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I purchased this stove from Huddersfield Gas, a UK based company. On a arrival I inspected the stove and read the instructions.I had conserns about the thread on the pump that secures to the bottle, called up Huddersfield Gas and spoke with Ian, I have to say a really nice guy, he asked me to email a picture across, which he was to show the boss the following day, I received an email from him, which said that all the threads on the stoves on the shelves were as my picture, however,if any issues arise get back in touch.I am happy to buy from Chinese firms, have done so in the past and I am sure I will do so again in the future, however, there is real value in being able to speak to a person in the north of England who is knowledgeable (Ian had worked in hydraulics and pneumatics) with no communications barriers. Plus I wonder has anyone ever really sent an item back to China? Huddersfield is not that far away, though I am not planning to send this stove back. So there is value/reassurance in doing business with a UK based company.The stove itself is very very robust, there is an outer shell (nearly triangular in shape) and the majority of the delicate components are contained within. The pan stands rotate out, and while doing so the stove feet rotate out, they being connected. I must say that someone must have taken some time in designing the stove, for example the beaded stainless steel hose is exactly the right length to tuck in under one of the pan stands, neat arrangement, another stove I have requires jiggery-pokery to get the hose into place for going into it's box :-/ not so with the Gemini Extreme Stove :-)The guarantee is for three years (written on the box (best to keep this), Go System (the manufacturer) is a UK based firm (offices in Hyde Manchester) so again there shouldn't be an issue in exercising the guarantee if needed, again an advantage over overseas firms, plus Go System is a well-known and long established name in camping circles for stoves, gas and camping equipment, so one would hope someone could go back to in the future, if needed. There are some requirements for the guarantee to be valid, proof of purchase, being the original purchaser, using a Go System fuel bottle (these are available on the interweb from UK camping outlets), these and more are in the instructions.The instructions are more extensive than many such offerings, some stoves coming with nothing at all. The instructions come with information on operation and routine maintenance, all to be applauded, through they, to me, seem cryptic in places.The stove comes setup with gas connection fitted, but the pump is in the box and fitting this is straight forward.Something of value to me is the presence of a bag of spares, O rings, a spare nozzle, a spare pricker that fits inside the nozzle which cleans the nozzle when the stove is shaken, a maintenance tool, even a spare fuel bottle cap and other bits. I must comment that other big name manufacturers of stoves charge more for their maintenance kits than the Gemini cost in the first place! So really good value, which is important to me.The stove does not require nozzle changes when changing fuels, one hassle eliminated :-). The stove is capable of burning multiple fuel types (outlined in the instructions), however, it does say that unleaded petrol is preferable, due to cleanliness and reduction of cleaning required (I planned to use petrol anyway), but knowing it has the capability to burn other fuels, if needed, is an advantage.The cost of unleaded petrol, at the time of writing, is a bit over £1.20 a litre, the cheapest I have been able to get Butane is about £4 a litre, so there is an economic argument for being able to use petrol (if a bit more messing around). Plus a litre of petrol is available from thousands upon thousands of garages in the UK and indeed abroad.As to the use of the stove at altitude and at low temperatures, I know there are advantages in multi fuel stoves over the use of pure butane for example, not an issue for me, I want a multi fuel stove as a backup, I will use gas on most occasions, but we all know that it'll be two o'clock in the morning when the gas runs out :-[ but having the Go System stove will be really welcome for me :-) a brew when you are in the middle of a rain downpour, wet and cold can only be described as a gift from God.The stove will get it's first outing, in anger, in May, I don't hold much store in how it performs in my backyard, it's always different in the Lakes for example. I will return to this review and report my experiences in the great outdoors :-)
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So far so good. I have the msr inspiration for this (this is such a blatant copy) and this does have some improvements.With the msr, the hook used to anchor the fule bottle (in use) puts too much pressure on the brass hose connector to the bas of the burner when not in use. This doesn't.The plastic pump on the msr......feels cheap (it isn't and it does the job nicely but you never shake the feeling its going to Break just when you need it most.... This does not. Metal pump works a treat.There is a review of using unleaded fuel,and it going pumping out black smoke...... This will happen, both on the msr and this, its from either1. Not using a pre heat oil, placed into the crucible before opening fuel line or2. Restricting the fuel line to much and starving the flow so the fuel is unburnt3. Under pressurising the fuel pump/ draining the pressure with oversized fuel bottle and running for too long. This has a similar effect as point 2. Starves the flow and intermittent feed, fuel is unburnt and creates smoke.4. Not blowing out the burner shortly after strangling the flow. Same as point 2 and 3This then flags the biggest flaw of this stove/ burner. Where the msr has an internal cleaning rod (2mm cable that runs within the fuel line) this does not, on the msr you simply pull the inner cable out and ram back in to remove a blockage. With this it is a full strip down to sort.But! That only happens IF you run the stove/ burner as pointed out in points 1-4If you use kerosin this is greatly reduced.All in, this is a reasonable replacement to my msr, and we've had some fun using it.It does not come with bottles but for us, simple fix by using a spare msr bottle we already owned. Pop some ptft tape on the pump thread to ensure perfect fit (I think the the thread on the spare msr bottle was worn, hence why we no longer used it...... But its been in the shed for so long I'm not 100%... No leaks either way)
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I bought this at £35 and for that price the bottle was listed as included but this was error ,, even so good value at this price , once you get hang of lighting stove it becomes easier and the pr-heat is necessary for the atomized fuel to really get going ,, it boils liter water in few minutes ,, the built in wind shield is handy but still carry a portable one for heavier gusts and keeps cooking rate level , but does making maintenance a little tricky .i bring it when out fishing and great for a quick brew or cook fresh fish on an all nigher .
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This is to replace a primus omnifuel and a msr whisperlite, wow it's just as good as both these, yet £100 cheaper, only thing missing is the windshield and fuel bottle, but for the saving you can 3asy pick up both for lots less, I do a lot of high level mountain walking, spending 7-14 days away at a time, this will be the stove if choice now


An excellent multi fuel cooker. Solid construction and built to last. Comes with a sturdy pump system made from aluminium and spare seals. It has a comprehensive instruction manual that covers usage and maintenance and troubleshooting. Really great value for a multi fuel cooker.


Not used to the stove as yet. But seems to work well. New experience♨️
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