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These work as expected. Easy to wrap the racket handle, and they stay on. And they look great (I got the yellow ones). One minor quibble is that after a while (a month of daily use for me) the grip started to become slippery. Not so slippery that it will fly out of my hands, but this may be a problem for others who do not have a strong grip. Not a deal breaker for me, but be forewarned.This is a wrap (not a tape), and much like most grip replacements and overgrips it is not adhesive on any side. To properly use this on a racket, you have to slightly pull on the tape as you apply it onto the handle. This will help prevent the wrap from unraveling during use.I would definitely buy again.


This overgrip provides excellent grip to your handle. It is easy to apply because of the rough, unsticky underside to the overgrip which allows for greater movement and placing when applying the overgrip.However these overgrips are very short in comparison to others i've tried. It wouldn't go all the way up my 27 1/3 inch racquet's handle but this isn't a problem as i don't use all of the handle anyways.The grip handles sweat absorption greatly - it basically doesn't lose any tack when you sweat.Was quickly delivered and was packaged safely.


In the past I have bought many overgrips from sports stores and they have varied considerably in quality. I bought these almost a year ago and they're still holding up. I am still on the first one despite playing two to three times a week. This overgrip has certainly proved itself to be durable and only now is it starting to look a little tatty (but not overly so). To be honest, I didn't expect very much for the price I was paying so this has been a welcome surprise. Fantastic value? Undoubtedly.


I guess this isn't what most people use this product for, but I recently had to start using crutches and the crutches that I got were hard plastic, slippery, sweaty and uncomfortable for more than a few steps. A friend of mine who used to play tennis recommended these. It has made a huge difference for my comfort and grip and has made my life a bit easier.I don't know why there's only 3 in a pack, 4 would make more sense but then again I doubt they intended this to be used on crutches.


I ended up using two of these to get the desired grip on my racquet. The grip is great and installation is a cinch. It's just like wrapping bicycle handlebars - just keep a little tension and twirl it around. It comes with Head Logo black tape to secure it on top. It took me a few tries to get the right distance of overlap for the handle. The tape is a little on the thin side, so I used a second wrap and now it feels a little softer.


Been using this grip for about three weeks now and I've noticed a huge difference in my game. The texture is not too sticky but you will definitely not lose your racquet during play. I've noticed that the sides of my thumb aren't being rubbed down as much anymore....a big plus for me. Quick warning for those that sweat a lot in the arm/hand area the grip will get a little slippery but, this is easily remedied with a sweat band.


I was pleasantly surprised by this grip. I bought it because of the price. It's not thick like a leather grip. But you know what, it's flatter and the fabric makes for a tight grip. I dare say it's less effort to hold the racket snug. I've used it on the court and I must say I really like it. I'm getting an extra kick on my serve. I now like it better than the leather grip.


I hate replacing my tennis racquet grip, and after a pro recommended that I use an overgrip, I've stopped. Yeah, it's the same process;however, I don't have to worry about messing up the cushioned portion (the grip itself) and instead use the overgrip. When the overgrip starts to wear, I replace it. This pack of several overgrips keeps me supplied.-- Debbie Lee Wesselmann


One of the best things I loved about this product is the ease with which we could use it on the racquet. I got the white color and it is amazing. Gives my racquet a pro styling when applied. The grip is rigid and not too thick in the palm, which is exactly how I wanted it. The delivery of the product was very fast. Within a day. Loving it !


My son and I have gone through many different brands of overgrips but nothing beats these. The price is reasonably low, and the quality is amazing. The grips show little to no wear even though we've been playing tennis almost every day since we got these grips. I will def. buy again and recommend it to everyone who needs them!


Product is good quality has a nice tackiness and long enough to cover a big handle.Although it take did a while to work out which side went around the handle as well as removing the plastic covering from it.Overall I would recommend to any tennis player looking for a good value for money over grip.


This stuff is amazing!! I use it on my pull up bar at home. I took off the old nylon/rubber handles that originally came with my pull up because they were a bit slippery. I figured I would try this. Wow!!!! My hands are glued to the pull up bar now. No sweaty grip problems anymore!! Love this stuff


Tape on my wife’s racket handle unravelled over time, so picked this up as a replacement.Easy to apply. Easy to play with. She said it has a nice stickiness to it but not gross. She also liked the moisture absorption - no sweat rolling down the racket handle.


Slightly short for my handle length but a good feel for the grip. I had to go onto youtube to find out how to attach it, which was useful. Also I wasn't sure which side up was right but I guessed the wording is on the outside.


These grips arrived on time. They were easy to install and hope they last a long time. Their could have been more instructions from the manufacturer but it all worked out. A diagram would have made my experience allot easier.

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