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The Minimalist is very lightweight, compact, and does the job exceedingly well. If you are looking to put a can of fuel inside of it, then the Jetboil 4oz canisters will fit inside. I have a Coleman Peak1 stove (from Walmart) and it will not fit inside with the canister. I am in the process of trying to find one that will fit inside for even better portability.Once you heat up the water in the pot and put the sleeve on it, it is a great hand warmer. It insulates extremely well so after you boil some water in it then it will stay hot for a very long time. I have taken it on a couple hiking trips and when I make tea in it I typically have to let it cool down for 10-15 minutes before it's even drinkable and it's still very hot then.The pot gripper is convenient, but a little hard to use if you are pouring water out of the pot with it. I find it easiest to use the pot gripper to lower it into the neoprene sleeve and then just pour it that way. The gripper puts your hand in an awkward position and you can burn your hand on the water you just boiled or if you are pouring into a freeze-dried meal bag, the steam (as I found out) can burn the back of your hand. Also, the lid is very nice. It provides a nice seal and the "sipper" side of it is a really nice feature. The downside is that's the side that is facing into the pot when boiling water so it gets very hot and is something else that you need to let cool down before you can drink from it.The "foon" is decent. Not something I would want to use as my sole utensil because it is a little flimsy. I carried it on my first hike with the kit, but opted to leave it at home for the others. I tried it out with a Mountain House Pro-Pak meal and it's a little too short so it was pretty much impossible to not touch the inside of the bag with your hands. It would probably work well if you are eating out of a can or the pot the kit comes with; but not so well with a bag.Overall, the pot and sleeve make this kit worth it to me. It seems very durable so it should last a long time. It has a couple of flaws with the pot gripper and foon, but it isn't a deal breaker. All in all I am happy with my purchase and will look to GSI for more products in the future.UPDATE - 2/24/15:So when I wrote this review I was using an oversized Coleman stove for cooking and have since purchased an Optimus Crux (not the Lite version) and I can now fit the 4oz canister of fuel, the pot holder, and my stove all inside of the .6L pot included with this kit. It makes it extremely convenient when it comes time to boil water to have it all in one place. I have talked with someone else using this pot and the Olicamp Ion Micro stove also fits inside and is also smaller than the Crux but a little more expensive. As far as the kit itself is concerned, everything is still in great shape after years of use.
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My boyfriend ordered one of this for me for when I go solo hiking and after a few uses I'm very pleased with it as it delivers what it says: a multi purpose lidded pot set that I can cook, boil, eat and drink from, is compact and lightweight.It has become one of my favourite mugs to drink coffee from at home even because the sip-lid and outer insulation sleeve keeps the drink warm longer and feels comforting to the touch. When camping the outer sleeve serves other purposes such as a hold all for bits and pieces because although flexible, it is self-standing.I've learned a lot of respect for GSI since I got this item as it was clearly well thought, yet made affordable.I like that the pot don't have handles but a gripper instead.However my small hands find it difficult to comfortably hold it as a mug or bowl therefore my only recommendation would be to add a small handle to the pot's neoprene sleeve to help grip and balance when holding it, particularly with hot content, as a mug/bowl. I've adapted such handle to my pot as in photos.I didn't find the included spork useful, therefore I replaced it with my Igemy wooden spork, which I previously reviewed.Ps. Since last reviewing this item I've added a stretchy silicone lid (mine is size two from the adomor brand) which turns this pot into a fairly reliable waterproof tub, great for dehydrating or infusing and carrying foods/drinks while on the go. And for longer trips or duos I add the cut off bottom of a Nalgene bottle with the silicone lid of a "keepcup" for extra bowl/mug/tub use... And all of it fits inside the main pot even with the small gas can and mini stove.
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I've used my GSI Minimalist Pot for over a year on various hiking and biking trips. I usually go solo but my wife goes on some of the overnight bike trips. The stove is light weight, strong, and holds about 2.5 cups of liquid. Perfect size for most freeze dried or grocery store pasta/rice meals. The pot is rather small to actually cook in and the intended use is to boil water and transfer it to the freeze dried pouch for further re hydrating/eating. Hint.....I use a cooking method called FBC freezer bag cooking. Place the meal, pasta, rice, soup, etc in a 1 quart freezer weight ziplock bag. Add boiling water and allow it to further "cook". You save on fuel use and your meal cooks while you set up camp.I've used this method for several years and avoid any clean up except rinsing out my drinking cup which is the pot. The folding spoon/fork is useless (I threw mine away) and the little rubber pot holder is a pain in the butt. I use a small lightweight pot holder from a MSR cook set. The Neoprene sleeve is very usefull and mine slides on /off pretty easy. I'm able to carry a small fuel cartridge or I can carry my White Box alcohol stove, matches, cup, food bag rope, and some tea bags and sugar packets. The pot is small for 2 person use but since I'm mostly solo it's never an issue. Would be nice to have increment markings on the side but I filled it with 2 cups of measured water and noted the fill line for future use. Good product and a welcome addition that I use almost exclusively on all of my biking and hiking trips.
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This little gem is exactly what I was looking for! It's light, small, versatile, and inexpensive. It works perfect with my V8 DIY alcohol stove and will boil 2 cups in about 6 minutes. Since I'm using an open flame stove, I've elected to not use the lid while cooking (for fear it will melt). Instead, I use some heavy duty aluminum foil for the lid while boiling water. Used with the cozy and the sip-lid, this thing will keep your coffee warm for a good long time. It's small enough to be ultra-packable while big enough to have a meal for one plus a cup of coffee from one boil (granted, you'll have to use a separate vessel for one).I can fit everything inside with the lid on: stove, foon, gripper,foil windscreen, foil lid, lighter, and 2 oz bottle of fuel.Why not 5 stars?: I really wish it had measurement marking on the inside. This one little thing would make life for me much easier on the trail. Cup measurements on one side, ounces and mils on the other. I'd pay a few more dollars for that convenience.Otherwise, great product and I would highly recommend!
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I am getting back into backpacking and needed a new cook system, they have made some improvements over the last 20 years since I last went backpacking...I was not looking to spend the money on a jetboil system and was looking to get a little lighter. I debated between a titanium 550ML mug and this for a while. I ultimately decided to go with this option and was very pleased with the product, although I ditched the spoon and bought a sea to summit long spork instead. I like that this fill the space between the jetboil and a straight mug. The insulation is great and food/water stay warm longer like the jetboil. The mug is a little difficult to get out of the insulation for cooking,but fits back in very easily once your water/food is ready. The grips are great and grip very securely. You could probably get by without if you carry a leatherman or something with pliers to grab the hot mug. I also found the lid to work very well for both boiling and drinking from.Really like this product, would certainly recommend it.
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This is the perfect kit for ultralight backpacking trips. The pot/mug holds about 3 cups of water which is all you need if you plan to bring Mountainhouse meals or other dehydrated foods. The great thing about this set is that it is only 6 ounces all together, and it doubles as a cup with a sip lid and neoprene sleeve. I especially like that feature as it means I can also have a cup of tea without having to bring a seperate cup. The "foon" (most of us would call it a "spork") is slightly flimsy, but is remarkably handy. I was able to fit my alcohol stove with four days worth of fuel inside the pot with no problems.In conclusion, if you're looking for simplicity and functionality along with weight efficiency and low cost,this is a must buy for a soloist.
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I have been looking for a nice small kit for taking along coffee making ability when on bike rides. Was using a GSI bottle-cup but found that the drink cooled too rapidly on cooler rides. The neoprene sleeve does a good job keeping things warm long enough to enjoy my break. The system works well with a small gas cartridge and micro pocket rocket. I really like the pot grabber and find no issues using it for the short time to tranfer the pot to the sleeve. The lid fits well and I don't have any probelms getting it off. So far the anodizing has held up well except at the top of the pot/cup where some wear has occurred. The foon seems to work but I just use it for stirring my coffee.I might get the stainless version as well and leave a small kit in my car.
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This cup, sleeve, gripper, lid, and foon are a great combination and make this worth the price. GSI has created a very clever, simple, and lightweight system for boiling water (cup), handling that very HOT cup (gripper and sleeve) and mixing/eating/drinking contents (foon). I boiled 2 cups of water on an Ultralight camping stove in 4.5 minutes and was able to pull it off the flame and hold it in my hands immediately after boiling thanks to the insulated sleeve (the lid gets very hot from steam). This allowed me to easily stir in contents and keep my hands warm in the process. I bought a 110g isopropane fuel cell and I can fit everything I need for cooking (stove, gas, gripper, foon)into the cup with the lid on top. Very minimalist if you ask me.
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Very small.. love the little finger pot holder - multpurpose while camping. The pot is great - and can be used as soup mug or tea mug with insulating neoprene holder on it. When we car camp we have 2 of these to use as mugs.. nice and big and keeps things warmer than other mugs - with sippy lid, so things don't drop into the mug. Would be great on the trail too.. nice and small. Heats up well on stove. And the silicone finger pot holder is key! I have my own titanium spoons. FYI - love that hard annodized surface over nonstick - hate nonstick pans - annodized or stainless steel! Some GSI stuff has the stainless, accidently ordered it once and had to send back - thought it was the annodized.Have their tea kettle too... it's great...
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Having only used the old style mess kit or small pan before this is a large improvement as it is really all I needed. Prior to taking out I took a permanent marker and marked half cup increments on outside as it does not have graduations (only reason for not giving it 5 stars). Even though I have a metal spork I endend up using the one that comes with the kit and it worked fine. I only heated water for dehydrated meal but it performed well and was really convenient. Read the directions, flip lid upside down if covering for cooking. Use sealed side if want to use as thermos for your morning coffee.I can store a couple oatmeal packets and instant coffee or tea bags in the cup with the spork & pot holder with room for a lighter also.
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Definitely the best solo cook system I've used, by far. I would highly recommend this set for anyone not needing to prepare food for more than two people. It's lightweight, durable, cleans up easily, and comes with everything you need...aside from flame and food =P I've put this set through the rigors in the past few months since I bought it from Amazon and am thoroughly surprised at every aspect. I did manage to break the collapsible spork/foon this last outing. I didn't like it at first but with it's ability to pack inside the pot with my Trangia alcohol stove, pot holder, and small spice container; That lil thing grew on me and I'm semi upset at myself for breaking it. It was my own fault,I broke it while hastily cleaning it.
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I got one of these after seeing a friends and it's become my goto backpacking cup and pot.It's not huge so if you're making a large amount of pasta you're going to need to get a different pot or split it up (which I've done) If you're primarily using your stove to boil water this works great and it's perfect for drinking wine at night and hot coffee in the morning.With heavy use (we're talking 15+ weekend or longer backpacks a summer) it only lasted a few years before the outer rubber ring on the top of the lid was too decayed to use and the cozy was frayed enough at the top edges I decided to get a new one. So I bought the exact same thing and it's still coming along on every trip.


I bought this pot/cup for my ultralight backpacking adventure and it has worked out great. The sleeve makes it great for heating up water for a hot drink and not having to wait forever for it cool down enough to hold. The silicone grabber is a great addition for pulling it off the fire and or pouring hot water into a backpacker freeze dried dinner package and not burning yourself. The included spork means I don't have to carry another utensil with me.For the economist not looking to spend $80+ on a pocket stove and an unreliable fuel canister, pair this with an esbit tablet stove and fashion a windscreen out of aluminum foil. Everything fits inside perfectly.


I'm glad I read some reviews about buyers tearing their cozies because I had a warning to be a little gentle with it when removing it. I found that turning the pot upside down and pushing in the middle of the bottom to get things started allowed me to gently remove the cozy. (Hey, that's why they call it a cozy anyway - it's not called a loose.) The pot isn't titanium but it feels lighter than my other products. Now I just have to decide when to take this and when to take my slightly larger Stanco grease pot - which is a lot flimsier and doesn't have a cozy. I'm honestly really looking forward to sipping a huge double cup of coffee out of this on my next trip.


Ideal for minimalist camping. Oatmeal, freezer bag recipes, drinks, etc.The pot grabber is a lot bigger and more useful than I ever imagined. Kudos to GSI for that.Its also the only all-in-one unit that I've found for minimalist camping. Lots of companies make the pot, and even make it better (ie, measuring cup marks), but this is the only one that does such a good job with the insulating sleeve and such a functional lid.Also great for normal life because it lets you heat water then use the pot as a mug. Which saves cleaning one more item.Useful for tea, hot chocolate, etc.Of coarse this all assumes 1 person. You may want to get a 2nd for a friend.
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