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This is the second one of these pots that I've purchased over the years that I use for car camping and portaging. They are not too expensive and a good size for 2-4 people.I use this pot to cook over campfires and have had no issues placing them directly on the coals or over a flame. The fact that the lid has no vents or holes is good because it does not let ash, dirt or bugs in. Of course you will get some soot that you might want to clean off,but that is no big deal.The reason I had to replace my previous pot was because I had chipped the enamel on the inside and it started to rust because the metal was exposed. I still used I for another season like this, but ended up buying a new one for mostly cosmetic reasons.For the price, I think this is a great product.
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I thought it was too small at first but found it to be a great size when we went camping this past weekend. We used it to boil hot dogs, eggs, and chili in it for all the meals. It fit great on the 2-burner Coleman stove. Food cooked up quickly. Unfortunately I didn't continuously stir the chili so the bottom was burned and stuck to the pot. The enamel was not nonstick. I spent a chunk of time scrubbing the caked on food off. It left a blemish in my pot. The minus star is for the metal handle.I wish it was coated to make it handle-able over the heat. I left it wet and now the metal finish doesn't look as shiny anymore.
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Living in the country, I use this as a slop catch at the sink. I do have a garbage disposal, but there are just some things you do not want to go down the garbage disposal. Because we do not empty the kitchen trash daily I did not want the smell of food scraps in the trash, so I purchased this and found it works great! At the end of each 2nd day we empty the slop bucket into a small bag and walk it to the outside can. I love it!


This is a good little pot. It is small. The first one I ordered came without the lid. How does that happen. But it was quickly replaced with a new one with a lid. I like the curved bottom, makes it easier to clean out the bottom of the pot. I used it to make broth and it makes a nice small amount. Good for a single person. I like the handle too. Makes it easy to carry,


I bought this pan to take hunting and fishing. We use it to cook our soup beans. I like being able to hang it while the beans cook slowly, as I cook our fish and hoe cake over the open fire. It matches the 20 cup coffee pot (made by the same company). It is just the right size for our beans. Very pleasant to use.


Wonderful little pot. I’ve used it for making rice and it worked really well. Easy to clean and light weight. The only little issue I had was the handle staying in place as if it were stuck. I think this might actually be a feature to keep it straight up. Anyway, lovely little kettle and well worth the money.


great little kettle! we use it for compost/food scraps in our kitchen. looks nice and easy to throw in dishwasher, and very light to carry to compost. i'll never have a regular "compost bin" again -- they get so stinky and need to be cleaned, but are too big/heavy to go in dishwasher. this is just right!


Nice multi-purpose pot for camping, one star taken off as the enamel coating/edge of the lip of the pot is a bit rough and tugs at my OCD. Its lightweight, so consistent heat across the bottom will be a challenge. Still working on popcorn, but I don't blame the pot for that.


Wonderful! Get one of these we use a campervan for months at a time and are renovating our home. This pot is used nearly daily. This has got to be the best bargain for the year. It arrived on time for Glasto. I doubt work for the seller or manufacturer, I just love it.


This has been a great little pot for camping this summer. It works well on our little Coleman stove and is easy to clean. Enamel has held up well. The only problem I have had is the handle coming unhooked during use, but that is a small thing that I can probably fix.
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