can be a little too much to stomach, or so I have been told. But have used it for years and it really works on rides over an hour. Have been through gallons of this stuff and it keeps my legs fuelled and tastes great too.


I've never used a sports supplement before, but I was finding on my 7+ mile runs my legs would really ache and I'd get a bit fatigued. This has really helped I must admit, I think. I Don't think it's placebo, and worth a go. I've given 4 stars as the taste is sometimes a bit too oaty for some reason sometimes. Even though there's no oats.


I found this product really good, unlike other products "HIGH5" did not leave the choked up feeling at the back of the throat while going for it on the bike or at the gym. The product/powder is added to water to dissolve, I found this even dissolved well in a standard water bottle leaving no residue/powder.


I find this stuff makes such a difference to my rides. Comes with a little scoop (very handy). Absolutely enormous tub, but all the better for feeling rugged when you're serving it out! Grrr! I like the flavour and haven't found I've got sick of it even after 3 tubs worth of cycling 4 or 5 times a week.


Tried the samples of the High 5 stuff and found it useful and not unpleasant to drink, so bought this tub cheap. Going to take me a while to get through it as I don't use it on all rides, but good stuff and keeps me topped up with energy when on long rides or Sportive events.


I have used this product before, It tastes nice and does what its supposed to do, not like some,As for the price it was a bargain as this is usually more expensive.The service from discount Supplements was second to none very fast service.Thats was why I have given 5 stars


Absolutely love this drink. Mixes well every time with no clumps or lumps and tastes very good. Also isn't as sticky as other drinks if you accidentally spill some on the outside of the bottle. Provides plenty of energy for rides and is currently at a very good price too!
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