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I took a box of these with me during a recent business trip to Hong Kong. I was there to seal a deal with a new supplier for my consumer electronics company based in the UK. I was a rookie, and these Honkies are notoriously shrewd, but I was equipped with my quick wit and of course, my protein rich treats that would give me the sustenance required to pull through an arduous week.I was on the train from the airport towards the city- an impeccable piece of machinery,efficient and punctual- a fine showcase for this city-state that's come such a long way since the days of Empire. After the initial awe I was struck by wore off, I heard a rumble. I initially looked outside to find the source of this unnerving sound but quickly realized the source was my very own belly. The plane food left a lot to be desired my body was letting me know. Eureka! It was time to trial my brand new protein bars...When I first bit into it I thought "hmm, yes, Double Decker!"... Finally, a protein bar that doesn't taste like baked vanilla condoms. Although a bit powdery, these bars were filling and delicious. I felt very satiated as I sat there, watching the urban Hong Kong landscape pass me by at breakneck speed. I don't know how many minutes passed but my state of day dreaminess came to an end when a fetid stench entered my nostrils.It was a pungent smell and upon contact with it, my body jolted upright. The cruel stench lingered a moment before passing. What was it? Did we pass a plastic rendering factory? Was there a dead rat stuck in the train's air cooling system? Had we been gassed???! Before panic could set in, I felt a bubbling sensation in my stomach which proceeded downwards into my gut and before too long, involuntarily passed through my anus. I felt an intense yet not unpleasant heat pass between my buttocks and then moments later.. YES! that undeniable, pungent odor resurfaced...This time it lingered not for a moment, but for what felt like an eternity. The sheer density of it assaulted all the senses. In a desperate frenzy I remember trying to beat the stench away with my fists but this only angered it. It multiplied and spread like wildfire....At this point I lost consciousness and don't really recall what happened next. My next memory is of waking up on cold, wet concrete. I believe I had to be forcibly removed from the train at Kowloon station.So yes, the bar was delicious, but it came at a terrible cost.. not only to me, but society in general. A completely antisocial product.
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I bought a selection box and found that I liked all but two of the flavours. The 2 flavours I weren't keen on though were not so awful that I wouldn't eat them in future if I were to buy another selection box. The texture is good on all of the bars with only one or two reacting to being in a warm environment and leaking caramel or raspberry gooey stuff. So maybe if putting in a bag and taking somewhere warm, packed lunch style ice packs would help.In my first box the mint one was really intense and I loved it so much I bought a whole box of just mint ones. That box was not as intense as the one I had had in the selection box. Still very tastey though. I may have had an odd 'extra minty' bar or something. The Jaffa quake I was keen to try as a youtube video suggested it was a strong jaffa flavour, but it was very mild and reminded me of a cheaper version of those tap and unwrap Chocolate orange balls... only not cheap! So a little dissappinted that the orange was so mild but had I not watched the youtube prior to buying I wouldn't have had pre expectations and would have been impressed with how nice it tastes.Subscribe option...I decided to use the subscribe and save option to set up my next purchase. When I added other items to it to unlock the max 15% savings it quoted me one price I would be paying along with the usual disclaimer that prices overal may change. I was a bit dissapointed that the earliest delivery date for the first s&s order was 3 weeks away but I set it up and then also ordered one seperately as a one off for now. Today was the day the S&S placed the reccurring order to show as 'ordered'. But instead of the price it had said it would be, it was about 3 quid more expensive. So I went and checked to see how much the box had increase in price overall and discovered that it was still the same price as when I set up the S&S. I cancelled the order and the S&S as it simply wasn't worth doing. I don't eat a whole box in a month as these are for after a workout and I use a protein shake sometimes instead. (Depends what calories I have left and will want later on in the day to hit my targets) I think s&s will be useful for tiny savings if you eat enough of them in a month, but it is hard to find other things to go with this to unlock savings if you only want it every 2 months. Or at least for me it is as most things I order are monthly. Worth noting that S&S change the price at will even if the overall item price hasn't changed.
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I am a fan and advocate of Granade Carb Killa, and have recommended them many times to friends, family, co-workers, Uber drivers and my therapist. What I love so dearly about Granade bars is they offer all the indulgences of a chocolate bar, with the deliciously chewy texture and dusty aftertaste of their protein-infused nougat-y compound and, of course, the added power of a projectile explosive weapon.On unwrapping the Dark Chocolate Raspberry, I was buzzing with anticipation at trying a new flavour of my beloved bar.My first impression was good: it certainly looked very chocolatey, a cheekily craggy surface on top of dark chocolate chips. In fact, a few of the chips immediately fell off the grenade and onto the carpet.I immediately bit into the grenade. Initial mouthfeel was good, the same familiar bite, give and chew. I stooped to pick up the errant chips and popped them into the waste paper basket. I then returned to examining the bar. I was pleasantly surprised to discover this iteration had a fondant like layer above the nougat, a sort of raspberry cream layer reminiscent of the type of sweet fruity chocolate that gets left over in the Roses tin at Christmas. The sweetness was flooding my mouth as I chewed.It was at this point that I started to think about my life choices. It was 8:30am on a Thursday morning, and I was late for work, with client meetings all day. I was stressed, overwhelmed and had not had time to prepare myself a nutritious breakfast, so instead opted to blast off the day with a new flavour explosion. This, in hindsight, was a mistake. What might have been delicious at another time of day turned out to be pretty sickly and revolting first thing in the morning.At approximately £2.75 per bar, they are undeniably pricey have swiftly become a bank balance draining habit I wish I could kick. Nevertheless, after this Dark Chocolate Raspberry breakfast fiasco my feelings of positivity to the Grenade brand and their products are unchanged. Will I stop buying them? Of course not. Will I continue to convince myself they’re healthy? Absolutely. Will I opt for this flavour again? Possibly not. Will I ever opt to eat one for breakfast again? Only time will tell.
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Now, if you’re like me, you’ve tried a whole heap of protein bars. Scanning the shelves, checking the macros and wincing a little at the price you’re paying for a snack. These are not like most bars I’ve tried! Yes, they may not be the healthiest thing in the world. Bit they’re not half bad and I’d go as far as saying I prefer them to a lot of standard chocolate bars. They’re easy to eat unlike the typical chewy protein bars you come across.Although they’re a lot cheaper here on Amazon,they only come in boxes of 12. If you haven’t tried the flavours yet, I’d recommend buying the mixed pack with one of each (or buying a sample flavour from a local shop - they seem readily available and trust me it’s worth trying before you realise you’re stuck with a box of them).Now, I realise everyone’s tastes are different but I’ll let you know what I think of the flavours in the hope that it helps someone.Banana Armour - It’s okay but as with many banana flavour things, quite artificial.Birthday Cake - Sweet. Sprinkles make for a worse texture. Nice to try but won’t buy again.Caramel Chaos - My go to for a long time. Caramel and crispy bits. Delicious.Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough - My favourite. Incredibly. My mouth is watering right now.Chocolate Crunch - Like the caramel without the flavour. Don’t recommend.Chocolate Mint - Nice flavour. Dark chocolate. Not a strong mint.Cookies and Cream - Not to be confused with cookie dough. Flavourless.Dark Chocolate Raspberry - Like a Thornton’s chocolate! Too sweet for me to eat more than half comfortably.Fudge Brownie - A lovely chocolate fudge flavour. Would highly recommend.Jaffa Quake - Tastes surprisingly like a Jaffa Cake. Not bad.Peanut Nutter - Not being a peanut lover it’s difficult to review but a strong peanut taste.White Chocolate Cookie - I like the idea of white but altogether lacks flavour.White Chocolate Mocha - Subtle coffee taste. I enjoyed the odd bar but quickly became bored of them.White Chocolate Slated Peanut - A weaker peanut flavour. Nice but not for me.Hope this has been helpful and yes, I am far too obsessed with these!
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Years ago I had a bit of an addiction to protein bars, at that time I worked in a health-food store and used-up my staff discount and significant portions of my wages on them, so these Grenade Carb Killas are not the first I’ve tried but they’re definitely amongst the yummiest! Inside, the main layer of the bar is a chewy fudge and although it does have a bit of the characteristic grittiness that many protein bars have it’s got a slight peanut-flavour (although peanuts are not a major ingredient)and actually reminds me a lot of that peanut butter filling you get inside Reese's Peanut Butter Cups except a bit chewier - so it’s yummy but without all the fat and carb’s of those. On top of that is a thin layer of caramel and soya crispies (bit like rice crispies but crunchier) and then the whole bar is coated in sugar-free chocolate. Reading the ingredient list (sugar-free chocolate?) it might not sound that appetising but when you start chomping one it really is - they’re more like a conventional sweet than most protein bars and you definitely eat them just because of the taste, even if you didn’t want the 23g of protein onboard.They’re a good size too, you feel like you’ve really eaten something substantial after one and there isn’t the immediate urge to have another - which would be normal for me and I surprised myself there. From a nutrition point of view there would be no point in eating a second one straight away because your stomach can only deal with about 20g of protein at one time - ever wondered why protein shakes and bars always seem to have around 20g per serving? I’ve switched to doing more weight training and muscle building exercise recently and was already building a bit more muscle mass so I can’t say for sure these bars have helped that, but I suspect they have. Even if they haven’t I’ve enjoyed every single one of them, it’s a great way to reward yourself after a good workout and if they’re doing you good and helping your progress then all the better.
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I'm a 32 year old female and work out 5 days a week, a mixture of dance and lifting weights at the gym. I eat quite healthily on the whole, apart from I have a very sweet tooth and enjoy a bit of cake. However, due to my fitness efforts I try hard to avoid eating too many pointless chocolate bars as a habit, since there's nothing to be gained (apart from weight and tooth decay, that is!)I wasn't actually convinced these were going to be very nice to eat,having tried protein shakes and heard all manner of nasty things about other protein bars…BUT I WAS TOTALLY WRONG! These are not at all like other protein snacks, they're actually yummy. They have a slightly grainy texture when you bite through, a bit like fudge, and when you chew it it's much like nougat or a less sweet version of a Mars bar.The bar is coated in milk chocolate and there are are small crispy bits a bit like a Crunchie on the top quarter of the bar. You can certainly taste that there are artificial sweeteners in it, but actually they're quite bearable.The bar is quite a reasonable size, and unlike other sweet treats I actually find that if I eat one of these for breakfast I have sustained and steady energy until lunch, instead of the feeling of being a bit shaky before lunch if I've had a cereal based breakfast or too many sugary snacks. I probably won't eat them for breakfast as a habit but I found that a good guide as to whether it would keep my energy up and hunger at bay.There are 214 calories, 1.4g sugar and 23.2g protein in each bar. I'm pretty impressed! The only down side is the price, approx £1.60 a bar if purchased in this pack.I guess if you view it more as a snack to support your fitness rather than a throwaway sweetie fix, the price is not so bad.Update: Having finished my free sample I liked them so much that I have just bought a box.
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These are a literal life saving treat or meal replacement for me. I have Type II diabetes so can’t have any chocolate products or most tasty treats. Then I found Grenade bars!I’ve tried most flavours and have liked them all. These can be up to £2.70 to but individually in a shop so the box is a good deal. This time I got the peanut butter.They are a very good size bar, bigger than a Snickers or Twix in length and a good amount of product. The filling is a bit chewy but don’t expect loads of nuts like a Snickers it’s more a peanut flavour.As per photo they are 11.5cm long. Width is just under 4cm and depth is about 2cm. Very decent!With 2g of sugar, 21g of protein and low calories and fat they stand out by a mile as a better health choice for anybody. I find these filling enough (due to the protein) to have as a meal replacement usually breakfast.I’ve got my 21 year old son on these now as diabetes runs in our family and he loves his chocolate bars.I love that you can take your time to eat it too so really savour it. The box is nice if that matters to you. You can stand the cardboard up at the back like they’d be displayed in a shop.I highly recommend Grenade bars if you are aware of the crazy sugars and fats in normal chocolate treat bars or want a high protein energy fix. Good for those on the go also.I’ve tried almost all flavours now. I guess it’s personal taste what you might like. I love having these in the house for that craving knowing it won’t put my blood sugars up. If you look at total comparison stats on even a plain smaller chocolate bar it’s shocking.I do sometimes spot these on sale in a local shop fir £1.50 each but not often. Highly recommend for whatever reason you get them!
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Thought my days of paying for overpriced protein bars were long gone but here we are, never underestimate the price of convenience! At around £1.60 for this multipack it could be better but could be a heck of a lot worse - especially if you bought them individually from H&B. So two stars off for generally being expensive, before we look at what you're actually paying for (or not).Went for the fudge brownie purely to share with the wife to justify the outlay,and her verdict is that they're "OK - better than the other ones" as she's very particular about the dry, grainy texture you tend to get with whey protein bars. Bit overly sweet and sickly for me, not keen on the soy crisps on top and peanut butter is more my thing so I'll be ordering a box of those one day when I get round to it. If you're a hardcore chocolate fan you'll be a lot more impressed. So one star back onMy main reason for going for these this time around and not the bigger packs from the likes of MyProtein or BodyBuilding Warehouse is that these seem to have better quality whey and milk protein and not just full of cheap soy. There's also somewhat less of the dodgy palm oils and usual additives and don't appear to rely so much on gelatine for the protein content, plus they include stevia for sweetness which I'm a fan of.I've got a cupboard full of stuff to make my own Quest bars but sometimes you just can't be bothered and/or they come out too sticky or dry. Overall these are up there on my list of alternatives, and I've been doing this long enough that I care a bit more about what I'm paying for.Look out for the edit(s) as you can't review the same product twice.
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I have probably tried and tested every protein supplement over the years during my training which is mainly in the area of crossfit and powerlifting. Over the past 5 years i have put a bigger emphasis on my diet and importantly my macros which has made a huge difference to my performance and strength. With that in mind i aim to consume around 1g of protein for every kg of bodyweight where i sit between 90 - 95kg. Therefor its important to be able to consume good clean protein throughout the day including fish,chicken, meat etc - however when im busy or travelling i always aim to have a protein bar at hand. For many years i was a fan of Maximuscle bars and whey but recently have switched to Gold Standard whey which i believe to be a superior product for me personally, however when it comes to bars there are so many variations and Maximuscle and Quest were my chosen options for several years but both in my opinion dont really taste great and can also give me some stomach issues. But i felt they were the best on the market until i bought the Grenade Carb Killa bars. They are soooo good! Taste amazing and shocked at how they can make them taste this good with such limited impact carbs and sugar. Reading the ingredients in term of how they are listed show that the protein sources are high quality and a mix of whey isolate. The caramel chaos bars are the only ones i have tried and they taste identical to a double decker bar in terms of texture, flavour and importantly dont give me an upset stomach. I highly recommend these bars to anyone wanting easy access to super tasty protein bars!
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I am an extremely busy woman who works 10 to 14 hours per day & although I am not necessarily trying to lose weight, I like to have easy meals I can eat on the go when needed. I try to be diligent about packing my lunch for work the night before, but I am human so sometimes I get tired & lazy & it just doesn't happen (& I rush so much in the morning I don't have time to make lunch) so these protein bars are perfect for me & my lifestyle. I don't eat protein bars daily,but I love having a box of these on hand for when I need that quick, grab-&-go lunch & it's so much better for me than stopping to get fast food. These are conveniently individually wrapped so you can grab one and toss it in your purse, backpack, pocket, whatever. Believe it or not, one bar is actually filling. I've tried other protein bars in the past that weren't filling at all and I was hungry again 30 minutes later - that is NOT the case with these. Furthermore, these actually have a pleasant taste that isn't overly sweet! It has just enough sweetness to it to give you that feeling of eating a sweet treat but it isn't too much or overwhelming. To me, the flavor is like vanilla mixed with white chocolate but minus the intense sweetness of chocolate. The bars aren't chalky or too dry & have a nice chewy consistency to them. If you are looking for a protein bar that actually has a pleasant flavor & is filling, then I definitely recommend these.
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