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This stuff tastes great to say it’s sugar content is so low.I bought this item planning to have it on toast for a cheeky but more healthy snack. After tasting it straight out of the jar though, it’s not made it to toast yet (because it tastes so good on its own)Compared to standard chocolate spread it’s quite solid and has more of the consistency of sunpat peanut butter. I bought this with plans to try make some home made protein bars, and with the consistency being this way, I think it could be a decent alternative to peanut butter in some recipes with oats etc.Price point - some people may think it’s expensive for what it is, but I’ve found it to satiate my cravings for chocolate and other things where I would potentially spend more money.Ultimately it’s a specialised health product too, so naturally like gluten free products and other specialised products, it comes with a heftier price.Polyols - so these are also known as sugar alcohols I believe. A lot of the carb content within this product is made up of these. There’s a warning that excessive consumption can have laxative effects, so ration yourself and don’t eat a jar in one sitting or you could have a bad time.Overall I rate this product. I look forward to trying the different flavours over time.
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Obviously, this is not Nutella. So don't go expecting it to taste like it.Personally, I do not like Nutella or any of the store bought chocolate spreads, so I was rather surprised at the taste of Grenade. It gets a bit gooey at room temperature but that is easily remedied by putting it in the fridge and merely taking it out a few minutes before using. The spread has a distinctly 'protein-supplement'-ish taste about it but that's fine by me (although the crunchy version tastes less chemical).Largely because of the price I suspect that the protein sources used are rather inferior to that of high-end protein shakes etc., but that matters little because the spread is meant to be a snack, not a 'real'supplement. I found it especially tasty if put on banana or apple. It would be nice if they tried to avoid using palm oil though. Alas, that would also mean i would be more expensive.
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This tastes amazing and you wouldn't know it was lower sugar/carb than usual chocolate spread. I eat this straight off a spoon - quick fix. There are people slating this for not being "keto" - there is no mention anywhere on the details of this being keto, it is listed as being lower carb and lower sugar using manitol as a substitute, which to people who understand keto would understand what this means. Maybe some people can't read and then leave scathing reviews reviews about keto when it is their fault and not that of the manufacturer!!! Take this for what it is, a lower carb/sugar substitute than well known chocolate spreads. I have been on a low carb eating plan for over two years,first strictly to lose weight and now with treats to maintain the weight loss as a way of life and this stuff helps massively.
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Bought this spread as I was on a low-carb diet, so was avoiding sugar but still wanted to indulge every now & then.I bought the 'milk chocolate' spread which tasted great, if a little sweet. Would definitely buy again to keep in the food cupboard.Don't forget just because the sugar has been replaced with a non sugar alternative (malitol), doesn't mean this is healthy. It's still very high in fat & calories (521kcal per 100g), just like the normal store bought varieties.Also sugar free alternatives can often cause upset stomach & increased *cough* wind when you eat too much! So eat in moderation.All that said it's a great store cupboard backup for us low-carb / keto dieters.


Very delicious. Addictive. Goes phenomenally well with Ryvita, Kallo, Nairns oatcakes and ordinary bread.Can make a fantastic addition to your breakfast (unless you're eggs & bacon person, then probably not so much). Delicious alternative for a maple syrup, if you like pancakes.If you don't like pancakes, or bread, or anything that would serve as a potential surface for the spread (celery sticks?), you can simply grab a spoon and eat it straight from the jar - although be wary that some people may watch and silently judge you.If you don't care, then go get it - the price is more than reasonable, and you can easily pretend you have no other excuses.


I'm a fan of protein bars, in particular the grenade ones but sometimes I don't want to have a whole bar at the expense of 200+ calories. I bought this spread and the milk chocolate one off reviews I saw here and it doesn't disappoint. I just have a tea spoon of it when I'm craving something sweet, and so far that's really done the trick. I'm working from home at the moment, so the jar hasn't lasted me longer than two weeks but I suspect usually it'd last a lot longer. I think the value for money is insanely good considering how big the jar is. The taste of this white chocolate cookie one in particular is just delightful, i'm stocking up!


This tastes pretty good - better than Nutella, Cadbury’s or JimJams IMHO. However, as others have pointed out it has less protein per 100g (20 vs 25.6), or per calorie, than the Smooth Whole Earth Peanut Butter already in my cupboard, and the peanut butter is 100% healthy peanuts where Grenade uses a series of additives. I haven’t decided yet whether I trust the Grenade spread alone as a post-exercise recovery product in the way that I would trust a good protein bar, but probably not. So it’s not perfect but no worries, it’s good to have some options in the cupboard without resorting to sugary preserves.


Very shocked with this. Brought the White Chocolate one as been told it was really good, and oh my, this stuff is incredible.I personally hate any kind of chocolate spread, including Nutella etc, they all taste very sickly and nothing like chocolate to me. This White Chocolate one however is amazing, basically tastes exactly like a bar of white chocolate. Texture is amazing, very thick but smooth. The little puff in it as well give a surprising crunch which is nice.Yes it's expensive, but for a weekend treat as part of a healthy athletic diet it's great. Five stars!!!


I'll get straight to it: this is pretty amazing stuff. Although it's not *entirely* sin-free (there's a fair bit of fat in it), Grenade has done an amazing job of serving up the least naughtiness with the maximum flavour. It's low-carb, low sugar, not too bad on sat fat, and full of extra protein. It doesn't taste like an artificially proteined-up product, either, which is the winner here - it's just delicious white chocolatey goodness. Already on repeat order for me (although it's hard not to eat it straight from the jar!). Another superb Grenade product.


The white cookie spread was not the greatest of flavours, tasted like a mouthful of sweetened butter but maybe that's my fault, I didn't use it as a spread but wolfed down a massive spoonful like the pig that I am. The hazel nut one was much better but the Jaffa Quake one..JEEZUS! Tastes exactly like Terrys chocolate orange. A very big con, me and my partner ate them all in a matter of days, it completely messed up my macros so a word of caution, maybe only order one at a time. We were eating them like we were judging desserts on bake off!


I don’t know why it’s advertised as a spread as I sit eating it straight out the jar with a spoon; if I had tiny hands I’d eat it Winnie The Pooh style safe does with honey!I love white chocolate & this stuff is delicious! It does have a slight crunchy texture, similar to if Rice Krispies were mixed in but that makes it even better!Not sure what the health/ protein side of it offers as I actually eat this as a small side treat rather than a low carb food source, that’s just a bonus for me.


My younger kids love Nutella on crackers or even a sandwich as a snack. I hadn't realised how much sugar is piled into Nutella so I thought I'd give this a try. As background, my kids are ninja smell and taste connoisseurs, meaning they always know when I've swapped HP ketchup for a cheaper brand etc. Anyway, gave them some ritz crackers and this healthier spread and.... happy days. They love it. I feel a slightly happier daddy by managing to get a little more protein over sugar in their diet.


Taste wise it's really a great product but not sure about the glycemic impact - but haven't tested to be fair. After eating a few low carb breads with it I got completely tired and fell asleep on the couch twice so I binned it because I think the glycemic impact is higher than advertised. Maybe because it uses maltitol and that has actually somewhere between 30% and 60% of the caloric impact of sugar and is not calorie free as typically advertised. Would be great to see what a diabetic says


This stuff is insane. I must state first, it's not healthy! Just good to kill them cravings, and a good post workout snack on rice cakes.Very high in protein for what it is (however you can taste this in the slightly grainy texture) but as with all grenade products IMO, they put alot of thought into the taste unlike alot of protein snack manufacturer's.All in all, 5* product, the hazel nutter is the best, but also give jaffa quake a whirl. A nice addition to any cupboard!


+ Excellent flavour+ Next to no sugar, (6/100g vs Nutella's 56.3/100g). This is good for someone like me, who struggles when overloading on sugar with fatigue, mood highs and lows.+ High protein content (20/100g)- Expensive- Similar calorie content to your regular chocolate spreads, so only good for boosting protein and lowering sugar and not so much maybe for weight loss... By this, I mean, eating it out of the tub is very easily done so have some self control!
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