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I have been dieting on and off for about all my life and have lost 3 stone, but 6 months ago my weight loss seemed to stop completely even though I was still eating good food and exercising. My friend suggested these as she said my metabolism might have slowed down and needed a boost and said to try these. Well to say they worked would be an understatement, my energy levels went through the roof and the weight started dropping off again.My only advice is to take the pills with milk as that stops the burning sensation from the pepper in them (advised by Grenade themselves) Cant recommend these enough.
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Absolutely amazing, introduced these into my calorie controlled diet and noticed immediate results within a week. Altogether I have now lost half a stone in just a month of using these. I would highly recommend you drink plenty of fluids, as sometimes they can give the 'Acid Reflux' sensation if you don't drink enough water. But personally, I did experience this often. I like these so much, I am going to purchase the Black Ops pack next time and see what they can do for me.


My 4th lot of these in the last 12months. I get a mega work out off these, a big increase in body heat, takes away the urge to snack, I don't so much loose weight but the waist, and stomach dramatically reduced! You do have to work out with these, they are not a miracle pill you take, do nothing and see results. I would definitely would recommend them Give them ago. Put the effort in and you might be surprised


As the title says they give you a good boost if you need a little extra when going the gym or doing a bit of cardio, they also helped me lose weight as you don't feel the need to snack. Last a long time if you don't start taking 4 a day as suggested. I took 3 a day max, 2 in the morning and 1 at lunch and that's plenty if you exercise. I'd only take 1 in the morning if I wasn't working out that day.


I have been using these on and off for about a year and they do exactly what it says on the tin. They are not a miracle pill that will make you slim, however its a great pre work out boost and it really does suppress your appetite. These teamed up with healthy eating and exercise will certainly help you shift the pounds as opposed to doing it alone.


these are a powerful fat burner! providing you drink plenty of water! i used these a few years back and lost 3 stone with very little work out. im currently using them again and i cant see a huge difference. all thought if you have heart conditions or suffer from anxiety or sensitive to coffee i would not recommend. brilliant stuff!


I buy these every month normally check for sales they do help with weight loss and stops hunger pain's these ain't magic pills so you won't just lose weight by sitting at home eating bad but does give energy and help with a balanced diet even with limited not so good food I've lost 3 dress sizes with these


After years of using pre workout powders and suspecting artifical sweetener was giving my body a hard time I decided to use these.I only take 1 tablet before the gym and it gives me a nice boost. Have used 2 on occasion but not usually needed.Good mixture of ingrediants and clean boost of energy.


The high caffeine content means when taken half an hour before training you can expect a real boost during your session. I'm not sure if they would help someone to loose weight. They don't suppress appetite as far as I'm concerned but as an effective pre-workout they work very well.


These are great fat burners, although very potent. I start with one in the morning and one later on to test my tolerance. Of course, they're not miracle pills so you need to follow a good diet and regular exercise to get results but they really help boost fat loss goals
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