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Great pots! I bought the 4.7L and 2L sizes.I couldn't tell for sure from the description, but there's no nonstick coating, which I consider a big plus. The pots are solid anodized aluminum (except for the plastic bits which you can see in the picture). That means there's no coating to eventually flake off and force you to buy replacements. And anodized aluminum has a little bit of a nonstick characteristic to it and conducts heat very evenly.The metal is thin and the pots are lighter than I expected. I wouldn't treat them too roughly. The base has tight spiral ridges to help the pots stay in place on certain cooktops.The handles seem really sturdy. Don't leave them folded while cooking or you can expect the handle coating to melt.(I've heard others mention this happening.)Each pot comes with its own stuff sack that pretty much perfectly fits the pot.The 2L pot with the lid on nests perfectly inside the 4.7L pot with the lid on (even if you put the 2L in its stuff sack to protect the finish on the 4.7L). The small pot does slide around sideways in the bigger pot. I don't have the 3.2L pot, but even assuming it would nest between the 2L and 4.7L, I can say for sure there's not enough height clearance to fit all 3 lids on the pots in that case, due to the clearance required by the lid handles. Taking the 2L out of the picture, I also doubt the 3.2L would nest, height-wise, in the 4.7L. You could invert the lids to cut a little bit of height (3/8") and maybe all three would be able to nest, but the lids slide around a lot that way.Finally, the 4.7L pot will fit inside the 12" GSI dutch oven, but it will peek out the top (the dutch oven lid won't fit back in place).4.7L pot dimensions (my actual measurements):* pot rim (no lid) outside diameter: 10-1/4" (handles do not protrude beyond this when folded)* pot base to rim (no lid) outside height: 4-1/2"* pot base inside diameter (bottom cooking surface): 8-1/2" approx* pot base to rim (no lid) inside height: 4-3/8"* lid outside diameter: 10-3/8"* pot outside height (including lid): a hair under 5-1/4"2L pot dimensions (my actual measurements):* pot rim (no lid) outside diameter: 8" (handles do not protrude beyond this when folded)* pot base to rim (no lid) outside height: a hair over 3-1/4"* pot base inside diameter (bottom cooking surface): 6-1/4" approx* pot base to rim (no lid) inside height: a hair over 3-1/4"* lid outside diameter: a hair under 8-1/8"* pot outside height (including lid): a hair under 4"Only Amazon calls the 2L pot a 2.2L pot. I haven't measured, but GSI's marketing materials, the packaging and the pot itself say 2L.Why not 4 stars and not 5? I would've given 5 except for GSI customer support, who never replied to my simple emails asking whether the pots would nest. I'm sure would be no more responsive after the sale should an issue arise.
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Great pot for larger groups. So many of the 'backpacker' pots and cooksets are for solo hikers, or maybe a couple of people. Other cook sets have all these additional accessories that nest into the pot assuming there will only be 4 people and they don't carry anything themselves.I got this pot as a stand alone piece to backpack and camp with 8+ people. The pasta strainer is a nice feature, and the pot heats up quick and even. It's light for a pot this size, and honestly this type of pot (just by itself) is not easy to find. Other brands, including GSI, mostly sell the 'All in one' kits. REI did have a knock off of this pot that was Teflon coated with green accents, this pot does NOT have Teflon.I prefer the non-teflon version anyway, so good for GSI.The only thing I found a little "off" with this pot is that the side handles are very tight when in the down position. They sort of snap to the closed position, and the tension is a little much. I find it difficult to get my finger positioned just right under the handle to pivot them into the UP position. That's a small 'Con', and perhaps the handles will loosen over time. I almost took it down to 4 Stars because of this, but it's really not that big a deal.It's a great piece of gear for larger groups.
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I bought this pot back in September of 2016 (for $28.05!!!) and I just got the 2 smaller pots to make a nesting set. Yes they nest. I’ve put the 4.7l pot through the wringer since I got it and it’s still like new-ish lol. This set will replace a much more expensive stainless steel set I own. I’ve had sticking issues with all of my stainless but never with my Halulite pots. Buy all 3 of these. You won’t be sorry. I just wish I’d bought all 3 before the huge price increase.


Wow, what a pot! If you are about one pot meals, this is for you. I've yet to have a meal not fit in this one. The metal is sturdy enough and extremely light. Ive used it on a number of camping trips with the Scouts. Usually feeding 6-8 without a problem. The pot is as good as when I purchased it. Sometimes you get what you pay for. And this is one of those times.


Love these pots. Bought the mid size one before we camped in Death Valley. Then, recently bought the biggest one (4.7L). I was so surprised to learn that they nest for storage. Mid size fits in the big one and so you only have to worry about making room for the big one. Excellent.


it works well and as expected just wish it was a little taller and less wide as it would fit better in the packHave not tested it to see how well it stacks with other GSI products yet, and Yes I own some, for getting what I need in camp cooking


So far I like the pot, I have yet to use it. Looks like it will be large enough to accommodate cooking for 4 or 5 people. Comes in a nice mesh bag which is nice. I'll likely leave the bag at home since I am a gram counter. ;)


Sturdy. Lightweight. Great features!Purchased to use in our RPod camper, needed a good pot that is lightweight and big for family meals. Also bought to take it backpacking or down to the beach for bonefire cook outs.


Love it. Taken backpacking two times so far. Nests all my cooking gear and summit plate little room to spare. cooked big pot of stew for 8 and some had seconds. Also light weight at least for the cook!Thanks!


Lightweight but solid, heats up fast and evenly on our Dometic cook stove. Strainer is great touch. Nice size — 3.2 L fits inside GSI Pinnacle fry pan, and our bowls and cups fit inside the cook pot.


Good basic pot. My msr dragon fly fits in it perfect. The little things on the lid for holding it down while you strain keep popping off in my back pack. Also I wish there was a locking lid system.


Very nice pot. Cleans easily, which is important when camping with limited water supply.Heats evenly. I like the lid. It's good for draining and the rubber means i can touch it when hot.


Bought the 3.2l. Perfect size to use with an MSR Dragonfly stove. Had some concerns about cooking rice with a vented lid, but works just fine. Well designed, well made. Good investment.


Great product, love that it does not have the non stick that can get scraped off into your food! The rubber thumb guards on the lid tend to pop off though.


quick and easy to boil water. Can handle without oven mitts and pour the hot water or use the lid to strain pasta without burning yourself. Quality product
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