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Absolutely superb piece of kit...I weigh 17 stones and 6ft tall. First day tested it and sat and watched a very long film "Interstellar" in my front room and no cramp,really comfortable, in fact the film was so boring I fell asleep in the Helinox Chair One, so there's an endorsement if ever there was one.I am a photographer so it comes everywhere and you don't even know you are carrying it.I managed to get a shoulder strap to carry it. So maybe Helinox will consider providing one in future.I also purchased some of the Concept4u 7/8" 22mm Rubber Walking Stick Ferrule Protector - 4 Pack ( Cane Crutch Bottom End / Chair Feet / Stool Leg Ferrules ) from Amazon £2.65 for when I sit on soft ground and they work perfectly.They fit tightly over the existing rubber feet so they don't fall off when you pick it up, and the chair still fits perfectly into the bag with them fitted.It maybe more expensive than the cheap Chinese copies but I read several reviews where the cheap ones broke, and looking at the Helinox the quality is as good as it get's. In fact I recommended it to 3 other friends so far and they have all purchased one with the same impressive results.
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Ok, I'm impressed! Super light weight and sturdy! I am a real snob when it comes to quality of materials and build quality. This product hits all the marks. It is light weight, packs small and it is very strong. I am 5' 7" and weigh in at a hefty 200 pounds and this chair does not even budge. It does move a bit and sway, but that comes with the design. It is actually very comfortable. There are only 2 things I would change about the design. The legs are very thin and it does sink into the sand, to fix this I purchased 4 tennis balls and made cuts in them and now it floats on the sand very well. They have the balls as additional attachments, but for 30 dollars, and a hefty weight penalty that is absurd!They should include different leg attachments for different terrains. Adjust price accordingly, it will be worth it. I would also like to have arm rests with a cup holder, but I know that will add cost, weight and complexity. All that being said, it is still a 5 star product and worth every penny given all that is achieved in such a light weigh and small package.
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I purchased this chair exclusively for hiking. I'm not an ultralight hiker by any means, but I believe in carrying only what I need, and what I need has to be simple, effective and good quality. While a chair is by no means a necessity when hiking, it's a luxury that gives you such a huge morale boost. At ~2lbs, this chair is the ticket. It's sturdy, extremely comfortable, and the fact that it's low-slung means you can stretch out and genuinely relax.At 6'2 and 270lbs, it can be pretty tough to find outdoor gear that can handle the abuse I dish out. But this chair doesn't have a single problem handling everything I can throw at it.The pouch itself isn't amazing- but the strip of MOLLE webbing on it can come in handy for attaching it to your pack.But I would say that you shouldn't bother with it, or you'll run the risk of ripping it on the trail should it get snagged.Five stars. I love this thing. Comfort and morale for years to come are well worth $100.
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My dear old portable chair was nearing the end of its days and I was looking for something lightweight to replace it. This little chair is fantastic. Being a back sufferer I needed a light, stowable but comfortable chair for picnics and the beach and this is just fantastic. It is easy and quick to assemble and always looks good. It holds its position well on the ground and in sand. With a small lumbar cushion I can sit comfortably in the Helinox for ages. It seems to adapt itself to your shape and position. I love the tubular construction and the blue colour. It's strong but so portable you can easily pack it in a suitcase or pop it in a beach bag. Being low,it can present a challenge to get out of but I'm used to it now and it's not a problem as it is strong and stable. It's the lightest chair I have ever found and I'm absolutely thrilled with it.
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At 210 lbs I find these "packable" chairs to be too little to support me but this one is well engineered. It packs small and is very light. I used mine in a kayak and was able to enjoy a seat on private beaches that was comfortable enough for a whole day.I keep two in the trunk for emergencies and they hardly take up any room. I bought a roll up table as well but haven't used it yet.Why not 5 stars? It's a little tricky in the sand. In order to get the tilt right you need to get the knack and plan for some digging in by the feet. I'm not sure how to adjust for that. The old style two piece wooden chairs are easier to get the right recline angle in but they are far less packable.So overall I'd highly recommend these,especially for people tired of bending those other folding chairs into refuse because they aren't designed for the 200+ crowd.
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I dig this little chair. In spite of its diminutive size, it is easy to get into and back out of. It feels sturdy for a full grown man (6 foot tall, 195 lbs), but doesn't weigh much. It takes less than a minute to pull it out of a backpack, put it together, and sit down comfortably. You can literally just shake the frame, while gravity and elastic cords make the arms and legs basically assemble themselves. The seat bucket is well made, with duly reinforced corner pockets. I've taken it out for a few trips already, and can attest that it works well for sitting around the campfire up in the pines, scouting and glassing along a desert canyon, or relaxing during an overnight kayak trip.Looking forward to easily tucking this cool little chair into my saddlebag on my next motorcycle trip. You can take a load off, without having to carry a heavy load!
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People usually default to the Kermit chair for motorcycle camping because they're sturdy and made domestically, but this chair is going to give it a run for its money. This chair packs down really small, is very comfortable, strong, light, and it sways a bit like a mini rocking effect because of the way the material is mounted to the frame. Assembly is also really easy. It's just like those tent poles with the bungee running through them.The one knock I'd have on this chair is the feet are too small. It probably needs a different flatter shoe to work out in different terrain like sand. I'm 6'0" and 280 and this chair feels perfectly fine and wide enough for me (with maybe an inch or two of room on my sides left.You are reclined a bit in the chair, so this probably won't work well for tending your stove or working on stuff.
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I purchased this for its portability, as the intent is to take with me on motorcycle camping trips. The Kermit chair is designed to for this purpose, and has years of good press for just that purpose. It is a bit more expensive than this chair, and doesn't pack nearly as small. I'm sure it's a great chair, but took my chances on this.Ordered late in the season last year, did not get to use until just tonight. Went together no problem and was done in 30 seconds. It seemed a bit wobbly at first, but you just have to have a little faith in this chair. I'm No lightweight, and this chair is wide enough for me,and after giving in to trusting that it's not just going to explode - it's actually fairly comfortable.
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I do love this & so does everyone who sees me with it until I tell them the price! Its so comfy My family keep stealing it off me when I leave to get something & I have to turf them out when back... It's very easy to assemble & dissemble, can fit it in a decent size back pack or carry it around its so light. I use it for festivals, picnics, motor sport events & it's perfect as I get a sore back either good support & this allows me to lounge at a comfortable yet supported position. I'm a size 16 so fairly curvy but feel it takes my weight fine. Apart from Having nowhere to put my drink safely, the only other down side is the price, but you do get what you pay for with this product


First, I hate to buy cheap product and regret after a couple of use.Superfast delivery - I ordered on Wednesday, 10th June, and the product was delivered on Thursday 11th !!Weight - very, very, very light. About the weight of a half pint of milk.Volume - can be easily put inside your rug sack, almost any size. Provided carry back is, or seems to be, coated for waterproof.Ease of use - I didn't have to look for any manual when purchased this. Just open the bag, take the frame out, 'shake' a couple of times, then boom.Personally I have high trust in the products which won Red Dot design award, and this product is in the list of my all time favorite - camping chair section.


First of all - it is easy to assemble. Everything goes together intuitively and easily.Second - The little pockets the poles fit into are very reinforced. I don't ever anticipate a problem.Third - it is comfortable. We took them with us on an off-road trip to the Grand Canyon and spent hours just sitting and taking in the view. We also packed them with us for the day hikes down into the canyon.Fourth - it goes back in it's carry case easily - you don't stuff anything. The zippered case is well designed.Fifth - the carry case has strappy things to attach to a pack and a big loop for hanging when you go to store it.I am very pleased with this purchase.


These are the best chairs! We use them on motorcycle trips. They are VERY small and light, so easy to carry, and easy to put together. I also pack with me for flying to beach locations, fits easily in my carry on bag. The construction is great, they feel very sturdy and well made. My husband has a "Kermit" chair, which is also very well made, but cost $150, and is larger and heavier than this chair. If I'd known about this, we probably wouldn't have bought the Kermit chair.These cost a bit more than the REI version, but I think they are sturdier. I have the blue/black and friends have the red. Both are great looking.


I am someone who never normally writes reviews but felt I had to as this chair is absolutely brilliant! I did hesitate at the price but I do a lot of serious hiking and after a lot of research decided to take the plunge and buy it. Well, I am so delighted that I did, what a clever design! Simple and very quick to put together, literally a few seconds and so comfy and strong. Folds down so small it fits in either a small backpack or rucksack with ease and it's so light! I would not hesitate to recommend this chair to anyone. If I could have given it 10 stars I would have but only five are allowed!


We purchased two of these chairs following a review in a photography magazine and watching the companies own website video. The chair is incredibly light and very quick and easy to assemble. Comfort is good. The chair would be great in a low tent where height is important. Fortunately it is also easy to disassemble and put back in it's bag, even in the dark. I managed to get both packed chairs in a 25 litre backpack including dslr camera gear. Quality is excellent and the chairs should last for years. The only thing to watch is that they don't blow away on a windy day if you are not in the chair.


As a person who loves outdoor festivals this is just what I was looking for. It's so lightweight and so compact that it easily fits into a backpack or tote bag. If you are moving from place to place it's ideal. It takes seconds to set up and is very stable. It's comfortable for short spells but the only drawback is that you can't take a nap in it (unless you are so exhausted that you can sleep with no head or neck support). I would pay for a slightly larger version with more back support and even a cup holder. However, I can make do without the cup holder. :-)
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