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Spectacular bit of kit! This totally transforms the Trangia into a high powered gas stove that offers a bit of luxury, particularly if you rope in you Trangia to water boiling duties during the family glamping trip!Whilst we are certainly not going to get rid of the meths burner for those lightweight walking trips, the simple turn-key variable heat control with this burner is such a luxury during those times you can carry a bit more weight in the form of a gas bottle. It fit's into the kettle too (if you leave out the meths burner) so you don't have to take up any more space when packed if you don't want to, save for the gas bottle of course.In use it sounds like a bit of a jet engine whilst on full power (but nice and quiet on lower settings)and it heated up a 1.25l pot of water to boiling in just over 3 minutes in an ambient temperature of about 21 degrees Celsius. That was about 10 minutes faster than the meths burner managed so you can see the extra power this affords.It fits the Trangia perfectly, actually a bit better than the Trangia branded one but I do prefer the branded versions larger flow control knob. This one is a bit small and not as nicely damped which makes it trickier to use, particularly with gloves on. What isn't in question though is the build quality, it's every bit as good as the branded version and I reckon it'll last for years if looked after.
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At about half the price of the Trangia gas burner, I would actually say this is better (I actually have both). The attachment for the gas canister is easier to get on and off as it gives you a better grip and is all metal (the Trangia one has a plastic knob). It also comes with a small bag and fits inside the kettle of my Trangia 25 (which also contains a teaspoon, the pot handle and a small washing cloth). Having the bag is handy as if you have any mud/dirt on the burner (which will mostly be on the flexible tube) it fits inside the bag and doesn't make the inside of the kettle dirty.My only complaint is that the regulator is very sensitive, so it takes a few tries to get the flame to the intensity required,for example if you want to simmer. This is no problem for boiling of course. This being said, this is also an issue on the Trangia gas burner so at half the price I shouldn't complain...
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There are 2 main reasons I bought this unit. Firstly, it is half the price of the Trangia version. Secondly, having decided not to buy the Trangia, I felt safer buying a gas appliance from a British company.I was immediately impressed by this unit when I unboxed it. Everything looks and feels premium.It fits the Trangia 27 wind shield perfectly. The lock and release mechanism for fitting it to the shield is easy to use and robust.Recently, I had been using a Coleman stove that tended to surge and make sputtering noises. The Go System on the other hand is quiet and consistent. It is a better stove than my Coleman.I used these cartridges, also from the same company, Go System.They are very inexpensive and perform well:https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00IRDYDKA/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1But I am very happy with this piece of kit. Highly recommended.
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Lets face it, Trangia stoves are about as good as you can get. The meths burners are more reliable than a brick, work in all temperatures and once you have the knack, are fantastic for cooking with. That gentle flame allows all manner of slow simmers for rice, pasta, stews etc. You can steam bake, dry bake and slow fry no problem.Boiling water for your morning brew is a slow process though. This cuts the boil time dramatically. Not so good for cooking, but still usable.When it comes to sub zero use, although the preheat loop does allow the can to be inverted once the burner has started on gas, it struggles to vapourise at 'boil flame' levels of gas flow,so keep packing the faithful spirit burner too!This fits all but the Trangia mini. It does fit the Gelert and Alocs Trangia-a-like sets too. A worthwhile upgrade/alternative for the impatient.
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At less than half the price of the Trangia gas burner, it is actually of better quality manufacture (I have both). A major plus over the Trangia version is its capability to use a gas canister in inverted mode so that liquid fuel goes via its preheat tube and is gasified there rather than cool the canister itself. This party trick allows it to operate in winter at temperatures 20 degrees lower than the Trangia version, which flares badly if used in this way. The only reservation I have about the Gosystem burner is that the control valve is smaller and a bit more fiddly than the Trangia one.Conclusion: save yourself half the cost and buy the more capable Gosystem burner to use with your Trangia27 or 25 system - it fits either and is excellent in colder conditions.
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I'm an Assistant Scout Leader, Quarter Master and helper to our Explorer Scout section. We have 5 Trangia gas burners and 1 Go Systems burner that are used by our Scouts and Explorers for hikes, camps, D of E etc.In terms of design and performance, there is very little to choose between them, both perform extremely well and are easy to install and operate.At roughly £20 for the Go System unit versus the £40+ for the Trangia unit, it's a bit of a no-brainer.When I decided to get a gas burner for my own Trangia 25, I went for the Go System version and have used (tested) it probably about 10 times with no problems.Overall I'm very pleased with this product and would recommend it over the Trangiaoffering simply on price alone.
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Been using a meths burner for over 30 years in my trangias so this was a bit of a revelation. Took it to France on a family camping holiday and mainly used it to boil water for my coffee in the morning. It can boil a full trangia kettle in about 2 minutes which is much faster than the meths burners. Can't really comment on durability but it seems reasonably well made and can be adjusted by using the gas valve from roaring to barely lit.It also fits inside the kettle as does the meths burner - the only downside is you have to find space for the gas canister if you're travelling light although this isn't much diferent to a bottle of meths. The fitting takes screw on gas cans, not the clip on ones.For the price,very impressed.
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This is life changing, before purchasing I was about to get an MSR windburner after a recommendation from a friend. I was fed up of using the meths burner, mainly due to the lack of control available. This burner is great, small enough to go inside the kettle, it burns at a good heat on full and can simmer very low if necessary.I've just come back after a long weekend away in Wales, at this time of year the nights are very long. We had a camp fire going but it was great to have tea on the go all night using this burner. It was quite cold so I also tried the 'Inverted can method' and it worked well!If you are in any doubt, buy this product,it's a bargain compared to the trangia official burner.
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Perfect fit in any Trangia base with cut-out (earlier versions can be modified e.g. using a cone drill).No flaring from start-up or using gas cannister inverted. Much more controllable than an alcohol burner however adjustments to the gas flow take a few seconds to take effect so care is needed not to turn the burner up too high or to extinguish the flame. Uses readily available EN417 re-sealable gas cannisters which can be detatched for easy storage. Not able to compare with Trangia's own gas converter but I can't see there being much difference in performance and at roughly half the price the Go System burner is definitely worth consideration.


Excellent donor part for TRANGIA gas burner and a direct fit with no mods required. It even looks better quality than the TRANGIA gas burner as it has an aluminium adjuster knob rather than the cheaper looking TRANGIA plastic one. I have read by some that the gas adjustment is too great at the max level. Simple fix - don't open fully up!!! All in all 1/2 the cost of a genuine TRANGIA part and looks a quality piece of kit. I have combined this with a cheap multi use gas adapter to burn cheaper butane canisters (roughly 1/3 of the price of standard ''camping gas'' ) so again cutting expense. Check out COOLTY CAMPING GAS ADAPTER CONVERTER.


Bought to go in Trangia 27 stove. This little gas burner works a treat in the Trangia and although ive used the Trangia with meth's, sometimes you need to cook things faster when cooking a number of items for a meal where as using meth's takes a little while longer and is better for cooking one or two items.The gas canister I got with it is ok but a bit on the larger size for just two people to lug around but would be essential if cooking for a family. All in all I would recommend this gas burner for use with a Trangia and is a lot cheaper than an original branded burner.


[Day 0 review] I modified my faithful old Trangia 25 so that the hose would come out the side of the base. (Used a Dremel cutting disc to remove a 4x3 hole rectangle from the air intake and filed/sanded it down to remove burrs. Bought a five quid gas bottle adapter (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Butane-Adapter-Convert-Transfer-BuyinCoins/dp/B008CNQ2AY) so that I can use the el-cheapo 227g Butane canisters instead of the more expensive camping ones. Screwed it all together and fired it up - works a treat. Going to Iceland in 2 weeks, so will report back after then...


Fits my trangia 27 perfectly. Flame control is very good allowing you to simmer and fast boil. One of the important things for me is the ability to invert the gas canister when its freezing outside.It also fits into a trangia triangle but you need to open the spring clip for a secure fastening onto the triangle centre piece.The only other thing to say, it's the newer design with the brass coloured feed tube and it doesn't appear to be as strong as the old version. The feed also looks different underneath the burner.


As I was using the methane gas burner in my Trangia, having used this on several occasions, I realized that it was taking a while to heat my pans. So I thought I would give this a try. Brilliant. You can actually purchase a "proper" Trangia adapter which incidentally I did as I have two Trangias. Albeit this piece of kit was substantially cheaper, there is absolutely no difference in usage and or performance. I would go as far as saying that this one worked better then the branded Trangia. Highly recommened.


Used with the Trangia Triangle (trying to lighten the load when hiking/hammocking) and it does as well as my jetboil for boiling water for a coffee with the added controllability to enable simmering and cooking, which is something a jetboil original just cannot do. Very happy with this, especially combined with the Triangle. It also fits into my 20 year old Trangia cook set, replacing the meths burner. Highly recommended and considerably less pricey than Trangia's own.
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