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Every year we camp where there is no running water or showers, therefore, we have to take just about everything with us. We drink coffee every morning and the kids, hot chocolate. We try not to use many disposable items, we use and wash our dishes to avoid the waste. Usually we pack at least 3-4 travel coffee mugs and it takes up alot of space. I've been searching for a more compact mug, a collapsible or stackable type. When I found this one online, I did read most of the reviews (about it being the size of a bowl) and I was just hoping that the size would work for me as I do have larger than normal coffee mugs at home. However, drinking coffee out of it isn't so pleasant. It is the size of a small soup bowl,you can even use it as a small bucket or scooper, as it has a handle. You have to use the handle while drinking out of it (which is not a problem), rather than trying to hold the "mug" itself. If you don't use the handle and hold it as a "cup/mug" you can squeeze the flexible material and the liquid will spill over. The orange button which releases the handle is a bit difficult to grasp, may work better if you have strong fingernails. It has a lid to keep the liquid warm, but you have to remove it each time you take a drink from it, this part is a bit annoying. I would rather have a travel mug type where I can leave the lid on and sip through the lid itself. At camp, we don't really drink soup so I'll find another use for it or possibly return it. Only because it doesn't fit my own needs of wanting to drink coffee out of it. It is a really cool product, collapses very easily and doesn't take up much room at all. Therefore, the four stars. It's not as flimsy as I thought it might be, it's flexible and serves it's purpose. If you need a bowl, this may be perfect.
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i bought this mug because I am the kind of person who likes to eat her breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the go. I dont use it outdoors, but I think it's a nifty thing for eating and storing. When I smash the mug flat it's about 1-1.5in high (it's not in front of me right now, but that's approx). This thing is pretty large and holds 2 cup volume. Cant microwave it or put it over a burner, but it can withstand high temps (dishwasher safe). I've used it a dozen times, and no issues yet. the only thing i find annoying is the stiffness of the orange button. sometimes its really hard to shift the button to move the handle (especially if ive got some greasy hands!).... not a deal-breaker by any means!I probs need to break it in more! The lid is great. It's not meant to be a saving grace if you drop the mug, but it does a good job of keeping the environment out of my food. I've seen other reviews about how it's hard to flatten the mug... IMHO it takes practice. Don't try to smash it from the center... you have to start from the side and work your way across
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I was really impressed with this product. I bought a couple of these for a 4-day backpacking trip with my son, and they worked really well. They are large (more like bowl sized), but that was convenient because I just made two servings in each one. For example, I filled one with hot chocolate and we both drank out of the same cup. Then I filled the other one with oatmeal, and we both ate oatmeal out of that one. If they were smaller, I would have had to dirty four cups, which is very inconvenient when you are camping/backpacking. I'm not sure what the point of the lid is, other than keeping the inside of it clean. They are easy to clean with just your fingers and water, which is what we did.The only small complaint is that they are a little difficult to fold up. The rubber keeps bouncing in and out the wrong way, so it's not as intuitive as it seems like it should be. But it's not a big deal. I would buy more.
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I'm writing this review as I buy a replacement for the last one of these I bought, which finally broke after over three years (and even then, probably only because I crammed too much stuff into it for too long). As other reviewers have noted, I wouldn't use this as a mug, but as a bowl it's great. I also don't use it for camping much. Instead, I carry it around in my backpack and use it as an alternative to "disposable" takeout containers when I have food I want to bring home from dining out. The handle latches over the lid to keep any non-liquid contents reasonably secure, it's easy to wash, and the whole thing collapses down to something that takes up almost no space in my bag.At this price I'd say it's well worth it, both for convenience and for using fewer wasteful takeout containers.
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I love these mugs. We've been using them for years on paddling trips to "cook" meals using an insulated mug type method (basically just add near-boiling water to dehydrated food, screw on lid, wait 5-10 minutes). Also works well for simpler just-add-water type meals (e.g. oatmeal for breakfast, instant pudding, etc). The lids screw on tight and have a valve to release pressure. Easy to clean in the field, dishwasher safe at home.For those having trouble collapsing the mugs, we had similar problems the first couple times we used them, but quickly learned the trick is to put the lid on (but don't screw it on), then press evenly on top(lid)/bottom to collapse (allowing air to flow out around lid).Works every time.
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I bought this looking for a collapsible cup to bring to work with me. All the ones that I could find were only about 12 ounces, didn't collapse very small, and/or had reviews saying they got very hot on the outsides. This one having a handle and being able to hold 20 oz was very appealing and I'm happy to say that it's working out great! The switch to adjust the handle is a little tricky and I have to use my nails instead of my thumb, but I do like that it has the option to be straight out to use as a small pot for camping. It needs a little coaxing to get it to fold down right, but it's not a big deal.The top doubles as a base which I also like.I even use it at home since it's such a great size!
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I did not even realize I had ordered this until it arrived. I had been looking through the smaller sized ones for brewing tea in while out on the road and camping. When this arrived with the others I was surprised and looked at my receipt, yep there it was. I really had wanted it so cool no gripes, I guess my psychic id self got it for me. After playing with it for awhile and now using it a couple of times, it works well. It is very easy to open and close. When the handle is open all the way down it helps support the weight of the drink if it is full. This is a nicely designed collapsible cup. It is big enough that you could if the need arises use it as a bowl. I am glad I ended up with it.


Quite happy with this unit, it holds water or other liquids well. Be careful what soaps you use to clean it with, it can hold soap flavors even through multiple rinses if there are strong perfumes. The handle seems to hold quite well. The total volume internally is about 16 fluid ounces, and it makes a quite good soup bowl as well.The top is capable (on my unit) of holding water in when turned upside down. It takes up very little space in the pack as well, which is quite convenient. I intend to buy one or two more later.


I already have a smaller size 16 oz if filled to the brim. I love it for travel for coffee and tea. It is easy to clean and store. However this one is huge at 20 oz plus the additional folding handle which locks into place to have it extended or folded back over the cup itself. It was so much bigger, I left it behind. Every ounce counts when you are traveling. This would be great for soups or salads I guess and folds up after washing. Depends on what you want to use it for, I wanted another folding drinking mug.


This is an odd piece of kit. It's a little big 20 oz. I love the mug. But I am still trying to figure out where it fits in my pack. It is a bit big for a mug. I love the measurements. Currently I have been using it as a lid for my Optimus HE pot. This way I can combine the lid and a drinking/measuring cup in one item. I leave the led that came with it behind. I am not sure what I could use it for. I was thinking about poking a hole in it and using it like a coffee mug lid.


Getting the bowl to completely collapse at first is somewhat difficult, but not a deal breaker. The handle button can be stiff and the overall weight of these bowls is considerably more than the basic Rubbermaid containers with screw on lids I usually bring backpacking for cold prep meals, but these did work well and I liked the handle securely holding a bowl filled with warm food or liquid. Worth the purchase, but not for someone who is focused on hyper light gear.


This thing is big which is perfect for people that drink a lot of water or coffee or for eating soup or stew. It collapses to a small size so it doesn't take up a lot of room in a pack. The handle is a sturdy plastic which has two locking positions so you can use as a cup or a dipper. The handle doesn't transfer heat and folds over onto the top of the cup so everything is compact. The cup itself is silicone which can stand up to around 350 degrees fahrenheit.


These are wicked handy, I have a few of them :) Even leave one in my truck for eating fast/takeout food or making a 'bowl' of hot chocolate. (No idea why this is called a mug, it holds 32 oz of liquid. It's a bowl :)They're easy to store, easy to wash and don't melt oe warp in the microwave or melt / warp when full of boiling hot liquids.Be careful not to poke holes in them with metal forks/knives.And when they're full of soup - don't bump them o_O


I bought this as a collapsible mug to have an extra mug in my drinks and stove bag for winter kayaking trips. Way too big to use as a mug. It is basically a collapsible bowl with a lid and handle. Not sure how useful it would be for a camping trip either. If you want to travel light you would eat your food out of your cooking pot rather than decant it into a bowl and create more washing up! It is well made and looks attractive, shame it's so big.


I really like this cup.- reasonably light- compresses and decompresses easily- handle is great and very secure- lid locks tightly and avoids slips- size is greata couple changes I would make:- taller instead of wider - this limits the products ability to fit in cup holders- the lid needs a small sip opening in order to drink. At this point, you need to remove the entire lid. It's a wide opening and difficult to use on the go.
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