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You know a chair is light when your biggest concern is the wind blowing it away.I've been backpacking for 20 years and never considered a chair worth the weight. However, I was recently heading into a mountain range where rain was expected and for the first time I thought about how great it would be to sit in a chair after a rain rather than in the mud somewhere or huddled in my tent. Imagine how brilliant I felt after arriving at my destination at altitude to find that there was actually 6 inches of snow on the ground? Well a little stupid actually because I didn't bother bringing gloves but there I was, sitting in my chair, cooking my food, eating while staying high and dry,watching the sun set while drinking whiskey with a sh*t eating grin ear to ear. With no where to sit except in snow, I was the only person that stayed outside the tent for long periods of time and enjoyed my meals with a view rather than from the inside of a tent where the other campers were no doubt cursing my smart packing into their freeze dried bag dinner of chicken tikka masala.The designers of this chair really made it dummy proof. Set up takes less than 20 seconds, even in the snow with freezing cold fingers. The folded up chair is about the size of a 16 oz water bottle. The base is quite stable but I actually really like that if you want, you can make a very small rocking motion. Would I want to sit in this chair for many hours during a car camping trip? Nope, I'll take my Nemo Stargazer for that (another droolworthy piece of gear). For going places where weight and size matters, this is a shockingly awesome piece of gear and earns its place in your pack.
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I lead my boys' scouting group and we do a lot of backpacking camping. I used to take a Thermarest pad and sit on a rock, but still that was tough on my old knees. This is a dream come true! A super lightweight chair (without the stuff bag, it weighs a pound and fits perfectly in the side pocket of my backpack.A little tricky to set up the first few times. Did not want to force the poles in the pockets for fear of ripping the pockets. Nice there are only 2 pieces though - the poles, which fold up, and the chair seat/back. Nothing to get lost!Not the most comfortable chair to sit in, but better than sitting on the ground. To ensure balance, it is best to stretch out the legs as opposed to keeping them close to the chair.The back is shorter than I would like for normal use, as I would love to rest my shoulders back after a day of backpacking. Regardless of these two design aspects, I love sitting in this chair vs. on the ground. I feel comfortable in the chair from the perspective of holding my weight (5'7" & 170 lbs). I can sit by a fire in this chair for hours and feel comfortable.For cold weather, I purchased REI's Flexlite Chair Underquit which fits the Chair Zero perfectly! The extra insulation is easy to put on and makes a big difference in freezing temps. It is also a lightweight quilt so does not increase the packweight.Overall, glad I have this in my kit to make backpacking more comfortable. Recommend!
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I have owned a Chair One since Helinox first came out with it, but found that I only took it on over night camping trips where a shorter hike was involved or when I car camped. A few weeks ago I section hiked the Appalachian Trail 30 miles from Springer Mountain to Neals Gap. I am 46 years old, weigh 235 pounds, and I found that I really wanted a chair to sit on at the end of the day and in the morning when I eat breakfast and drink my coffee. I am getting older and my back needs more support than I was getting from sitting up against a tree on a foam sit pad. I started wishing that I had my Chair One and thought about how I could pack it and the amount of weight that it would add to my base weight.My Chair One wasn't that heavy, but when you include the bag, it weighed 33.9 ounces. Then I saw the Chair Zero and thought that it is easier for me to add this piece, especially at just over a pound. When I opened the package and pulled this out, I weighed it and found that it was 18.3 ounces with the sleek carrying bag and it is noticeably smaller than my Chair One. I put it together and sat in it and found that it is very comfortable as well. Not quite as comfortable as the Chair One, but so close that I honestly don't care! I will take my Chair One when I car camp and without a doubt take the Chair Zero on every day hike and section hike that I do moving forward. The comfort that it adds is worth the ounces!
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Quick review after receiving the Chair Zero and testing at home. I'll update my review in 3 weeks after we camp a few weekends. First impression is we are blown away by the comfort for the fact that this is designed first and foremost to be light for hike in camping. It's definitely more expensive than others but I truly believe the industry leading weight loss is worth an extra $20-30 for a chair that should last. It's very low to the ground but still comfortable. Granted I'm not big at 5'9 150, but the chair cup is pretty roomy. There is a little bit of stability issues but I think most of these lightweight chairs have that given the low profile. But the 'normal'seated position feels comfortable to sit for a couple of hours, especially after a long hike. Assembly after the first try is easy, as is packing it back up. You are likely paying for the high end aluminum so hopefully it lasts. Outdoor Gear Lab rates this as their top buy so should be good to go. There are most definitely cheaper options out there, and if you don't do hike-in camping I would say try some other chairs that probably have more to them. But if you want a chair that is super light, but still comfortable for any type of camping. This might be it. I'll be back to review after really breaking them in.
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The greatest pro of this chair is the weight. It weighs practically nothing - I clipped it to a belt. It's also easy to put together and store back in the pouch. It's not the most comfortable chair, but it serves the purpose well. I'm not sure I'd want to sit in it for hours on end but it works well for shorter periods of time (I'd say 3 hours would be pushing it past the level of comfort). I weigh less than 130 lbs and my husband weighs less than 190 lbs. He felt the same as I did about it for comfort. It's probably the best you can get for the amount of material and weight, but I'm not sure it's really worth the high price tag unless you plan on using it many times.It would probably be fantastic for hikers - the feather weight plus compact size. We took it to the diamond mines in Arkansas and it definitely took the strain off of digging and sifting. It sits quite low to the ground and would work best on a flat, hard surface - although we had no serious issues with it in the dry dirt (a little wobbly but didn't feel like it was going to snap or anything). It was also extremely hot (pushing 100 F) when we went and I didn't find the chair too hot or sweaty. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a compact, light weight chair that doesn't mind spending the extra $$.
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I cannot say enough about how much I love my chair zero. I have downsized and paid high prices for other new ultralight gear just so I can get a pound off my baseweight so I can carry this chair...lol....I have some musculoskeletal issues, and due to that have a lot of difficulty getting off the ground if I cannot find a tree stump or rock to sit on. So...this chair has saved the day. I literally would not be able to hike without it due to these health issues. Very quick to set up and take down. I will say I learned pretty fast the ground sheet is an essential item depending on the type of surface you are camping on. The feet sink into sandy ground or certain other type of ground surfaces.And the groundsheet prevents that. The ground sheet is heavy though....really think they need to work on lightening that up. My only issue with the chair is I wish it was just an inch or two higher off the ground, that would make it perfect. I have another of the helinox chairs, which is about double the weight of this one. Seems like they could make this one just a tad bit taller without adding too much weight, I for one would be willing to give it a try! So....my order would be for a chair just a couple of inches higher off the ground, and a much much lighter ground sheet.
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On a cold, damp, late November hike in northeast Pennsylvania, my wife stood while we took a break for lunch, rather than sit on a rock, fallen tree, or the ground. Most hints and subtleties are wasted on me. But, Christmas and her birthday are two weeks apart and both were closing in on me like a Port Authority bus. I squatted over a pot of boiling water, making soup and coffee while she stood in the cold, sparing me her thoughts. I hadn't managed to come up with a gift she actually liked, wore, or used in years. The last decent hit was a remote start installed in her car at least 15 years ago. It was a long shot, but my score was tanking, and my undefended full court hail mary throws land more often than my layups.I looked at several chairs and sit pads. Sintax77 had a few reviews on YouTube. This chair was one of them. I ordered it. This chair has been at least as much a hit as the remote start. It weighs almost nothing, it's folds up very small. She takes it on every hike, won't let me carry it. Other reviewers remarked that it was difficult to get in and out of. She doesn't have any problem at all. I'd buy a second one for me, but 30+ years of marriage, I know that'd be a bad move. Buy her this. She deserves it.
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One of the least enjoyable things about backpacking is carrying the weight of your gear. Because of that, a chair is not normally something you should take backpacking.However, it is incredibly satisfying at the end of a long hike to recline back, off the ground, in a comfortable chair.The Chair Zero is the solution. I can’t believe any serious backpacker would rate this product poorly. It only weighs 1 pound and it provides incredible luxury at the end of a long day of hiking.It’s worth every penny that it costs and every ounce of weight to carry it.Are you going to take it on a hardcore super ultralight trip? Maybe not.But I can think of a lot of things I’ll leave at home before my Chair Zero.If you are a “weekend warrior” it’s a no-brainer.But if you are not carrying your gear (car camping), there are many other more comfortable, cheaper, and heavier products available. That’s not what this thing is for.
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I purchased this chair for an upcoming hunting trip and decided to take ot out on a camping trip this weekend. The chair is a fraction of the weight that those other "lightweight backpacking" chairs are. Seriously it's crazy how light it is! My wife bought 2 of those other ones with the orange and a buddy had a different one...mine was by far the lightest weight. At first look, it seemed like it couldn't possibly be strong enough to hold me(165 lbs) but it had no issues. It could probably hold much more tbh. I also never fell over like my buddy and his wife did in the other ones. Im happy with my purchase and will definitely recommend this chair to anyone trying to cut a bunch of weight outof their pack.
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Speaking only for myself and at least one other over-50 AT section hiker, the comfort and convenience of having a chair with a back you can lean into at the end of a hard day of wondering in the mountains is superior to any sit pad or log you can find. Get to a summit, pop the chair out, and enjoy your mountain views in comfort. Only issue we have had with the chairs is they easily sink in soft soil. Easily rectified with cheap, lightweight plastic furniture sliders or the helinox ground sheet. Also recommend securing a chair zero to something in case of a strong wind. They are very light and do fly off easily.


After using this chair on several summer backpacking trips, I must admit I prefer the larger, heavier Chair One. This chair is a pound lighter, but it's closer to the ground and it gets kind of tiresome getting in and out of it around the campfire at night. You're also sitting lower than the Chair One, which can be a bit awkward if everyone else has a higher chair. It's got the same great construction as the other Helinox products, I'm just not sure losing an extra pound is worth the caveats. I will likely continue to use the Chair One and this will be a backup for someone else on my future trips.


This chair is great! I've used it on a few hikes now and it's light weight and easy to set up. Once it's set up it's comfortable to sit in. In fact it's so light weight that when I want sitting in it a slight wind knocked out over. I guess if you're at the top of a mountain that would be something to look out for. if you plan on getting up on a windy day you might want to think about putting you pack on this chair so it doesn't fly away. When you're done hanging out it's easy to pack up and put back into it's carrying case. I look forward to using this chair on many hikes in the future.


I've reached the age where rocks or logs won't do for anything more than an over-nighter. Frankly, had a chair THIS LIGHT been available years ago, I'd have packed it. IT WILL PROVIDE FAR MORE REST AND COMFORT THAN IS EXPENDED IN GETTING IT TO YOUR DESTINATION. Granted, it is not the biggest, nor most comfortable in their lineup. The idea is that it is a VAST IMPROVEMENT over ROCKS and LOGS at minimal weight. It is well achieved.Cons: A bit of movement and not for large people.The color on mine is a delightful olive/ bronze. I'm even happier with this surprise.


I can't say enough about this chair. I love backpacking and I never had any comfortable chair to sit on out on the trail. I would always sit on a piece of foam. Most of all the chairs I tested were just too heavy to take in my backpack. Finally, they created a chair that is not only practical, comfortable, affordable , but also super light weight. I also purchased the Helinox Ground Sheet. This is a must if you plan to use it on soft ground or the beach. 5 stars for this guy. It has made such a difference in my on my journey's.


Super lightweight, can't believe this little thing is so comfy. Really love it and it is always packed, which is why it's worth the money. I never leave it behind. It's super small and compact when folded up. I had purchased some cheap knock offs for $15 before this. They were HEAVY and much bulkier. Barely ever used them, maybe once. I did run across a knock off at Meijers the other day... wasn't too shabby, a little heavier but overall footprint was similar and price was 1/3. Might be an alternative for casual use.
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