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First of all you can't beat the convenience. To just throw a bottle into your gym bag and head to the gym is just so easy.I was looking forward to trying it out after my workout last night. The taste was actually very acceptable. Pleasant. It was so quick too.Usually I take the powder, banana and a Shaker. My shaker has my preworkout drinks in it. So by the time I'm finished there is a spare bottle to shake the drink up.I will also add that I really love the lid on the bottle. It fits the name of grenade.It's chunky and durable. I will keep these bottles and possibly buy a tub of the protein powder and make one up before a workout.Since I switched to putting in a couple of protein shakes around my workouts I feel it's given my muscles the protein fuel it needs to recover and build up my muscles.If you are into your protein shakes I'd really recommend giving these bottles a go first. Try the flavour out.Its impossible to know from even 8 servings if it's helping, but know this, chances are most are not eating enough protein. So progress becomes very slow. If you're trying to become stronger, or bigger, or a vegetarian, this is a great top up for your protein requirements. It's quite painful for some of us to be cooking so much protein.
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If you're looking at buying these you probably know the scoreGrenade make the best tasting protein bars and protein shakes on the market, although their supps leave a little to be desired in some cases. If you've tried their protein bars, this tastes exactly like you would expect. Thick, gooey delicious, almost sinful but without the awful macros associated with typical milkshakes. Think the healthy version of a Frijj shake. Now they do come at premium price and it is of course much more economical to buy a big bag of protein powder and make your own,however there is a certain convenience factor you pay extra for here.If you're looking for:- Low cal high protein healthy treat that doesn't feel healthy- Convenient protein hit- Something to fill that chocolate craving without risking falling off the wagon and eating 16 chocolate bars in quick succession once that first square has entered your mouthThese are for you, but certainly too pricey to be having one a day unless you hate money.These are by far the best tasting example of this type of product.
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Coming in at around £2 a bottle in a pack of 8, this Grenade Carb Killa is pretty good value. It also packs a mean protein punch at 25g per 330ml bottle so is great in helping build muscle post-workout. These ready- made drinks are never as inexpensive as the ones you mix yourself, but they are really handy if you don't have time to make your own or you are out and about.The big selling point for this particular drink is the heady mix of both high protein and, wait for it,low sugar - meaning you are less likely to pile on fat with the lean muscle. This would suit body sculptors a little more than muscle gainers who deliberately try to bulk up.As for the taste - well I tried white chocolate and while there was nothing chocolatey about it, the taste was not unpleasant (unlike similar drinks I have tried) but there's no way I could get addicted to it.All in all, a good product worth trying , particularly if you are going for the sculpted look rather than the Incredible Hulk one.
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For some weird reason, I thought I was ordering a vanilla flavoured drink, I don’t know what could have been going through my head at the time as I’m not a fan of the (typical) white chocolate flavour and woulod not have ordered it but…. Gosh… this is tasty! I have a sweet tooth, even so this is a little too sweet for me, however, there’s not a drop that goes to waste!I prefer to take it at room temperature,although the instructions say ‘best served chilled’ but I find this increases the artificial flavour as it makes the taste more like UHT milk watered down and mixed with condensed milk, but at room temperature the texture and consistency for me is just right. Sometimes I even add it to black coffee when I’m at work for a boost and it works a treat.This is the only protein drink I’ve ever given 5 stars to, and if I had the chance to I’d give it six.
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It's very smooth, no lumps or doesn't feel like sand on the throat. Actually very pleasant. The shake itself feels light on the stomach, it doesn't feel like you're drinking full fat milk shake, it's rather thin and water like consistency (obviously not as thin as water) which I find plesant unlike some other thick shakes. The flavour is nice, quite subtle though, not as sweet as I expected but it does taste like white chocolate and honestly it doesn't feel like you're drinking a protein shake,it's more of a whittard's white hot chocolate but cold, which is amazing. I've always preferred bars and edibles to shakes because I can't stand most shakes, but this one is nice. I'll definitely be buying more. Since it's white chocolate you can definitely mix it with hot chocolate powder or add to an ice cream smoothie. Quite versatile in my opinion.
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This is another winner from Grenade. I've tried quite a wide variety of sports nutrition/supplements from various manufacturers and - I have to say - compared to other makers, Grenade really have the taste/flavour aspect nailed (and this protein shake is no exception). I got the white chocolate version and not only did it taste as I'd hoped (and thankfully not over-sweet and sickly) but it has a really slick/smooth consistency: very nice indeed. A decent amount of protein and relatively low in calories (200g),this is a decent between meals supplement. Not the cheapest (but neither is it relatively that much dearer) but certainly the most enjoyable. Grenade do seem to stand out from an increasingly crowded field in sports supplements in producing good nutritional content but with the best flavours around.Recommended.
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I've really enjoyed most of the Grenade stuff I have tried, so I was keen to try these. I tend to mix my own protein shakes when at home, but these are a good grab and go option to keep in a kit bag when I'm away from home. Flavour-wise, these taste fine - the White Chocolate flavour is pleasant and drinkable - not particularly pronounced and more a milky vanilla than anything else. They are not too sweet which is a blessing and they taste 'natural' enough. They definitely taste better slightly cold,so I've got in the habit of freezing them and popping them in my gym bag as I go to work. By my lunchtime session they are perfect! If these were a little cheaper, I'd give them a 5-star review. But to be frank, I can buy something similar from the gym vending machine for not much more, without having to think ahead!
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The facts and figures for this shake are thus:24g of protein, 9g of carbs and coming in at under 200 calories.Marketed as a convenient way to consume additional protein between meals without unwanted calories or carbs the Grenade Carb Killer does exactly what it says on the plastic bottle.It's not a bad way to get extra protein into your body. Although I wouldn't have particularly guessed that this was cookies and cream flavour unless they'd told me I found it to be a pleasantly tasting drink that went down nice and smoothly.Not too sweet either. You could probably decant it and get away with presenting it as a "normal" milkshake if the person didn't know it was otherwise.It's very refreshing and filling when drunk ice cold. And if you want the benefits of the extra protein etc, all the better.
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I'm a big fan of the Grenade carb killa bars (in no small part because they actually have a modest but important amount of carbs in them so actually taste good) and the shakes are also impressive and a fairish price. I was super excited about the white chocolate version, though somewhat skeptical, wondering if they would just be a variation on vanilla and a bit too similar to the cookies and cream. But actually these are a solid white chocolate flavour and very appetising.One concern is that a couple of times the shakes have tasted a bit like yogurt, which I don't like. I'll try another batch, to see if it was just that batch. One proviso, as with all carb killa shakes, these are definitely best served chilled, so not always convenient.
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Back in my teens, I tried protein shakes as I began to lift weights. Drinking the powdery, lumpy concoctions with horrendous flavour was usually tougher than my workouts. Over the years shakes got better, but in recent years I shifted to protein bars (which also improved massively) as a way of supporting my recovery after long or fast cycle rides. These carb killa shakes were a revelation. Astonishingly good taste and texture - as my daughter who sampled it cried "it's like a chocolate milkshake!".Great nutritional profile with a decent amount of protein and yet not loaded with sugar, these are fantastic. Be warned - they are sweet, so if you've not got a sweet tooth, they might not be for you.
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