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Not tried it out in anger yet, so the review may change.Firstly, be aware that despite the product description stating "It comes complete with a hose" it doesn't.What you see in the image is what you get - the cooker itself, with a stub to attach a hose to - you'll have to purchase the hose & regulator ( either EN417 or standard 904/907 type ) separately.( I've reported this error to Amazon, but they haven't corrected it )The stove appears to work OK - crucially, no gas leaks - and the piezo ignition works as it should....purchasers should be aware that although the hob burners have igniters, the central grill/toaster unit doesn't& has to be lit by other means.Edited to add :Having now used it on a 7 day camping trip,I can add the following...Boiling a 2L kettle takes only a couple of minutes.Cooking tinned foods such as beans, soup or 'all day breakfast' only takes a minute or so - had to keep the burner turned down very low to avoid burning the food.Ditto pan-fried bacon.The one let-down, though, was the grill....10 minute or more to toast 2 slices of bread or 3 crumpets is ridiculous, more so because it doesn't cook evenly.Out of interest, I dug out my ancient ( 40+ year old ) and long retired Tilley stoves and noted the following - one had runners which held the grill-pan an inch or so below the burner, the other had a far smaller gap ( about half the size ) between the base & the burner ( and had ridges to ensure the grill-pan is properly centred below the burner )I'll be experimenting to see how much of a difference it makes reducing the gap on this stove.Over the course of the holiday I used less than one Coleman C500 (500g) cartridge - I fitted a full one at the start of the week & there was still gas in it at the end of the week.....this was boiling the kettle 3-4 times a day, 4-6 slices of toast/crumpets a day & the contents of 2x 450g tins ( soup, beans, etc. ) a day.Given how long it took, the grill probably accounted for most of the gas use.
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Item arrived in good shape.Used it for the first time last week.Worked as I would have expected it to.Did a full dinner on it.I placed it on top of a camping storage unit which is waist high and cut the orange pipe to allow the gas bottle to sit on the ground.I may raise the gas bottle onto a low table to shorten the pipe to see if it improves on gas pressure.Otherwise very happy with purchase.


Bought as a gift for my Dad great item


Great bit of kit.
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