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Even though I car camp I'm always looking for ways to pare down things and this certainly fills that need nicely. I love having full sized products that compact down easily for storage and the spatula, spoon and tongs are great. I typically cook either on a grate over the coals or in the coals of the campfire and that's the only reason I need tongs, so I've been thinking of ways to be able to use the tongs in this fashion. As they are in the kit it won't hold up to the intense heat of coals even for a quick flipping, but I think if I wrapped the ends in a couple layers of heavy duty aluminum foil it would be fine since it's just a quick flip I'm doing.They'd clearly be fine as is for turning bacon in a frying pan or other stovetop use. I like to use seasonings on my foods such as Ms. Dash Table Blend so I own 2 GSI salt/pepper shakers that I can now give those to other camping friends since I now can have 4 different seasonings in 1 convenient spice tower. The larger squirt bottle is perfect for cooking oil and the scraper is a nice touch too. It took me a while to find it and almost thought it had been left out, but it's in the back of the main compartment tucked away in a barely visible compartment. It is a well thought out kit for the most part.With regard to the dishwashing items, I'm so-so on those, but not enough to lower my rating overall. The scrubber is fine, but the towel isn't that great. I use my REI microfiber towels for drying dishes since they are ultra absorbant, but in a pinch the one provided would be OK. The small bottle for dishsoap is essentially useless in my opinion. It's not large enough for that purpose and I can't think of anything else it would be good for. A second larger squirt bottle would have easily fit in this kit and would have been oodles more useful.There's not a ton of extra room in the bag, but I managed to fit in my mini wire whisk and a small paring knife (in its box for safety). I think those are the only other things I'd want to see in a complete kit, but I'm very pleased with what comes in the kit and wouldn't knock it down more than a 1/2 star for not having those things. Unfortuantely, Amazon doesn't allow 1/2 star increments so my true rating is 4.5/5.
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It has tongs....nuff said.Well, okay, maybe a little more.The shaker is interesting in that a setup about the size of a single unit actually has 4 compartments. But it is rather tight. I'd rather have shakers this size that have only two compartments, but have two of them.There is also only one bottle. Competitor versions have two bottles.The spatula is the right length too. Sometimes you have to use a pot (sauce pan) as a fry pan, and in those cases, the depth is such that you want the spatula to be fairly short so you can move in from the edge and still angle it to get underneath the item you're trying to flip (e.g. pancakes). The shorter spatula (or is it ladel?)is useful in this case.The cutting board is awfully small, but better than nothing.The scraper is okay. I prefer the type that has a brush on one side and scraper on the other, but this works too.One great thing about this is the compactness yet compartmentalization of the crescent shaped bag, which still has room for a few extras. Fitting an spare small shaker in there, a second small bottle, and a pot-gripper works okay.It will be interesting to see how this holds up long term, but in initial testing, it works just great. Highly recommend it.
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I purchased this set to go with the GSI Outdoors Pinnacle Base Camper 2-Person Cookset. I have taken it both backpacking and car camping with my fiance and we both love it.The spoon is nice and deep for stirring and serving any kind of soup or stew, the spatula is big enough to flip a small/medium sized pancake, and the tongs are a great help when it comes to flipping bacon or anything else that needs grabbed. With all of that being said, these utensils are made of plastic so you wont exactly be able cook a giant piece of meat or use them over an open fire. The trade off to this however is that this set is super light and compact.This set comes with a small dishrag or towle of some sort but I would recommend adding a small sponge as well.It also comes with a small cutting board, double ended spice shaker, scraper, and two small bottles for either liquid condiments or dish soap. All of these, while small, work very well.If you are looking to purchase this set solely for car camping I would recommend something a little bigger and possible made of metal but if you are considering this for backpacking then look no further, at 9.6 oz you will barely notice the added weight.
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Purchased this when I got the Pinnacle Base Camper Cookware set. Yeah, it's a little pricey but we needed something compact to store utensils for a nonstick surface since space is at a premium in our teardrop. After going one season of pretty heavy camping (for us!) I felt like I could justify a decent review. This kit is compact! It stores right inside the pot in the cookware. It has all tools we need when we break out the Base Camper set. Spatula, spoon/shallow ladle and tongs. The little cutting board and scrub pad we didn't get much use out of. The two bottles are great. One for olive oil and the other sesame oil. The salt and pepper shakers are handy as well although those were repurposed for other spices.I was concerned about the joint where the utensils rotate and fold but they held up for this last season. I wouldn't recommend doing anything that's going to apply to much stress on them though. They are easy to clean and the material of the tools seems durable enough just the joint is my concern. So if you are looking to conserve space and want a nice little set of utensils and some extra items that are open to your individual needs this may be worth the investment.
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Perfect kit at a good price for all the goodies. The bag is small too and packs nicely with all my gear. Would take this backpacking but have only used for car camping.In all honesty I only wanted a few of the tools. The standard spatula, tongs and spoon. But when I priced them out the bag with the extra bonuses made sense. I like that I can create my own spice blends instead of buying that pre made one. This also has the scraper tool that I’ve used before from a friends kit and has small bottles to use for soap, oil, etc. so all in all it made sense to get this instead of piecemealing it. I also liked that it all compacted. The cutting board is fine. It’s not anything earth shattering.And the towel is like a microfiber rag. But again it’s well thought out and packs nicely into the bag without any issues. I imagine most would find this a luxury item but I found the upfront investment was worth it instead of just getting one or two tools and needing to get everything else later at different prices. There’s a bigger version of this kit - personally I think that one is extravagant and would never need all that stuff. This is prefect for 2ppl camping.
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GSI is the only company that make a folding tongs, I had searched everywhere, but they are the only one that understand how much easier is to use a tongs to cook.This package is very small, good for your backpack, all 3 utensils fold into half great space saving, and it feel sturdy when using it (I'm using it on my full Snow Peak kitchen)It came with salt & pepper bottle (with extra different pouring cover, very handy if you want to use for other spices); mine came with two same larger size bottle for liquid (it seems the newer version came with one large and one small); there is also a small scraper and a folding towel insideThe chopping board and scrubbing pad are not so good; board is way too small to do anything,but maybe it will be better than nothing for backpacking; the scrubbing pad... just get on from 99 cents replace it lolOverall this is a great set, can't complaint much, worth every $
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It will accommodate all my back packing food graciously. the design is pretty intelligent! it was well thought out, I dont see much use for the tongs, unless im doing family outing or bbqs. It would be sweet if the plastic was made more of a steel, but its super compact and light weight. has some extra room for other utensils. Ill be throwing in a whisk and a sharp knife and some wipes. For the price it beats retail, and itll be a good kit for all my backpacking needs. Good buy!Pros: Has the basics that you would want in cook ware, light weight, great design, and useful tools that i can see my self utilizing.Cons: the little bottle is like 1 oz if that. You can put tabasco in it? or soap i guess?The cutting board is a little small, but fine for cutting a vegetable, fruit, or meat. Just dont expect your normal kitchen size cutting board. Plastic utensils, wish they had something metal.
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Ive been happy with this little set. It is compact and fits neatly in the pouch that comes with it. I have used it a couple times now and it has performed well and cleans up easy. The little bottle for dish soap holds about as much as an eye dropper so it is basically worthless. The cutting board is sufficient for my needs...I'm not doing gormet cooking when I go camping. The spice rocket (I think thats what they call it) is actually really good. I have one of the Coghlan's Multi Spice things, but I am able to put seasonings out of the kitchen in the spice rocket which I cant do with the other. and it is enough for a couple weekends of camping. The tongs, spoon and flipper have all worked very well for me.Definitely happy with it but I would like to swap out the tiny soap bottle for a larger one.
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This set gives you the most common necessary accessories for car type camping. These tools also work well with GSI cook sets such as the Bugaboo camper set pictured.The tools include a folding spatula, folding tongs, and folding spoon as well as a small cutting board, drying towel, scrub sponge, 4 chambered spice shaker and two small squeeze bottles with folding spout. There was enough room for me to add quantity 2 of the GSI tek cutlery(fork, spoon, knife) available on Amazon for a very reasonable price. The last feature I appreciate is That I can remove two of the mugs from the bugaboo camper set and place this kit in their place making one compact all in one camp cooking kit.Don’t forget to also pick up a small actual knife which will also fit inside this kit’s storage bag.
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Understand that to get the compact design and keep the weight down, you are not getting a sturdy item here. However, you will get a set that is easy to story and "always have with you" - which is better than that wonderful spatula or spoon that you forgot on the kitchen counter. The handles attach easily and the whole set looks nifty. My purchase hasn't been tested repeatedly so I can't speak to its sturdiness. Buy this if you are a singleton or couple, or if you want the peace of mind that you have a set packed and with you, in case you forget your main kitchen tools. I purchased for my son who is starting to gather up equipment for summer camping trips he takes with his gf.They seemed to like the idea of having a small set to store and carry with them.
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This little pack contains a collection of all the most useful items you need to take when cooking on a camping trip.The two small bottles were used for Cooking Oil and Washing Up liquid. The spice container, for salt and pepper and mixed spices, the washing up cloth and scouring pad worked a treat in the clean-up afterwards. You also have three cooking utensils, which folder out and are very stable and solid to use. These are cooking tongs, spatula and large spoon / ladle. This did for all our needs. I fit into a half-circle shaped pouch, designed to fit inside GSI cook-sets such as the Bugaboo Backpack set: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gsi-Bugaboo-Backpacker-Cooking-44220


This little kitchen kit is perfect for most of your camp cooking needs. It's a bargain considering it includes all the folding cooking utensils you'd likely need, and the bag is thoughtfully designed to include a mesh upper portion to prevent mildew. There's also room in the bag to add additional stuff like soap, oils, or spices.The biggest drawback is that the cutting board is a little small, but it's better than nothing. The included scraper works fine, but I upgraded to this version with a built-in brush:http://www.amazon.com/MSR-Alpine-Dish-Brush-Scraper/dp/B00453MQXC/ref=sr_1_1?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1438572275&sr=1-1&keywords=alpine+dish+brush


The manufacturers of these kits are pretty sneaky with their combinations. After comparing the different kits, I found there was not one kit that had all the things I wanted. This one though, came the closest to fitting my needs.I really like the compactness of this kit. Everything about it is very well thought out. Kinda makes me think it would be cool to have the job of coming up with this stuff. All the items serve their purposes as expected with the exception of the towel. It doesn't dry all that well. The little spice shaker is definitely one of the more useful pieces. Four different spices in one little shaker. I wouldn't want to be without that.


Lightweight and (relatively) small piece of kit for the camp kitchen. I use this for both car camping and backpack camping. I added the tiny GSI potholder and replaced the foam cleaning pad with a stainless steel scouring pad. The cutting board is very tiny and almost useless for cutting, but I don't really bring things out to cut. If it needs to be cut, I pre-cut it. It comes with two small bottles. In one I keep cooking oil and in the other dish soap. The items are light, but appear to be well made. I have not had any issues or concerns that they would break in my pack. I've used them several times now and they have held up well so far.


OK, so this is pretty expensive for what it is, but it has been really useful. I particularly like the fact that it is so compact yet fits a lot of useful things in. I thought I would use the tongs a lot, which was one of the reasons I got it, but have ended up using the spatula more. I ended up using the soap bottle for sesame oil as it isn't really big enough to hold enough soap for more than one or two washes. It feels very decadent to be camping with sesame oil and a choice of 4 spices!Is it worth the price - not sure about that and I do feel a bit decadent buying it, but I have had no complaints with it.
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