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I had one of these that my wife kept in her purse. Unfortunately, we forgot it at the last restaurant. We ordered these because it came with 3 instead of the single one we had. I like these because these are more course (the holes are bigger) and allow more seasoning to come out. We carry these all of the time because we carry a special blend of salt, pepper, garlic & ground habanero pepper. The other side is straight ground habanero pepper. We grow our own peppers and we learned about dehydrating during a winter storm!We had a forecast of freezing weather, that would have destroyed every pepper on our 20 something plants. We spent 3 hours, freezing, pulling every pepper we could find. We filled a laundry basket! Now what? How are we going to salvage these peppers, before they spoil or rot! We dehydrated the entire load. Some of the peppers were half green half orange, didnt matter, they were still hot. We set our dehydrator at 135 degrees and 24 hours later, they were like a fortune cookie. Next we put hem in a blender, and blended them to a fine pepper and placed them in Mason jars. WE now have a lot more friends!
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Another GSI great product! These spice containers are practically bomb proof and do exactly what you need them to do in the tough outdoors. You can drop them, sit on them or any other Murphy Law expectation and they will 90% survive the challenge. If you use spices for all of your cooking, make sure you refill after every trip though as my Season Salt only lasts about 5 days before running out. This is not an issue but just a heads up.I felt that the rubber holder is more of a hindrance then a helper as I have an old Outdoor Research Kitchen Pouch that holds all of my spices and when trying to just use one spice bottle, the others come with it requiring two hands to pull it free. I have since left it behind and will use the spice bottles for the rest of my life and then hand them down to my kids for their enjoyment. The little labels are cheesy and I do not expect them to last long but that is okay. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for the Car/Cart/Backpack Camper of 1-2 people. (Family groups you will run out of spice over the weekend).
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I was looking for some durable, air tight, refillable, shake-able, identifiable containers for the handful of spices and seasonings I need in my camp kitchen. I was not buying for pack weight or size as I don't put my kitchen on my back. These do the trick. A nice perk is that the containers have two different sizes of holes, so some flows very free and some not so much. These are also easy to open up and stick in a teaspoon for larger recipes.I think these are preferable to just buying a second set of spice bottles in that they only take up half as much space, but that's basically the end result. Good value for the price, these aren't cheaply made like many of the other alternatives I saw reviewed indicate.
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These are great little shakers. Just what you need on the trail if you want to make you food and comfort just a little better. They are quality plastic, durable, and well thought out. The two different sides are a little different in depth, for what reason... I'm not sure why, but they work. They come with two hole sizes on the tops for salt/pepper vs. flakey herb type spices. I love them. Tiny little things with great pay off in comfort. They seem like they will last a lifetime.Now if I can find the 6 essential spices to put in them to make trail meals orgasmic, and that will seduce the backpack off Lady Luck herself. Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Granulated Garlic, Mrs. Dash, Cocaine Powder..... hmmmm.
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This makes cooking while camping much easier and compact. Before getting this, we had spices in zip lock bags thrown in the camping box. Usually, when needed the spices had gotten wet and were a chunk o'spice. Not only do these bottles condense the containers needed, they do a better job keeping moisture out of the spice. Easy to refill and secure tops make for happy cooking. Camping to me used to be leaning against a tree wrapped in a poncho liner, and roll under the truck if it rained. Needless to say,I've gotten older, wiser, and am enjoying real cooked food camping instead of MRE's. The blow up raised mattress is a go to item also, just saying.
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Used these recently on a week long canoe trip with Boy Scouts and they were great. I wasn't thinking and had them stored in a non-waterproof bag that was constantly exposed to water, and if you know Boy Scouts, then you know that they will take every opportunity to get a Scoutmaster wet, including flipping/filling/sinking canoes and hitting said Scoutmasters with water from their bailers. Needless to say, this kit was wet every day yet the spices inside remained dry.The only complaint is that the pre-printed stickers that come with the kit do not stay on when exposed to too much water.Those popped off by day 2.
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I was skeptical when I bought these, as they are kinda pricey. But I have been won over 100%. I was a Zip lock bag person for my spices. Even used to make the bags smaller with a gizmo. But I am sold. One side holds more than the other, the bits with the holes in them pop off with a bit of pressure, one side has small holes, the other side has larger holes. You can change the hole sizes to whichever side you like. I took two of them on a kayaking picnic and they were great.I am carrying my salt and pepper in these cute containers in my everyday lunch box now. I will definitely take them camping with me.
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I was looking for a spice rack that was small and also fit many spices for our camping trips. I found this one and I must say I'm quite happy with the purchase. We took it to a trip and it really came in handy without taking up any space at all. I was able to fit the basics (salt, pepper, garlic powder) as well as some favorites (italian seasoning, cayenne, and paprika) and our meals turned out great! The only complaints I have is that the spices mix just a tad (but it's okay, nothing wrong with extra flavoring ;)and the labeling stickers that were provided do not stay on its designated container.
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This clever little unit is extremely well engineered and robustly manufactured; it will probably survive a nuclear attack.FYI, because it is so robust it is fairly heavy and you may wish to find a different packaging method if you're backpacking ultralight and every ounce counts. You may not need this many different spices on an ultralight anyway, but thought you ought to know if you've never had the chance to examine the physical unit.For non-ultralight it's a great tool.I really like the design concept--never have to dig around for your spices with this little treasure.
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I've taken this guy out 4-5 times now and really do like it. BPA free, about 98% waterproof, and comes with a labeling system.Only reason it didn't get 5 stars is that only a couple of the perforated caps are larger sized. Most are really fine and unless you can always be in an environment where there's zero humidity, the holes need to be bored out to get your cumin or paprika out. Salts come through just fine.This would be a five-star item if they upped the price a couple bucks and included another 6 or 8 caps with varying hole sizes.Overall, awesome item.
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